Chapter Ten- Stories

Meanwhile back in White Deer Park It was morning. The Farthing animals were all still fast asleep in their earth but the sun had woken those who slept in the open.

"He not back yet" Strutter asked Peter.

Peter who was still rather tired turned to his side.

"Ok "Peter Yawned.

"Are you even listening to me" asked Strutter who sounded worried.

"Scavenger"! Peter said as he jumped to his feet. In shock Peter turned his head from side to side while running in a circle.

"Calm down" Strutter giggled.

"What is all this noise?" Yawned Plucky who had just come out of the earth.

"Why hello King Plucky, top of the morning to you" Peter said with laughter.

"Are you making fun of me?" said Plucky as he slowly walked closer to Peter.

"No, Ah no of course not" Peter was quick to reply.

Peter slowly backed away until he felt a tree behind him. Plucky pricked his ears and bared his fangs.

"Is that really necessary" said Whisper who had also just awoken.

"Relax I'm just playing around with him" replied Plucky.

"Why are you all up" Fox yawned.

"We are supposed to be creatures of the night" Fox added as he stretched.

"Oh well it seems to be a beautiful morning" said Vixen who followed Fox out of the earth.

Eventually all of the animals had woken so they all gathered outside the entrance of the earth.

"Where is Scavenger?" asked plucky with a serious look on his face.

Peter and Strutter looked at each other.

"Just went for a walk, he will be back soon" Peter and Strutter said together.

"I see" replied Plucky.

"What is to be done today?" asked Ranger.

"Hmm, all of you can take the day off" replied Plucky.

"A day off?" replied Ranger who looked rather puzzled.

"Yes that right, you have all worked really hard so take a day off, do what you please, but don't wonder too far" Plucky said as he turned his head to look at Dash.

Every one broke off, some stayed to talk, while others went out exploring like Strutter and Peter who went out in hope to pick up Scavengers sent. Others such as Fox, Vixen, Whisper, Ranger, Friendly and Charmer stayed to watch Plucky and Dash race from the earth to the woods and back.

Meanwhile beyond the boundaries of White Deer Park in Hunter's earth Scavenger and Hunter exchanged stories as they both woke up to the sound of loud music.

"And that is why I never returned" explained Hunter.

"But what if she needed you?" asked Scavenger.

"I thought we had come to an agreement, there was nothing I could do" said Hunter who sounded a little frustrated.

"But!" Scavenger stoped himself. He came to the conclusion that he really could not be bothered arguing about this so he agreed with Hunter.

"I understand" replied Scavenger.

"So tell me what has become of the park?" asked Hunter with great curiosity.

Scavenger explained to Hunter about the invasion of the wolves and how they had lost their homes in Farthing Land.

"And that is why I need to get back to the park" explained Scavenger.

"Wolves are invading the park and you want to return?" laughed Hunter.

"I hope you don't mind me saying but what exactly can you do?" Hunter tried to hold in his laughter.

"Well..." Scavenger was interrupted.

"When I was about your age I was the strongest of my three siblings and you, well you are a little small. And you don't look to healthy, when was the last time you had something to eat?" Hunter said as he playfully knocked Scavenger over with his paw.

"Are you done" asked Scavenger as he got up and held his head up high.

Hunter also Stood up to and held his head up higher, Scavenger felt inferior.

"Well I must return to my friends in the park, besides what it the worst the wolves could do to me?" replied Scavenger.

"Tie a blindfold all around your head. Spin you round in a torture before your dead. And then you're pushed and shoved into every corner. Then they lead you out into the final slaughter!" Hunter said.

"I see" said Scavenger before being cut off by Hunter again.

"As the sweat is running down your neck. All your praying for's to stop your body breakin' up. Oh your heart is pumping gonna soon explode. Got to fight the horror of this mental load!"

"Is there an alternative to all this?" asked Scavenger.

"Sure, So you wait it out and bide your time, Rip off that straight jacket gotta break that line. Everyone who wins in the great escape. Leaves a thousand more who suffer in their wake! You won't talk about it but that's alright. Tables turned now there's a revenge insight. If it takes forever mate I tell ya you can wait. Send them screaming back through their hell's own gate!" replied Hunter.

"And my chances are slim?" stuttered Scavenger who was quite horrified.

"Yep" answered Hunter.