A/N: This will be a very short fanfiction showing all the letters that George wrote before he died, aside from Elizabeth's letter, which is in the execution chapter of An Affair of the Heart. Please review!

Dear Aurora,

You have been a good and loyal friend to me these past years, since we were children. You have been like a third sister to me, and I have come to think of you as my own kin rather than just a companion. I thank you for caring for me as I do for you, and for looking after Elizabeth when I was otherwise engaged. I thank you also for keeping my affair with Elizabeth a secret as close to your heart as if it were your own. I could not hope to ever find a better friend than I have had in you.

I pray that you will live a long and happy life away from court, with your husband and children, who may one day serve my niece Elizabeth if she ever becomes Queen, which I hope for at every opportunity.

I must also ask of you one last favour – do not desert Elizabeth. She has always needed you, always loved you as her sister, and when I am gone I fear that she will need you even more. Please protect and care for her and our children as best you can. And do not let her feel that she can never fall in love again, as I know you as much as I wish for her to be happy.

I thank you once again for all that you have done, and leave you now with the knowledge that I will continue to be your most affectionate friend and brother.

From my prison in the Tower of London on this gloomy day, Your most loving brother,

George Boleyn