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:: The Proposal::



"What's wrong with you, Eriol?" asked Tomoyo exasperatingly. He simply smirked. He liked it when she accidentally called him 'Eriol'. "Nothing."



Epilogue: His Proposal, or What?

SAKURA'S wedding party was extravagantly beautiful. Satin, silk, ribbons, white and pink roses, all the details reminded the guests of those fairytales. The Card Mistress had introduced Tomoyo as her wedding organizer to them, and, even though it wasn't a bad thing, receiving compliments from everyone was indeed a tiring work. Not to mention all the handshakes. So when the music was played and Sakura and Syaoran stepped onto the dance floor for their first dance, Tomoyo quickly excused herself to mix along with Rika and Chiharu in the corner. Even a Daidouji needed a break.

"Quite busy, eh?" Chiharu teased, poking her waist.

Tomoyo faked a pout. "It's not like I want them to do that."

"But really, you did a terrific job." Rika joined the conversation while taking a small cake from the tray carried by a hotel staff. "I'll consider hiring you as my wedding organizer, too."

"Rika-chan and Terada-sensei's marriage! I can't wait~!"


"Okay, okay… but teasing you is entertaining, you know."

Tomoyo smiled at her friends' antics. She was about to get herself a glass of apple juice when she noticed something. Unconsciously she whispered to herself, loud enough for Chiharu and Rika to hear. "Where's that man?"

"Ah. You mean Hiiragizawa-kun?"

"He's over there. Look!"

Tomoyo followed the direction where Chiharu's finger leaded her to, and found the particular mage on the dance floor, between some more couple who danced together with the newlywed couple. In front of him was a little girl—perhaps around twelve—and she seemed doing her best. Sometimes Eriol opened his mouth, giving instructions which Tomoyo couldn't hear due to their distance.

"Are they doing what I'm thinking they are doing?"

"Yes." Rika giggled. "Hiiragizawa-kun teaches her dancing."

"He's quite good at handling kids, ne?" commented Chiharu, her eyes fixed on that strange couple with an observing look.

Tomoyo laughed inwardly. Someone who could handle Akizuki Nakuru was absolutely able to do well with children. She watched from a distance, finding them became more and more interesting as the little girl started to understand the steps and began to enjoy her dancing more. She was so into it until not recognizing someone tap her shoulder.


"Sensei!" Tomoyo exclaimed, turning around to find a very pretty lady with fiery red hair stood before her, whose hand holding up a glass of Margarita. She was so beautiful as always. So perfect. Flawless. Looking at her alone made Tomoyo's heart tightened uncomfortably.

"I see you found something interesting." Her laughed filled the air, crisp and clean.

The young Daidouji nodded. "Yeah. I never saw him like that."

"So did I."

This caught her attention. Kaho surely knew more of Hiiragizawa Eriol than her. Tomoyo always thought so. She was with him for years before breaking up—not quite peacefully. It wouldn't be a surprise if Kaho had seen everything in him. But…


"As long as I can remember, Eriol wasn't like that when he was with me." Kaho lifted her glass and sipped the liquid, "He smiled, he laughed, but for some reasons I felt it didn't reach his eyes. Like his emotions were caged, restrained. He wasn't free."

Tomoyo listened thoroughly, already forgotten about her drink.

"Sensei, is that… true?"

Rika had spoken what lingers inside Tomoyo's mind.

Was he truly like that?

Kaho blinked. She seemed just recognize the presence of Rika and Chiharu near Tomoyo and the fact that they both also listened to her saying. Then, "Of course not. Eriol is still Eriol, isn't he? Caring and gentle… well, I know sometimes his annoying sides pop up but his good heart never changed."

It was a forced smile on her lips.

Tomoyo could tell. She knew how to differentiate genuine smile with fake one. That was because… she often faked hers. As a Daidouji, there were plenty of moments where she had to look cheerful and bright, no matter how depressed she was inside.

Unfortunately, her two friends couldn't.

"I had never seen Hiiragizawa-kun become annoying!" Chiharu giggled. "As long as I can remember our elementary days, he was always so kind!"

Tomoyo cringed. If only—if only Chiharu had ever rivaled an arrogant version of a certain Clow Reed's incarnation… maybe she would think twice before saying that. Well, it wasn't like Tomoyo thought of him as an evil-hearted man, but he just—he just could turn his character entirely in a flash and always succeeded in exasperating her.

"He always changed the water for the flowers, right?" added Rika.

"No one did that before."

"Tomoyo did."

Chiharu glanced towards the raven-haired girl near her with a grin. Tomoyo was always an exception. Everything she did was uncommon. And she never missed the smallest detail.

"You two are really alike," she said. "I'm glad now you're together."

Kaho smiled, sipping the red liquid from her glass.

"I guarantee you'll make a perfect couple."

"It's not quite like that—"

"He might be confusing sometimes, and not easy to understand. But if he cares about you, he will show his affection with his own way. Trust me."

"Sensei, we're not—"

Tomoyo tried to explain, but unfortunately she was cut out by a baritone voice calling the pretty redhead before her. Ishida Yuuki came into their view; he brought a slice of cheesecake with him. "Here, I knew cheesecake is always your favorite." He handed the small plate to her, and eventually realized Tomoyo's presence. "Whoa, I didn't know you're having a company. Who's this young lady, Kaho?"

"Daidouji Tomoyo," she told him. "She was once my student in Tomoeda Elementary."

He extended his large, calloused hand. "Ishida Yuuki."

"Nice to meet you, Sir."

"No, no. You're too polite." He laughed. "Being called 'Sir' makes me feel old."

"Sorry for not coming to your wedding. I had… a hectic time back then." Tomoyo apologized genuinely. And she did not lie.

"It's okay." Yuuki said. When he noticed Tomoyo open her mouth to speak again he quickly added to reassure, "Honestly."

The raven-haired Daidouji gulped down her words in reluctant.

"So… Tomoyo-chan, I heard that you are Sakura-chan's best friend." That man continued, he seemed like to have a longer conversation with her. It was their first meeting anyway, since Tomoyo wasn't present when he married Mizuki Kaho. They needed to know each other at the very least and he was trying to be friendly. She had to cooperate. "And you're also her wedding organizer. Is that true?"

Tomoyo smiled. "Yes. I've been friends with her since our childhood days."

Groaning, Yuuki glanced at Kaho. "Too bad. We should've hired her for us, don't you think so? She would make it extravagant!"

"She got the bride's bouquet this morning," Kaho told him.


Tomoyo shyly said yes.

"Wow! I'm looking forward to your own wedding, then. Hope you find a good partner to spend your life with."

"Thank you."

Yuuki was a good man, indeed. Tomoyo concluded it from his expressions, his gestures, and his way when he talked to her. Her amethyst orbs casted downwards and found his arm snaked around Kaho's waist in a comfortable fashion, not a possessive one. She felt a bit sorry for Eriol, but she was wholeheartedly happy for her ex-math teacher. Ishida Yuuki was one of the rare types of men whom you could find out there. And somehow—she reminded herself not to mention this in front of the Sorcerer at any rate—he suited the priestess better than Eriol.

"Excuse me."

A deep voice barged in, practically interrupted them.

"Ah, Eriol! We mentioned you a little while ago." Kaho beamed in surprise. "Are you done teaching that girl dance?"

The said male just smiled in return. He took off his glasses, put it inside his pocket, and then caught Tomoyo's upper arm in a subtle signal to drag her away from that place. "Can I take her back?"

SAKURA danced in Syaoran's arms, eyes half-closed when she heard voices of two persons she knew so well. Lazily she opened her lids and found Eriol drag a frowning Tomoyo to the middle of the dance floor. They seemed having a disagreement about something. Alright, maybe it was not quite a fight but they obviously had some kind of verbal match. Sakura sharpened her sense in an attempt to eavesdrop. To her luck, Eriol and Tomoyo had taken a spot not so far from hers.

"What are you doing, Hiiragizawa?" the long-haired lady hissed. She struggled at first when Eriol placed his hands on the small of her back and pulled her closer, nevertheless, she finally gave in and let him lead.

The music turned from slow-tempo into a cheerier one. Like something that was often used in a folk dance, or salsa. Sakura stopped dancing. Her dress didn't allow her to do more than a waltz. It was a bit disappointing, but if she looked at it from the brighter side, she could observe her best friends interact with the handsome Londoner better. She slumped down on a decorated chair nearby and asked Syaoran to bring her something to drink.

"I'm thirsty," she reasoned.

The couple who stood two meters or so before her was still having their not-actually-peaceful conversations. Sakura secretly summoned her power. Cooperating with the Wind element, she made every single word spoken by them reached her ears. She wanted so much to hear what they were talking about. It was, as a matter of fact, her first time seeing Tomoyo argued with someone else. Eriol had brought up the lady's hidden character.

"Didn't you see I'm talking with Mizuki-sensei's husband?"

Tomoyo peeked down at her feet as she did a brief compliance to his quicken steps. They both were fast learner; they didn't need more than two minutes to make their dance tempo in sync.

"I did." He twirled her around.

"So why did you—"

Eriol put one of his arms under her neck, bending her torso backwards until her long hair fell loose like a waterfall, almost sweeping the floor. Tomoyo raised a leg and pressed the other against Eriol's, trusting him completely to support her weight. With a little force, he yanked her arm so that their faces came nose to nose and she stood on her own feet again. Then he whispered, tickling her earlobe in the process. "I don't like him."

"Why?" Tomoyo put her hands on his chest to avoid their whole body bump onto each other; she could not think straight when Eriol made every inch of her body slid against his. She knew he did that on purpose, that stupid mage…

"For no reason."

"Don't be stupid," she retorted, twirling again. "He's a nice man."

His brows twitched. "Oh. So you like him?"

"What's wrong with you, Eriol?"

He smirked. He liked it when she accidentally called him 'Eriol'. "Nothing."


"Well," he looked deep into Tomoyo's eyes, "I don't like the way he calls you. 'Tomoyo-chan', eh? It sickens me. Like he has known you for years…"

Tomoyo swayed her hips, arms linked with his. "Alright. What do you want him to call me, then? A 'Daidouji' instead of my first name?"

"Hmm.. 'Daidouji' sounds fine…"

She—and Sakura, who was now carrying her empty glass while listening to their conversations in secret—gave him a quizzical look.

"…but I'm not fond of it, either."


"So you think you have a better idea?" asked Tomoyo in a playful tone, finally deciding to follow his game. Debating was pointless. Well, her experiences taught her so. She couldn't win contra the tall man. He always found a method that made Tomoyo totally clueless in countering him.

"I do."

"And what is it…?"

Eriol twirled her for the last time; the music was getting more and more intense as it climbed onto climax, approaching its end. The tempo quickened, the volume grew louder, and when he caught her in his arms as the music lasted, he said something she never expected.

"I would be pleased if he calls you 'Hiiragizawa-san'…"

A smirk.

It successfully left Daidouji Tomoyo gape like an idiot.

"What was that?"

"Don't you have any idea?" he asked her back in a mocking tone.

"Did—did you just propose…?"

"Not really," Eriol said lightly, this time his gentle smile showed up across his handsome visage, clear and broad.

"What? H-how could…"

"…Because I already know what your answer will be."

And he succeeded in shutting her up with his unexpected answer. Somehow the ability to make Tomoyo go speechless had turned to be his newly found expertise. Getting her off-guard, Eriol leaned down to capture her lips with his—this time he got no refusal at all.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ballroom, Li Sakura leaped in a pure happiness. She launched into her husband's embrace and gave him a rain kiss, ignoring his questioning stare when she pulled away and giggled endlessly like a fan girl meets her idol. Today was the perfect day in her entire life, indeed.


the end.

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