Chapter One-Unwanted Guests

It was dark, cold and stormy in White Deer Park as the Animals of Farthing Wood gathered in Fox and Vixen's den for the first assembly to be held by the new leader of Farthing Land Plucky.

"Order" shouted Plucky in a firm voice trying to drown out the voices amongst the crowd.

"We are gathered here in concern of rats" Plucky said.

"But they have been beaten, we are victorious" replied Ranger.

"It may seem like that now because as long as Bully is alive we can never be safe" said Fox who sounded rather exhausted because of his old age.

"Thanks for that Fox" Plucky replied sarcastically rather eager to carry on with the meeting.

Vixen looked around her den as more and more faces where stripped of enthusiasm and excitement. Plucky had not yet shared the real news with the animals.

"We are almost out of food" Plucky said nervously.

"Out of food, how could we be out of food" Owl snapped.

"Almost out of food" Plucky reassured.

"This means we will all have to expand our hunting radius" Owl said accepting the facts.

Plucky knew that there was a much larger problem than food, how would Farthing Land raise an army large enough if something were to threaten their future, it would take time.

Later that night Owl was out hunting for food, she would have to fly a further distance than usual due to the lack of prey close to the boarders of farthing land. It seemed that no matter where Owl went to hunt there would be very little wild life. Eventually Owl spotted movement in the grass below so she flew closer to the ground to investigate. The movement appeared to be a small pack of roughly six or seven fox's fighting over a dead vole. It seems that the Farthing Wood animals are not the only ones with a food shortage. Owl decided to land and ease drop on their quarrelling.

"It's mine" Shouted one of the fox's as he tugged on the almost mutilated body of a vole with his teeth.

All of them appeared to be rather young looking and all had some form of scar or injury. To Owls disappointment the fight had been resolved so Owl decided to carry on with catching dinner.

It was morning and a majority of animals including the Rabbits, Wiesel's, field mice, snakes, hares and foxes had a hard time searching for an adequate meal that night. Surprisingly and despite the troubles of being leader Plucky and Dash where up bright and early to race as usual.

"So close this time" said Plucky

"Better luck next time Plucky" panted Dash who was exhausted from keeping ahead of Plucky. Dash knew that it would not be long until Plucky is able to take the lead. It was just a matter of time. As they made their way back to Fox's den they stumbled upon Owl who looked rather sleepy.

Owl yawned.

"Yet another rough night I see" Plucky replied to the yawn.

"You could say that" muttered owl.

"So how was your night" asked Dash.

There was a pause. Then suddenly Owls face lit up as if she was eager to inform them of something.

"Of course how was my night" Owl said still rather confused.

( ATTENTION! this is a note from the writer just to let you know that Bold will not somehow come back to life in this story, so don't get your hopes up. I have added this after reading so many other story's on the website that involve the re appearance of Bold, He Is Dead. Thank you for your cooperation, carry on.)

"Yes" Plucky said trying to speed Owl up.

"Well I was out hunting" said Owl.

"I had to search further than usual to find anything when I sighted about six stray Fox's in the grass".

"I dived closer to the ground to take a closer look"

"You were ease dropping?" questioned Plucky.

"Call it that if you must" muttered Owl.

"There they were fighting over a dead vole, this was happening rather close to the boarders of Farthing Land" explained Owl.

"Could the outsiders be a threat" asked Plucky.

"Hardly" replied Owl as she fluffed up her feathers.

"They were thin and raged looking, they were about your age if not younger" Owl said.

Plucky looked rather disappointed he was hoping that something exiting might happen making his role as leader a little more interesting. Plucky looked at Dash who looked rather bored.

"Well I will see you around Owl" said plucky.

"Bye" said Dash.

As the two vanished into the distance Owl muttered to herself.

"Foxes what do they know about anything"

This was not the reaction that Owl was expecting from Plucky neither Dash.

"Those stray fox's really do make White deer Park look shabby" Owl continued to mutter to herself.