Xion the Author: Ok, it's official. Buck's story will be the last chapter! You guys won't probably be able to relate with my OCs' pasts anyways. Sorry for the long update.

Buck: My Childhood

Here they go again.

My parents. Shouting at each other. Throwing anything at each other, from words to objects. They would do this almost every night. My hectic mother, accusing my 'dad' for going off with some other weasel.

I was so naïve then…

I was the only one awake, as usual. I slept beside my little siblings, keeping them asleep as much as possible. I didn't want to know about this. And if I had to bear the burden of being the only one knowing about it, so be it. Good thing they were all heavy sleepers.

From what I overheard from their lil' conversation, I always thought my mom was on the winning side. But when my father would mention about us, and she'd stop talking, right then and there. On the spot. My father would then go off to the highest branch on our tree and sleep there.

My mother would then just sit there, crying. I always felt sad for her. I wanted to go there and show a bit of comfort, but I had to keep them from knowing that I could overhear everything.

Some nights I'd have trouble keeping my younger siblings asleep, some nights would be easier.

I wished everything would changed. It did, but not the way I wanted it to…

"All right!" I shouted out. "It's mornin' everyone! Time to get up!" I woke up earlier than the rest, like I always did. I tried to pull them up from their deep slumber.

"Ugh… five more minutes" moaned Andy.

"…with berries on top please…" Seth continued to talk in his sleep.

"Can't it wait?" complained Derek.

"Come on, you guys!" shouted Barret. "We gotta get up!" Barret was like a little suck up to me. But he ended up being my favorite of all my siblings. The little white weasel was a lot to handle. He got his white fur from mom, I got my brown fur from pops.

"ugh… fine…" moaned Andy some more.

"Huh? What..?" snapped up Seth, finally waking up

"It's not like we could sleep some more anyways…" Niki complained as she got up.

We were finally able to get out of the tree trunk. We did some finally stretching before I instructed them on what to do.

"Okay guys, listen up." I had everyone huddle up to make sure they could all hear me. "We're going to plan our parents a surprise dinner!"

Everyone started whispering to each other. They were all obviously getting excited.

"Okay, okay. We now that mum and dad and gone most of time during the day. So while they're gone, we'll be picking up some berries and fruits and bring them back home."

"I like that plan!" yelled Barret excitedly.

"Sounds fun." said Kurt

"Beats doing nothing." replied Niki.

"It's a good idea." complimented Derek

"Alright, so here's the deal. If we're gonna do this, we gotta do it right. Andy and Niki, you guys go grab some berries to the west"

Andy and Niki looked at each other with disgust. Although they were the only girls of all us siblings, they never quite got along with each other.

'Fine, but just this once" agreed Andy.

"Ugh… why…" murmured Niki.

"Good. Now, Seth, Kurt and Derek, you guys go picking apples or any big fruit you could find to the east. We gotta find a lot of different fruits for 'em."

Derek shrugged, "Alright, but Seth better not wander off somewhere else like always."

"It's okay" replied Kurt. "I'll keep him in line, right Seth?"

"…" Seth was looking at the sky dazzled. He was pretty much an airhead at most times.

"Good, I'll go with Barret and look for some other fruits north." I continued.

"Yey! Let's make this the best night they'll ever have!" cheered Barret.

"Alright then, let's get moving." We then went off into separate directions. I glanced at Barret to see him skipping around like a maniac.

"Stop movin' around so much." I prompted him. "You'll tire yer'self before we even get there! Remember, we'll need to walk there for a while."

"Sorry, Buck." Barret said. "I'm just really excited about this. You think our parents will like it?"

"Heh, 'course they will!" I said as I grabbed Barret and rubbed his head with my fist.

"Ow! Stop, that hurts!" Barret said as tried to get out of my grasp. After a while, I released him.

Although I called myself the eldest, I was just the first one to come out my mother's womb. Barret was the last to come out.

"So, where are we going to get fruits again?" asked Barret as we walked.

"We're heading fer' Pineapple Forest." I answered briefly.

"Wait, so, that means we have to-"

"Yep. We'll have to go through-" I stopped in midpoint as we have already reached our destination. "-The River of Torment"

River currents rushing down fast in around 2m/s. It was huge compared to our sized. During storms, even full grown trees would get rushed down like toothpicks. Thankfully it was a clear day today.

I hoisted some vine from a nearby tree branch and held it. I then grabbed Barret again and went up the tree.

"Wait, you're not gonna-" jittered Barret.

"Yep!" I shouted in encouragement.

"W-w-w-wa-wa-wai-wait! This is suicide!" shouted Barret.

"Nope!" I exclaimed as I started running down the branch. "This, is ADVENTUUUUUURE!" I jumped high, and we were slinged into the air.

We shouted as we flung into mid air directly above the river. Barret screamed for his life, cowering with his paws covering his eyes. In perfect timing, I let go of the vine. As we started falling down towards the other side, I accidentally lost grip of Barret, making him scream even more.

We bounced unto a soft bunch of mushrooms. Barret still continued to scream with his paws covering his face. I went up to him to calm him down.

"Barret! Barret! It's okay now!" I shouted at him. As it seemed to have no effect, I hit him hard on the head, and he instantly snapped out of it. I finally sighed out of relief.

Barret started putting his paws everywhere around his body. "Legs. Chest. Arms. Head. Fur. *Sigh* still alive."

"You done?" I said as I got him up. We started traversing through the field of mushrooms we found ourselves in.

"Hey, Buck?"

"What is it Bro?" I asked.

"Dad… used to bring us to places like these for no reason before… right?" Barret said.

I paused a bit. "Yeah…"

We finally got out of the field. Compared to our size, those mushrooms were huge. Once we emerged from it, we finally reached our destination.

"We're here!" I shouted. "Pineapple Forest"

"Finally!" Barret shouted out of relief. We walked slowly looking at all the pineapples. The pineapples grew in between the trees, like a little plantation. "Wow… I can see why they call it a forest." Tall pine grew up as far as the eye could see.

I harshly tried to pull the pineapple from its bush. As soon as I plucked it out, I got threw off on the ground. I stood up and shook some dust off my brown fur and inspected the pineapple. "You know, there's somethin' about these fruits that I like so much."

"Do you know what it is?" eagerly asked Barret.

Buck thought for a while. "Errr… they're… attractive…?"

"…okay" All Barret could do was wonder. That was all I could do then too.

"Alright, let's get a move on. Grab the one there and let's go." I said as I gently balanced the pineapple on my head. Barret followed after words and we went back towards the river.

After passing through the thick mushroom once again, we found ourselves back at the River of Torment. "How do we get these pineapples with us across now?" asked Barret.

Immediately I threw the pineapple across the river. It landed safely on the ground. Barret was about to do the same thing before I stopped him.

"Maybe you should leave the throwing to me, lil' bro" I said. I remembered how much he wasn't good with throwing. After giving it a good throw, the second pineapple landed safely across. We then did the same trick we did a while ago, swinging ourselves across once more. This time, Barret didn't scream.

We picked up the pineapple and walked off back home. By the time we got there, it was sunset. Everyone else was waiting for us. Niki and Andy had a bunch of grapes and strawberries with them. They were there arguing which fruit was more delicious. Derek brought along some oranges, Kurt had some peaches behind him so I assumed he brought those. And Seth, well… was staring out in the open as usual. All he had with him was one cherry in his paws.

"Sorry we're late" shouted Barret off in the distance.

"What took you guys so long?" asked Kurt the moment we were near them.

"Sorry again, there was something in our way a little while back–" I said. "-but anyways, now that we're here, listen up." I had them all huddle like we did in the morning.

"All right, since everyone's here, we gotta get ol' tree trunk here nice and clean now." I started instructing once more after putting down the pineapple on my head. "Niki and Andy, I'm pretty sure you hate each other as company, but I'm gonna have to team you up again with sweeping the floor"

"What?" shrieked Niki.

"Ugh, you're so annoying." moaned Andy.

"Shut up, tomboy." argued Niki

"Whatever, geek" returned Andy.

"Stop it, you guys-" Barret tried to convince. But the two girls continued to argue.

I sighed. "Okay… Derek, you're our lookout. If either mom or dad comes, you tell us."

"Roger that." agreed Derek and went up the tree.

"Kurt…. you watch Seth." I said. "Me and Barret will get the food ready."

We had to hurry. The sun was going down, fast. I was throwing the large carefully up in the air as Barret caught them from inside. This way we could save more time. The berries I carried up myself. Derek had his eyes peering from every corner of the woods. We had trouble cleaning up the house since Niki and Andy were fighting again. Maybe tagging the two of them up was a bad idea after all. Good thing Kurt helped in. All Seth was doing was holding a cherry in his hands looking out in the sky, so we probably thought there was no worry.

"By the way, Kurt." I said. "What's with that cherry Seth is holding?"

"I'm not sure myself." Kurt shrugged. "We were picking some berries a while ago, and all he did was pick that one."

I thought about confused. Well, at least he got something.

Not long after, the time had finally arrived.

"Guys guys guys!" shouted Derek. "I see mom coming in!"

"Oh! U-uh quick everyone! Hide! Try to surprise her!" I instructed everyone as fast as I could. I had trouble with having Seth hide. Derek came down from the treetop and started coming in before I stopped him.

"Did you see pops?" I asked him.

"No, just mom. I don't see dad anywhere. " answered Derek.

I paused there for a while before letting him go hide. After checking everyone hiding in every corner of the room, I went off and try to hide myself.

A few minutes later, we started hearing mother coming up. The moment she came in, we leaped out and surprised her.

"Surprise!" We all shouted. I didn't instruct them to do anything like this, but I guess it was just instinct.

"Huh? W-what's going on here?" asked mother.

"It's a surprise dinner Buck planned!" said Barret. He then pointed at the heap of fruits placed inside.

"He planned it for all of us!" said Kurt.

She stood there silently. I thought there was something wrong, but maybe she was just too surprised. "Oh, uh, we all better hide again until dad comes." I said. After saying that, I noticed mother gasp a little. I then started having my suspicions.

We all hid once more in the corners of our little abode. We waited for a few minutes… then a few more minutes… and then an hour. And soon more hours passed by. Most of were getting restless. Seth actually came out and sat down near the tree branch again.

I looked at mother this time. I finally notice how distraught she looked. She looked messed up, like she haven't been sleeping a lot. I finally realized that something was wrong.

"Mum? Mum?" I shook her shoulder when she didn't respond the first time I called her.

"What is it, Bucky?" my mother replied.

"What's wrong?" I asked confidently. I looked at her telling her that I was serious. Tears suddenly started to flow down her cheeks.

"K-kids…. Y-your father *sob* he-he's.. left us… *sob* I'm so sorry… *cries*…" mother said as she trembled down to the floor covering her face. We all stood there, in disbelief.

"H-he's never… coming back?" said Niki.

"T-that's a lie, right? Tell us that's not true mom! …Please…" cried Andy.

"B-but…. But we…" said Barret.

"So… all we tried to do… was for nothing?" I shouted. We all started to cry. Even me. We couldn't help it. We were kids. I looked outside, to see Seth still holding that cherry in his paws. He wasn't crying, but he looked down. I got it now. He was waiting for dad to come, and probably wanted to give that cherry to him.

I tried to hold back the tears. I walked up towards Seth. I had to be a man. . I have to someone right now. I had to be a brother.

I approached Seth, and told him to come in. I wasn't sure whether he heard mom or not. He only sat there for a few more minutes before coming in.

"Well, in the end, no one ate any of the fruits we gathered. We all weren't in any mood, as you may have known. And well, a few weeks later, I left and found myself where you all found me, Dinoland. And my life had never been the same since." Buck finished, looking at his younger brother sitting idly near the campfire.

Everyone, even Sid, had something to say. But the Peaches and Diana's cubs yawns, broke their focus.

"Well, it's getting pretty late." said Manny as he rubbed Peaches head. "We should probably get some sleep."

"Yeah, well. I guess it was fun while it lasted…" said Buck.

"Hey, we could always tell more of these stories at another time" said Sid.

"Errr… sorry Sid. But these are the only ones we've got." said Diego.

"Awwwww…" moaned Sid. "I've still got plenty of stories. Wanna hear them next time?"

Manny and Diego looked at each other. It was obvious Sid would have a lot of these stories. He was Sid.

"Sure" They both answered and they sat down and tried to get some sleep. Manny sat down along Ellie and Peaces. The possums hanged by a nearby tree branch. Diego sat down near his sister and her cubs. Buck and Barret tried relaxing on the soft white lump of snow. And everyone else had their own spot to sleep at.

Sid smiled. He looked around to see everyone. His home. His family. Was right here. He took a giant leaf and collected some snow. It was heavy, so he toddled around before finally being able to throw it out on the campfire, putting down the flame.

After letting everything out, they finally take in everything good. It was on everyone's faces. The warm smiles everyone had been yearning for. It was on odd night, but it was great.

The soft crackling sound of the campfire as it had been put down gave a relaxing atmosphere in the air.

Good night.