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The idea came to me seeing the popularity of reaper/bones crosses.

A/N Apart from Buffy the only surviving member of the Scoobies is Giles and he has officially adopted her as his daughter. Only fair as I'm the author and I've made them both immortal.

A/N 2 Buffy and Ripper met on a mission a century ago and were friends even now but it's been awhile since they last met up.

Written in the Stars

Commander Buffy Summers sighed; she had a new posting on the Enterprise. She was over 270 years old and had been asked as a favour to keep an eye on this crew by the admiralty. She was smirking they reminded her, a lot of the long dead Scoobies, and the best at what they do but couldn't help but find trouble.

When Admiral Pike introduced her, to her new captain she almost rolled her eyes at the blatant interest he had shown her. Spock had amused her; he was all rules and logic. When she realised this she laughed, "Guess we humans really piss you off, all anger and emotion. Should warn you big guy I'm the worse for it."

Spock had arched one eyebrow, "Indeed. Captain Kirk has allowed me to gain greater control and find patience I never knew I had."

She figured that he would probably make a good sparing partner for her. She was next introduced to the CMO and her eyes nearly popped out. She was confused, as to what the hell Reaper was doing on the ship and playing doctor. That was certainly a new one for her. She asked silently if they had a clue to his past. In return he gave a tiny shake of his head so she left it alone. Well, until she could invite him to dinner.

Upon hearing his new nickname she smirked, "Bones?"

Reaper actually blushed, "When my wife left me all I had left were my bones."

She smiled softly, "I'm sorry about that. Bad luck for her, my gain. Free for dinner?"

The crew watched in open shock as the gorgeous security chief flirted with the doctor, more shocking the grumpy doctor smiled, "I'd be happy too. Perhaps I can give you a tour of the ship."

That was perfect he'd give her a tour of the ship but it wouldn't be Bones the doctor but Reaper the Soldier.

Having met the rest of the bridge crew she could honestly say that this was shaping up to be a nice assignment.


The gossip ran quickly through the ship. Bones was smiling and it all seemed to be because of the new chief of security. One nurse had passed out when she heard a couple's easy conversation as they entered the sickbay.

An amused female voice, "You do know, nothing personal but it would take a hell of a lot to get me to come in here voluntarily."

Bones chuckled, "Oh I'm aware that's why I included it in the tour. Although I'm hurt you wouldn't want to come see me. I thought you enjoyed Dinner last night." The last bit actually ended with a pout hearing a thump both turned their heads.

"You must be a scary SOB if she faints from you smiling and pouting." Buffy was actually teasing him now.

Bones pout merely widened, "I may scare them a little I can be pretty grumpy."

Her amusement evident, "You don't say."


The away mission sucked. The team had been asked to the planet on the grounds of a treaty. As such the rules were neither party was supposed to have weapons. It was too bad, that the Klingons had decided to use the treaty as their chance to capture the great Enterprise crew. They might have been more successful if the Slayer Prime and the only C24 enhanced soldier weren't amongst the team.

Seeing that if they were going to have any success they first needed to separate themselves. They knew if they got into a fight now, the others might be injured by mistake. They worked remarkably well on a silent level when he started to smirk she really wanted to punch him. It's not like if she used her slayer strength he would be permanently damaged she mused. Still she knew that he was in fact right so did her best I'm a poor damsel routine and collapsed pretending to fit.

Bones immediately caught her, "I need to use some proper facilities or she'll die."

The Klingon sneered, "Not my problem."

Bones merely broke out into a feral grin, "You want to tell Admiral Giles why his only daughter is dead, be my guest."

The Klingons broke out into nervous chatter. It was one thing to go after the great captain Kirk but the daughter of one of the highest placed Admirals was stupid.

Their leader was quick to agree, "You can use the equipment from their medical room. You will have guards don't get any noble ideas Doctor."

Bones had to suppress the feral grin of Reaper who was coming to the fore. Instead he just showed the concern any doctor would, "Look I just want to make sure she doesn't die."

The crew around them was visibly shaken. To the Klingons they assumed it was because on of their team was potentially going to die. The reality was they were a little confused. They were confused about what they had seen from Bones and the news that Buffy was Admiral Giles' daughter. Commander Summers had only been on board a week but how quickly they had clicked suggest a longer acquaintance. It was certainly fuelling the ship gossip currently. If only the crew knew how long they had known each other, they would be in for a true shock. A century was long by anyone's standards.

The three Klingon guards were neutralised in minutes silently and swiftly; they were locked into a supply closet.

They advanced down the corridor silently prowling; they'd both allowed their predatory natures to come out to play. What a team they made the slayer and the reaper.

One thought struck her; long ago the first slayer had told her that death was her gift. Buffy did wonder if the slayer had meant John the thought was filed away for later thoughts. It wasn't like she didn't have the time.

Reaper spoke, "I got nasty and ugly on the left."

Buffy rolled her eyes, "Yeah I'll take dumb and dumber on the right. They need to pay for the amount of questions we are going to have to answer. I can hide you with shadows if you stay close."

He nodded to her, as a soldier it was one hell of an enviable ability to have the shadows themselves protect you.

The door opened and all looked and were confused no one appeared. The next minute though a fight was on two Klingon's had gone down in a surprise attack. All watched fascinated as Summers and Bones fought with a speed and grace that wasn't possible for humans.

Kirk watched and asked, "Spock?"

The Vulcan raised one eyebrow and answered the question, "I do not know Captain but I believe the Klingon's are in trouble."

That assessment made the injured Captain grin, "They are aren't they. I'd love to know where the pair learnt to fight.""We will be able to ask them once the fight ends."

The second had managed to close his hands around Bones throat. Summers wasn't phased they noticed, she merely bought a knife out from her waist, "Reaper."

The doctor caught the knife thrown tip first and stabbed into the Klingon's neck, "Bad look Pal."

At the same time Buffy decided to end her fight quickly by snapping the neck of the leader.

Reaper quirked an eyebrow, "Why snap his neck?"

She rewarded him with an 'are you stupid look?', "If I stabbed him I'd have icky blood on my uniform like you."

The crew watched the exchange with a strange curiosity, "Glad to see some things never change."

They then focussed on the injured away team, "Captain we are free to leave."

Kirk was in truth a little confused but recognised an escape, "I guess we are Commander have you located our stuff."

Bones walked out to grab his stuff and the others. He sat down next to his injured friend and started to let Reaper quietly fall back, "Mr Spock the Captain needs to be stabilised before he is transported. I'll ask that Commander Summers stay behind to help."

"Very well. The others will remain quiet."

Bones gave the Vulcan an unusually friendly look, "Thank you. We appreciate that."

Bones wondered just how much high grade whiskey this would require to get his best friend to get over this shock.

A/n This was just a one-shot that I started before working on Bones of the Past. I'm leaving it as a one-shot unless there is interest to expand it.