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::The Proposal::



Tomoyo stared blankly, not wanting to believe the sight before her. Her head ached when the frustration rushed over her blood. Those two pinkish lines appeared at the pregnancy test only directed to one thing: POSITIVE. "Shit." She cursed as her mind was automatically thinking of someone. Eriol Hiiragizawa.




CHAPTER #1: Morning Disaster

"SAKURA-CHAN, I'm fine." Tomoyo sighed at the umpteenth time, crossing her slender legs on the desk nearby as she tried to convince her best mate for sixteen years by phone. "I'll take some medicine, eat a lot then sleep all day long. I promised you I'll be healthy by tomorrow."

Sakura Kinomoto—soon-to-be Li—snorted. "Like hell I will believe your words this time, Tomoyo-chan. You said the exact same thing yesterday, the day before, before, and before. I called you every day and you repeated the excuse over and over. Geez~ Tomoyo-chan, I feel like speaking with an answering machine!"

Okay. Tomoyo got it.

The cheery Cherry Blossom is now mad.

"I'm deadly worried!" she cried, and Tomoyo was sure she could imagine her childhood friend's expression. "Syaoran! How about taking our flight back to Tomoeda tonight? Tomoyo-chan is sick. I want to check her condition." She turned her head from the horn to speak with her boyfriend.

Tomoyo's eyeballs grew wide. She vaguely heard his steady answer: "Alright. I'll buy the tickets."


"What's the matter, Tomoyo-chan?"

"Are you crazy? You are in Hong Kong, visiting Li-kun's family! You should go back next week, not tonight!"

"And while I have fun here, you suffer illness in Tomoeda? No way."

"Sakura-chan…" Tomoyo groaned. The Card Mistress surely was testing her patience. "I've told you, I'm fine! It's just—well, recently my stomach churned often and I have the urge to throw up whatever remains from my dinner in the morning. Besides, my mood descended and I can easily got angry just because something stupid! Silly, isn't it?"


"Yeah. Now you know what my problem is, Sakura-chan. Stop worrying too much."

Silence greeted her. But when Tomoyo was about to hang up the conversation, Sakura spoke again.

"Um—Tomoyo-chan…" Somehow the brunette girl sounded reluctant and embarrassed. She coughed few times, clearing her throat in order to make her voice less twitchy. "I think… I think you are PMSing."

Tomoyo straightened her posture, putting down her crossed legs from the desk. "Huh?"

"I think you are PMSing." Sakura spoke louder this time. Maybe Syaoran was no longer around.

"PMSing? Me?"

"Yeah. You know… hormones. I could say that you are too busy dealing with your tight working schedules to recognize that it's not a sickness. It's only a usual women's syndrome. When was your last period?"


"Are you spacing out, Tomoyo-chan? Your last period. When was it?"

PERIOD. Her last period.

Tomoyo's body went rigid instantaneously. Her amethyst eyes scanned over the desk as she searched for a calendar. Since she got her first menstruation, Tomoyo always checked the dates on her calendar. Thus it would be easy to predict her next period. If she was going outside, she made sure not to forget bringing along some pads. Better anticipate for the first day.

Her mind was so complicated that she didn't hear anything from Sakura.


"I'm sorry, Sakura-chan! I'll call you soon!" She interjected, pressing the button to end their talks. Without thinking, Tomoyo threw the cordless phone onto her bed before mussing each centimeter of her room. She explored everywhere. Everything. Kitchen, toilet, drawers, wardrobe, cupboard, desks, walls (she even investigated the fridge!). The calendar was now becoming most wanted item.

"Ah," Tomoyo let out a thankful sigh when she saw her precious calendar laying innocently between a vas of chrysanthemums and Sonomi Daidouji's photograph. "There you are. How could I not see you in such obvious spot?" She mumbled to no one particular, extending her hand to reach it.

Tomoyo hummed softly as her eyes skimmed the calendar.

Today was March the twelveth.

And the March page was still fresh. Spotless. Taintless. No one drop of additional ink ever landed on its surface. But hey, her period usually came around the fifth. Therefore, it didn't really matter. Maybe it just came a bit late for this month.

So... let's continue checking!

Tomoyo flipped the page, revealing February. This time her eyebrows twitched.

Still untainted.

January? Clean as well.

Okay, it was starting to be weird.

Her last period was two months ago.

Confused, Tomoyo took a deep breath. She shut her eyes while recollected all the memories she had for the last two months. Did she forget checking the calendar? No. Even when her agenda was as tight as spandex outfit. Tomoyo Daidouji is a well-organized person who never fail to do all things written down in her schedule.


Never in her entire life.

Okay, scratch her first assumption. Now see the second one.

Let's say Tomoyo got her period regularly. Then, crossing the date with an X was the first task to do after making bed. That means when she couldn't find her calendar, she undoubtedly would look for it. The problem is, there was nothing about 'losing calendar'.

Well... exception for today.

WALKING out from the department store with a small plastic bag in her hand, Tomoyo made long pace towards her apartment. She just purchased seven kinds of pregnancy test, all in different brands. Plus, each has different style of showing pregnancy status.

Tomoyo frowned. She hated this idea. But seven trials promised more accurate result. Her task now was drinking water as much as possible. She had to produce lots of pee from now on. That's why she also bought a jerry can of orange juice.

Geez~ this morning the young Daidouji will turn into a pee faucet.

How embarassing.

"Hope I am not pregnant." Tomoyo muttered daydreamily. She wasn't even thinking when taking her way back home. What would people say if she—the only daughter of Sonomi Daidouji, an independent young woman who left Daidouji mansion for a small rent house and trusted Daidouji Toy Company into Sonomi's assistant's hand in order to pursue her own dream—got a baby inside her womb? No boyfriend. No fiancee. Especially spouse. She didn't have ones.

And that brought so much trouble.

What would people say?

What would people do?

Always acted to be kind but diminished her from behind?

Or frontally hating, insulting, and humiliating her?

None of them was enjoyable.

Her mind was so disturbed until her house went unnoticed.


Hearing her name was being called, Tomoyo snapped out of her imagination and turned to the voice source. Her eyes met with two men holding sacks of bread. One of them was few inches shorter than the other, but after all, everyone must agree that they are good-looking.

"Touya-san! Tsukishiro-san!" Tomoyo greeted as she bowed politely.

Yukito grinned. "Just Yukito, please."

"Alright, Yukito-san." She repeated, this time she did as he wanted. "You didn't come with Sakura-chan to Hong Kong?"

"No, I didn't. Her visit to Li-kun's family won't be so long, and I'm sure Li clan can protect her. Besides, I don't like intrude other people's private stuff. Cerberus stayed here as well." He explained.

Touya rolled his eyes with fretful looks. "Yeah, and that orange stuffed animal always stole my dessert in the fridge!"

Tomoyo giggled. She knew—better than anyone else (excluded Sakura, of course)—how greed the Sun Guardian would be if it's related to sweets.

"What are you doing here, by the way?" Touya asked.

"Uhm... I just walked home from grocery shopping."

The disguised form of Moon Guardian raised his eyebrows. "Walk home? Isn't your house already two junctions away from this place?"

Surprised by the respond, Tomoyo blinked as she finally examined her surroundings. A blush crept up her cheeks. "Ah... I must have lost my concentration. I guess I'd better go back now. Thank you Touya-san, Yukito-san!"

"Wait, Tomoyo!" Touya said, preventing her to make more space between them.


"Get lots of rest. You look dreadfully tired."

Tomoyo choked. Is she really that awful today?

"Thanks, Touya-san. I will."

With that, they went separate ways.

Tomoyo moved her feet faster in attempt to make longer pace. One more junction to go. She couldn't stop imagining her residence right now—so comforting, so relaxing, so... safe. She could run with dispatch to the bathroom and tried those packages of pregnancy tests. Yeah, today Tomoyo Daidouji accepted all negative comments which addressed for her without plans of revenge. Only today.

Because tomorrow...

Tomorrow she surely would..

Would... what?

Ahem. Just cut there.

Let's wait and see, okay?

And just skip all the details on the rest of her way back home. There was nothing special. Not really a necessary to explain. In short, Tomoyo turned the doorknob hurriedly—her one liter of orange juice took effects on time—and dashed to the bathroom. She brought along the plastic bag. Time to check.

"Geez~ what the heck is this?" Tomoyo frowned after ripping up a pack of pregancy test. "If there's tiny smiley face on the small screen, then it's positive? But if it makes sad face, it says negative? I don't get why people do so many researches for creating weird innovation like this?"

But nevertheless... she gave it a try.

Then waited. Until three minutes.

Tomoyo watched it so thoroughly. Her eyes narrowed in confusion while examining the result. What actually this kind of thing is? An image of smiley face? No? Sad? No either. It simply looked like an angry face.

So, first trial's status: Not Clear.

Hope this one would be a negative, Tomoyo pleaded mentally as she opened the second box. Her world would be undeniably upside down if she actually would have a baby.

"This one says that the paper will change its color," Tomoto mumbled, reading the directions. She really needed some air to breathe. "Like lacmus paper, but this one will go blue if you are pregnant, and they remain white if nothing happens."

She put some of her urine on it.

A bit shade of blue.

"No way."

Tomoyo grabbed another one.

Not clear.

Not clear.

Not clear.

"God... help me."

Not clear.

"What's wrong with these stuffs?" Tomoyo screamed from the base of her throat, face red because of the depression. She threw all the trash into a garbage and picked the last pack of pregnancy test she bought. Truth is, it was the most expensive one. The shopkeeper also talked a lot—those were exxagerating comments about how good the brand is and how accurate it can detect pregnancy status.

This, Tomoyo inhaled a deep breath, is the final judgment.

Whatever the result it might give her, Tomoyo would take that as the truth.

Carefully, she tore the package as if it would be shattered in her hands if she did harder. It had simple style of telling the issue: by lines. A line means negative. Two equals positive. What about one and a half? Well, that would be an error.

"Please… let it be readable this time," she prayed before shed her urine on that small device.

She sat on the edge of bathtub, face buried in her hands. So many things disturbed her mind. Her memory traced back the chronicles of recent situations. And it started a year before. Right after Sonomi Daidouji's funeral ceremony..

On that occasion, Tomoyo declined Sonomi's last wish to take over the role as Daidouji Toy Company's chairwoman. Instead she mandated Maya Kuniaki—her mother's assistant—to manage the company. Tomoyo never doubted Kuniaki, she is trustworthy. There was tons of controversy about her decision (mostly from her mother's old colleagues), but every Daidouji was born with certain amount of stubbornness in their blood. So we could say that all the protests were vain.

Tomoyo wanted to be independent.

She wanted to bring her dream as a fashion designer into reality. Thus, she left the enormous Daidouji mansion, rented a cheap, small, but comfy house on the edge of town, no so far away from Li Syaoran's old apartment. There, she started everything. She looked for job—anything she can do—and saved some from her earnings as an asset to objectify her dreams.

The dream?

Tomoyo snapped out from her deep thoughts. Yeah, one more reason why she can't be pregnant. Her dream. Her obsession to be a fashion designer. To open her own boutique and make an income from it. It's not all about money, but… if she can use her hobby to make a living, it will be great, right?

So please.. Dear God.

Let it be a 'negative'.

Feeling afraid, Tomoto looked down. She stole a glance to the small tool which kept safely in her grasp. Seconds later she already regretted the decision.

Tomoyo stared blankly, not wanting to believe the sight before her. Her head ached when the frustration rushed over her blood. Those two pink lines appeared unmistakably at the pregnancy test only directed to one thing: POSITIVE.

Her vision started to blur.


Tomoyo blinked. Twice. Third. Fourth. Then again. But unfortunately the letter never changed. It was still P- O-S-I-T-I-V-E.

Is that so necessity to repeat the word?

No. Because her once peaceful world crushed in two within seconds.

"Shit!" She cursed as her mind was automatically thinking of someone.

Eriol Hiiragizawa.


to be continued.

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