Xion the Author: Voila! My new story! I'm gonna be writing this before I write the sequel to my first story ICE AGE: STORIES UNDER THE ICE CAP. I've been dying to try and get in-depth of the character's past lives before they meet up in the first movie (M,S,D), the second movie (El,Ed,C) the third movie (B) and my OCs (maybe except Flik, cause I haven't really thought of anything for him). Now, onwards to the story! I entitled it:


Manny: The Last of My Kind

"It all happened… so quickly… too quickly…"

"I remembered it all too clearly. It was just like any other day. A very special day. My life now was of absolute joy and happiness, and I cherished every single moment of it. Spending each and every beautiful moment with my family. With my mate Clarissa, and my daughter Rosy. It seemed as if the entire world was revolving around me."

It was perfect, at least, I thought it was…

"No peeking!"

"Okay, Dad! What is it that you want me to see?"

"It's over here deary!"

"Over-? *chuckles* Over where?! I can't see anything! Hahaha!"

"Come on! We're almost there…"

"Me and my wife was about to show our daughter her big surprise. She had just turned nine three weeks ago, and we thought about a perfect birthday gift for her. The gift we gave for her that day was well … I guess you could say, less than stellar, so we planned this for a while now. It was hard, hiding it from her, and finding and setting it up for her without knowing us gone. But from the way she reacted, it was all worth it."

"Voila!!!" I finally said, removing my trunk from her eyes. Rosy gasped in amazement. A little playground, complete with slides and a little pond, all for her to play in.

"Wow!!!" Rosy turned around to us. Our smile must've given the answer to her question, and left off playing around. She frolicked around in such joy.

"Oh, Manfred" said Clarissa, "Just look how happy she is."

"Yeah…" I said, feeling just about as happy as my daughter was.

"Don't be afraid to explore, honey!" Clarissa shouted. "But don't go off too far!"

She didn't really need to say that, as Rosy was running off to just about every inch of the playground. Me and Clarissa stayed there, watching her. We hugged each other, smiling at each other, wrapping around our trunks.

"That was the very last time I got to hold her like that. .While we were too busy getting intimate, we didn't realize that Rosy was going too far off… Rosy was happily running around everywhere. Until of course, the hunters suddenly raided."

Before we knew it, Rosy started running towards us, and behind her the humans emerged from the forest. I told Clarissa to take Rosy and run. They did while I stayed to fight the humans off. I got around maybe one or two of them, but they just kept on coming. They threw spears at me, making me try to run back, but the hunters suddenly ran in front of me. I then realized that I was cornered, and so were Clarissa and Rosy.

I saw them cornered to a mountain wall. I tried to save them, but the hunters around me pushed me back. There were hunters cornering them, but they didn't budge from their spot. It wasn't long before I found out what they were planning. There humans on top of the mountain, holding up boulders.

"NOOO!!!!" I shouted in desperation, pleading them not to. But it was no use. The humans threw the boulders down, and I watched my family get torn apart in front of my eyes.

In a fit of rage, I pushed back every human in my way. I slaughtered each and every one of them. I looked up to the mountain to see the other humans retreating. My rage started to consume me, but I calmed down, to check on Clarissa and Rosy.

The boulders absolutely crushed them. I fell apart there, on that spot, just looking at them. Rosy's lifeless body laid there, and I couldn't help but cry. I knelt and leaned my head towards hers.

"M-Manfred. . . ."

I raised my head to see Clarissa, still breathing. I tried to comfort her, telling her lies that it was going to be okay, although I knew that it was all too late.

"Manny… listen…"

I got close to her and rubbed her head with my trunk. "Clarissa…"

"Run… you…. have…. to…." and with her final breath, she said. "…Live…"

"Clarissa… Clarissa!" I shouted out her name. I cried on her lifeless body, and kissed her head. I then kissed Rosy's and left.

I ran. I didn't know what to do now. I knew that more hunters would probably come back. So I just kept on running. It wasn't long before I reached a pond. I looked at my reflection, seeing myself in such a wreck. I stopped crying. My despair was replaced by rage. Hatred was now everything left in my head.

Then I remembered, that humans would come back there, and so did I. I charged through the trees as fast as I could. I decided I was going to kill every single one of them. But by the time I reached there, it was already too late. There wasn't a single human, and they left only footprints. Clarissa's body was gone, and so was Rosy's. I approached that spot, where they died. I fell down to the ground. I ran my trunk along the dirt, and began to cry again.

Soon afterwards, I woke up. I realized I fell asleep. A bright new day… alone… My rage had somehow faded. I knew where they stayed. I knew where their camp was. But doing so felt meaningless now.

And there… I wondered… what now?

Everyone started staring at me, sympathetically, especially Ellie. This was the first time I ever opened up to them. They couldn't help feeling sorry for me. I felt like not continuing, but I did anyways.

That day, I was a wreck. I lost all hope in my life. It wasn't long before I heard birds saying "Prepare for the Ice Age!"

"The Ice Age…" I whispered to myself. And there, I realized what to do. I wanted to die.

While everyone else was going to opposite direction, I ran towards the Ice Age. You could say I didn't feel like migrating, anymore… that is. All the other animals shouted at me. Things like you're going the wrong way, crazy mammoth, or look out will ya'. I tried to ignore them.

And I thought my day wasn't going to get any worse, when this jerk just suddenly came up to me. "Hey!" he said. "Do the world a favor!" I turned towards him, and glared. "Move your issues of the road!"

I replied trying to hold my anger. "If my trunk was that small, I wouldn't draw attention to myself, pal."

Then he started shaking in fear. Pathetic, coming up to me, and running away anyways. "G-g-give me a break. W-we've been wobbling all day." I wanted to pummel him down to the ground, but after seeing his family, I gave up on the idea.

"Oh go ahead follow the crowd. It'll be quieter when you're gone!", I said calming my nerves down and left. And in a few minutes of walking, the crowd was all behind me, and I could see the Ice Age right in front of me. Everything was going smoothly, until of course, some bozo hit me behind my back, and the rest is history.

"Who was the bozo?" asked Sid.

"It was you, remember." Manny clarified. "You were getting chased around by some rhinos. If it hadn't been for me, you would've been killed for pleasure."

Sid shut up, and everyone else continued to stare at Manny. "What?" he said. "That was a long time ago. I hated humans to my gut, that is, until I met Pinky."

The herd was sharing stories around at night. They surrounded a nice campfire made by Sid and Buck, in which they argued at how they would make it better. Everyone was here, Buck and Barret came to visit and Flik tagged along. Diana's three cubs were here too, with Nicholas gnawing at a bone. Ryan and Nia were sitting here as well. Manny and Ellie sat near each other with Peaches between them. Crash and Eddie sat near Buck and Barret.

Manny looked back at his old family, and now looked at his new one. Manny decided he wasn't going to let anything happen to them before, thus the over-protectiveness. Ellie tried to get closer to Manny and comfort him, but Peaches seemed to be doing it all right.

"Well…" said Diego, looking at the necklace on Manny's tusk. "Who's next?"

"Ooh! Ooh! Me! My turn!" said Sid.

"All right Sid. Your turn." said Ellie.

Xion the Author: For those of you who can't relate to Barret, Flik, Ryan, Nia, Diana and her cubs, read my first story. If you're too lazy to read an amazing story, here's a quick summary. Barret is a white weasel, he's Buck's little brother (a complete opposite of him though). Flik is an osprey who tagged along in an adventure. Ryan and Nia are wolves, they're a couple. They came from the human territory across Glacier Pass. Diana is Diego's sister and the cubs are kids of Oscar but he's dead so Diego is taking care of them like a step-father. The kids' names are Nicholas (eldest), Rhea (second) and Oscar Jr (third).

Ryan: So from the quick summary itself, its better you read the story. That way you can relate even better.

Xion the Author: So now about the story. It was inspired by FABCHICKXO's story "Campfire Stories" (very popular, you must've come across it). My first original plan was to make a oneshot prequel of Ice Age 1 about Manny's old family. I've made a draft of it, planned to upload it after writing my first story, but I found that someone else had made that, so now the second original plan was to make an entire prequel/Ice Age 1 all in Manny's POV, but then considering the other stories made by other writers, it would make mine less original. So, I devised a devious plan to make me go IN YOUR FACE! at them without mentioning their names, by making this story! But my plan to plan this plan was somewhat evil so I just wrote the story with love and compassion (ick). Hope you enjoyed the story as well as me ***** here! XD

Flik: He's gone mental…