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Bumblebee lay on his berth as he thought of all the times he had been in trouble because he wasn't strong enough. The one that stuck out the most though was when he was in the wrestling match against the bio technological enhancing fighter. The way his team had laughed at him and teased him.

"Use your head. Find your Opponents weakness and attack" Prowl said before whacking him on the head.
"That's if he can reach it" Bulkhead said in a laughing voice"
Flashback over

It was as if they didn't think anything of him. In fact the elite Guard treated him better than his own team did. I mean there was Jazz who loved to listen and teach him about music and everything that went with it: including dancing. Then there was First Aid who was always so kind with him, when she was forced to fix him up. Then the twins: JetFire and JetStorm. They treated him like he was their own brother, which was saying something seeing as there bond was the deepest thing he had ever seen of. The other Twins Sideswipe and Sunstreaker loved him: almost literally. They even told him that if they could they would kidnap him: They loved the way he loved to prank and go fast and they even had a new alt mode ready for him as soon as he got big enough for it. Lastly was Blurr. The other speedster. The only one he, Bumblebee looked to for a challenge when it came to speed. Whenever the blue bot could he and Bumblebee would laugh and race together but the blue bot hadn't been down in months.


The yellow compact car sighed as he heard Ratchets loud voice bellowing for him, so with a sigh he pushed himself off his berth and walked into the medical lab where the red and white medic was standing there tapping his foot.

"Yeah Docbot?" Bumblebee mumbled

Ratchet raised an optic ridge in surprise at the non-exultant way the little yellow energizer Autobot had talked in.

"I need you to help me sort out this pile of data pads why Prime and I go on west patrol" The red and white medic said as he started towards the door.

"Can't you just Prowl to do it?" Bumblebee moaned in annoyance.

Ratchet knew that Bumblebee hated sorting through things but still he was forced to do it all the time.

"He can't. He and Bulkhead took the North patrol" Ratchet said just before leaving the medic room.

"Of course, the team gets to go on Patrol why I'm stuck organizing medical supplies" Bumblebee though as he began sorting out the supplies neatly. Contrary to belief Bumblebee was very good at being calm and being quiet, it's just that after the death of his creators by the hand of Megatron and then being forced to be his personal slave for the first hundred years of his life he had learnt to put on a facade for the other bots, so that they didn't enquire about his past.

In fact Megatron had already confronted him on the battle field. And it hadn't been pretty.


Bumblebee unleashed his stingers and charged at Starscream who was none the wiser but just before he shocked the seeker he felt something slam into him. While trying to get off the ground he felt a large foot slam into his back plates.

"So my little Bee has revealed himself after all" Bumblebee froze at the deep commanding voice which had been the bane of his existence for one hundred years of his one hundred and seventy year old life.

"Me..Megatron" Bumblebee stammered in fright as he tried to get out from underneath his old masters foot.

"Well you do remember me. That is so nice, you were my favourite slave, i mean what you could do with your size was amazing, i mean all the times you came and told me that the enemy was coming" Megatron and leaning down and turning him around so he could look at his chassis. But when he saw the Autobot symbol there he smirked and put a deep scratch through it. "And where this pathetic little red symbol was a purple one used to be" Megatron said in a deep voice.

"That was before I'm a autobot now, and i only had that mark because you put it there" Bumblebee whispered in a sad voice.

"Oh, that doesn't matter, and what i want to know my little scout is how you didn't see the Cyber Ninja coming to get you? I mean you are the best scout that has ever been sparked? Did you double-cross me?"Megatron asked pulling Bumblebee up to eye height.

"No, No of course not, i was with you the whole day remember" Bumblebee said in a frighten voice.

Megatron cocked his head to the side and then nodded and sighed before he started to crush his stingers.

"I remember how i wanted to make you my son, but when I came back to the throne room, I see that you were gone, and the next time I see you is with this pathetic bunch of Autobots, and what's worse is it's a space bridge crew" Megatron snarled smashed him into the ground.

"I trained you to be the best scout ever, you not only have speed but also stealth and what do you do with it: You become a part of a space bridge repair crew!" Megatron said stomping on one of Bumblebee's arms.

But through it all Bumblebee didn't cry out once: He had been trained by Megatron not to.

"MEGATRON, get away from him"

Bumblebee looked over to see Optimus brandishing his axe and running towards them. Megatron bent down by Bumblebee's audios and whispered in them.

"Don't ever think that you can hide from me little Bee" Megatron said before launching up into the air.

End Flash back

Bumblebee unconsciously started to rub his newly made stinger, that only had have the power of his old one.

"I bet they did one purpose" Bumblebee muttered unaware that he had just cleaned the whole Med bay.

Bumblebee looked around and then went into Prowl's room and with the skill of a Elite guard scout and the jumped up onto the Roof watching the setting sun, and the Now returning Autobots.

On Dinobot Island BlackArachnia paced in front of the small stasis pod she had found. She had altered in to change a machine into a transmetal techno organic like herself. The only problem was it was a small pod and she had to find a mech strong enough to withhold the change and also small enough to fit. Grimlock was too big and to be honest, she liked him too much to change him. Snarl, was again too big and again was one of her Dinobot protectors. Swoop, wouldn't be able to get in there with his wings and was another one of her protectors.

The Deceptions were out of the question, she wanted a trusting loving son or lover, not some rebellious and mean kid or Mech who would use her.

Optimus wouldn't do, he wouldn't trust her enough to get into the stasis pod that was likely to small for him anyway. Ratchet was too old and he would probably pass to the well of the Allspark before the transformation was complete. Bulkhead...would never fit. That left...the yellow one.

BlackArachnia talking about him, he had been his slave for almost one Hundred year of his short life, and he had been trained by Megatron himself to be a speedy but stealthy scout.

"Bumblebee, that's what he called him" BlackArachnia said in a subdued voice. "Grimlock sweetie, come here"

The T-Rex styled mech happily rushed to his mistress's side. "Yes spider lady"

"Do you know the little yellow robot?" BlackArachnia asked in the kindest voice she could muster: which was pretty sweet.

The T-Rex thought about it for a moment and then nodded "Yes he is very nice to Dinobots, thinks we are very kind to protect you, he doesn't think you ugly at all, Grimlock likes little yellow robot" Grimlock said in his loud voice.

BlackArachnia's optics widened "He likes me?"

Grimlock nodded his large head "Yes he thinks that other robots, need optic scan, little robot very nice talking about you, wants to be spider lady's friend as well"

BlackArachnia smiled slightly and then looked up at the Stasis pod and imagined Bumblebee and saw that he would fit easily into it.

"Little car bot, doesn't like being car bot though, others very mean to him, Dinobots think Little car bot should live at Dinobot island" Grimlock continued.

BlackArachnia turned back to Grimlock and smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"I am going to pay my little friend a visit okay, and I'll see if I can get him to come back with me" BlackArachnia said walking out of her cave, but just as she passed the trap she had set up she saw a large fully grown feline pacing around the cage.

"Well aren't you beautiful" BlackArachnia said in fond voice as she looked over the cat with an approving glance. "Your perfect for the little Bee" She said before jumping off, towards the loading dock where she caught the boat to Detroit.

Optimus stared at the now spotless Med bay and then turned to ratchet who seemed to be almost crying in joy.

"It's beautiful" Ratchet said in a awed voice. "Where is the kid I want to thank him" Ratchet said looking around for the tiny yellow robot.

"Don't know, I haven't seen him since we got in at all" Optimus said in concern

Whether he wanted to admit it or not, the young Prime worried about the little yellow bot, a lot, especially since he saw Megatron taking a interest in him.

"Ah don't worry Prime, he'll turn up soon, he always does" Ratchet said while prancing around the large now cleaned med bay.

Optimus nodded but his face showed how unsure he was.

Prowl walked into his room and leant underneath his large tree and immediately set about meditating, but when he did he heard a soft humming sound.

"hmm I wonder" Prowl thought as he started to climb his tree,

When he looked up he almost gasped as he saw Bumblebee sitting in the lotus position with the sun set behind him.

Bumblebee had his optics closed as he started humming the song that Megatron had forced him to learn as a lullaby.

~Step one you say we need to talk~

~He walks you say sit it's just to talk~

~He smiles politely back you~

~You stare politely right on through~

~Some Sort of Window to your right~

~As he goes Left and you stay Right~

~Between the lines of Fear and Blame~

~You begin to wonder why you came~

Prowl just stared at Bumblebee as the little mech just sung as if it was second nature to him. The funniest thing was how he sounded. It soundest as if he knew a deeper meaning behind the lyrics then what he was hearing.

~Where did I go wrong I lost a friend~

~Somewhere along in the bitterness~

~And I would have stayed up all night with you~

~Had I known how to save a life~

Bumblebee held his hand out and let a small young eagle land on it and started to watched the bird as it spread its wings out and flew around him almost as if he was dancing for the small mech.

~Let him know that you know best~
~Cause after all you do know best~
~Try to slip past his defense~
~Without granting innocence~
~Lay down a list of what is wrong~
~The things you've told him all along~
~And pray to God he hears you~
~And pray to God he hears you~

Bumblebee smiled when a falcon joined in on the dance making him think of the jet twins and how they would dance when he and Jazz would lay down the music, or when the Lambo twins would play the drum box that he and Red alert had made.

~Where did I go wrong I lost a friend~

~Somewhere along in the bitterness~

~And I would have stayed up all night with you~

~Had I known how to save a life~

Prowl was now watching Bumblebee with his whole attention, as the small yellow mech sung to the birds that were now flying in a interknit pattern around his head.


~As he begins to raise his voice~
~You lower yours and grant him one last choice~
~Drive until you lose the road~
~Or break with the ones you've followed~
~He will do one of two things~
~He will admit to everything~
~Or he'll say he's just not the same~
~And you'll begin to wonder why you came~

Bumblebee was now standing up and moving with the birds making them cry out in joy as the one who was making such beautiful music had decided to join them. Bumblebee smiled and pretended the JetFire and JetStorm were dancing with him.

~Where did I go wrong I lost a friend~

~Somewhere along in the bitterness~

~And I would have stayed up all night with you~

~Had I known how to save a life~

Prowl watched in amazement as Bumblebee did and back flip and landed without a sound and stayed upright.

~Where did I go wrong I lost a friend~

~Somewhere along in the bitterness~

~And I would have stayed up all night with you~

~Had I known how to save a life~

~How to save a life~

~How to save a life ~

The eagle and Falcon who could tell that the song was coming to a close landed on Bumblebee's shoulder and started crooning in almost tune with what the mech was making the mech start singing with more vigour.

~Where did I go wrong I lost a friend~

~Somewhere along in the bitterness~

~And I would have stayed up all night with you~

~Had I known how to save a life~

Prowl watched as the stars started to twinkle behind the bright Mech and was trapped and then saw Bumblebee sit back down and knew that the song was almost finished.

~Where did I go wrong I lost a friend~

~Somewhere along in the bitterness~

~And I would have stayed up all night with you~

~Had I known how to save a life~

~How to save a life~

~How to save a life ~

"Now go my little friends" Bumblebee whispered to the two birds that rubbed their heads against his head before flying off into the now dark sky.

Prowl descended from his spot back to the floor unaware that he had not been the only one watching the small mech.

"Wonderful" BlackArachnia said in a soft voice from right behind Bumblebee making him freeze.

"You were amazing"