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Chapter One: Stefan's first mistake

"I better get going. Jenna just woke up." Stefan said stroking Elena's cheek as he lay half naked next to her in her bed. He'd been sneaking in every night for the past week. Sometimes they'd make passionate love, sometimes times they'd just make out, and others they'd do homework, talk, and just fall asleep in each other's arms.

Elena frowned, "okay. I'll see you at school."

Stefan leaned to give her a kiss and right before their lips touched he was a blur out the window. Two seconds later her door opened and Ana busted in with Jeremy trailing behind. "Sorry, but trust me I'm a girl who was a nurse during World War II, male or female I've seen it all.

Elena covered herself up with the sheets anyway. "What are you doing in my room?" she stiffened in fear. "Jeremy get away from her NOW."

"Oh yeah. The whole kidnap thing…sorry about that."

"Sorry?" Elena raised an eyebrow, "you almost killed me and Bonnie and your reply is sorry?"

"Whatever we'll cross that bridge later but this is important." Ana sat on the edge of Elena's bed and Elena wrapped the covers around her for Jeremy sake and stood up. "You think moving a few feet back could stop me from killing you? God humans are stupid. I came to warn you that Katherine is back."

Elena stumbled back like she'd been punched in the stomach. "In Mystic Falls?"

"In our high school." Ana told her seriously, "She's posing as your twin sister, you were separated at birth because she was kidnapped. It hurt your parents to talk about it so they never did. I had to tell your aunt and Jeremy already knows."

"You know?" Elena turned to Jeremy knowing that that was probably the lowest thing on the importance list.

"I didn't even know you knew, I had no idea about Stefan and Damon either. I figured out about Vikki and Ana on my own and I kept it a secret because…" him and Ana shared a look Elena knew all to well.

"She tried to kill me Jer! Me and Bonnie! She kidnapped us and you are all…together or whatever?"

"Like I said we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now we are going to have to come up with a story or all hell will break loose. Katherine is just going to go with what we say and if we say nothing…she won't like that."

"Or we could just play dumb. If we really were separated at birth me and Jeremy and Jenna wouldn't know much about it anyway. We could just say she showed up and her appearance made it evident. She isn't staying here though that is for sure."

"That actually is really smart." Ana said surprised, she'd been so busy with Jeremy and freaking out about Katherine's sudden return that she hadn't taken a minute to think clearly. "We loaded the house up with Vervain and nobody is going to let her in even if she tried. She's staying with the others at my place. Those witches plans didn't go so well, the tomb wasn't sealed and everyone is back which drew Katherine. When she found out about you….well she just couldn't resist stirring up some trouble."

"Great." Elena sighed, "Alright, everyone out. I gotta get dressed and go warn Stefan. Unless you did?" she added hopefully.

"Unh-uh the Salvatore brothers are all yours." she held her hands up.

"Damon doesn't know either? This should be the complete opposite of fun."

Nobody answered the door when Elena knock so she just let herself in like usual. Her heart stopped when she walked into the front room to see Katherine standing smiling in Stefan's arms. Elena had only seen that picture but was still taken back at the similarity of the each other. The way Katherine had her hair strait and wasn't dressed like she lived in the 1800s only added to it.

"Stephan what are you doing?" she swallowed hard suppressing tears. She knew Katherine was extremely dangerous but the despair and anger prevented her from feeling fear.

"Katherine?" both Stefan and Katherine said at the same time.

"Wait you think she's me?" I asked surprised, anger growing more prominent.

"You really don't believe her do you?" Katherine asked with puppy eyes.

Stefan stepped in front of Katherine protectively. "Leave."

"Stefan." I said hurt by the fierceness in his eyes and the way he was protecting her like that. "Can't you tell the difference?"

The door opened and Damon came strolling in. "Hey bro you will not believe what the word on the street is." he called as he headed up the stairs.

"Yeah we're dealing with that right now." he said in a normal tone but Damon's vampire hearing heard it and they heard him start down the stairs ago.

Damon's hearing gave Elena an idea. "Who's heartbeat can you hear?" she asked quickly. It took a few seconds but when he realized his mistake he closed his eyes with an expression so twisted it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

"Katherine." Damon's jaw dropped as he starred right past Elena.

"Hello." she smiled wickedly slowly walking over with a grace that made Elena jealous, more jealous as it were.

"Wait you could tell?" Elena asked Damon.

He looked at her like I was retarded, "of coarse I could. Duh."

"Elena." Stefan ran over. "I'm so sorry, please forgive me."

"Oh!" a huge smile grew on Damon's face, "Wow little brother I did not expect you of all people to think she was Elena." he turned to Katherine, "you naughty little thing."

"That's me." she grinned wickedly and kissed him.

"Elena I…" Stefan sputtered reaching out for Elena's hand but she just took a step back.

"I came to warn you she was back." I said flatly, "now you know." she headed to the door but he was in front of her before she could take two steps.

"I was surprised and she look so much like you." he said desperately.

"Damon could tell the second he walked in the room." she said fiercely, "get out of my way I'm going to be late for school."

"The three of us are going to be late for school." Katherine was suddenly on her right. "Is that right long lost twin sister." she stroked my hair.

"Don't touch me." Elena said angrily.

"Be careful little girl." Katherine said in a warning tone, "I could kill you and pose as Elena Gilbert so easily. Nobody would even know."

"Don't touch her." Stefan said angrily. His face changed and the look he was giving her chilled Elena to the bone.

"Watch it your scaring the human." Katherine laughed a melodic, hypnotic laugh.

"Elena." he turned back to me and his face went back to normal, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. Just please…ditch school today, we'll go somewhere and talk."

"Get out of my way." Elena demanded and tried to forget the pain in his eyes as she left the house and went to her car. She got half way to school before the tears started to fall and she pulled over.

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