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Chapter 10: the Way It Should Be part II

A few hours later Donna awoke and dressed, wondering what exactly they were going to do now. She looked at the clock she had brought with her from home and saw that she had been sleeping for ten hours – not very long considering the stupidly long day they had just had… which very well may have been two days for all she knew.

She let out a snort when she wondered if the Doctor was up yet. Of course he was, he always was. Come to think of it, she had never really asked him how much sleep he needs before. All she knew was that he would always be awake when she went to sleep after an adventure and would always be awake when she made her way blearily into the control room. The only reason she had to think he slept at all was the times she had seen dark circles under his eyes days after particularly traumatic adventures, like the death of Jenny, and the days when she awoke to find him in a new suit.

Suddenly what had happened the day before hit her in a flash and she grinned widely, opening her door and making her way down the corridor to where she knew the Doctor was. She wondered if Rose was awake, after all she had it the hardest out of everyone, except maybe the Doctor, and she hadn't been travelling with him for a few years. God knows it took her quite a few weeks to get used to the Time Lords schedule.

Oh I am gonna love this! To see the real Doctor... If his attitude a few hours ago is anything to go by this life is about to get a whole lot more entertaining, she thought. Everyone who was with them before were wondering and very curious as to if the Doctor was always like he was showing when Rose was in the picture or if it was just temporary because of the shock and fast-pace of everything.

She felt ecstatically happy that she would be the one to find out. When everyone else had left she had half-expected the Doctor to try and drop her off home. Try being the operative word. If he had she would have slapped him one and marched right back to her room in the TARDIS.

With all the thoughts running through her head she was very surprised as she opened the door that led to the console room to find that not only was Rose awake but both her and the Doctor were seemingly dancing around the rotor while Rose was pointing to parts on the panels and calling out what sounded like some of the same scientific babble she sometimes heard spouting uncontrollably out of the suited mans mouth. She realized she recognized some from the few times the Doctor had trying to teach her to help fly the TARDIS.

They slowed down their pace and as Rose finished her listing she looked up at him for approval.

"Oh Rose Tyler, you are brilliant!" He leapt the few steps around the rotor and scooped her into his arms, spinning her around once before letting go as he saw Donna over her shoulder and rushed to her, doing the same.

"Oi put me down space boy." He did and pulled away, looking down at her confused. "Just because she's happy to have your alien mitts all over her for no reason doesn't mean the rest of us are." She sent a wink in Rose's direction to make sure she knew she was joking but knew she didn't have to worry when she saw the petite blonde cover her mouth with her palm to stop sudden giggles escaping, making a rather undignified snorting sound at her effort.

Donna saw the grin instantly reappear on his face and he turned slowly to face the giggling blonde. "And just what are you laughing at Rose Tyler?" Donna smiled widened when she realized it was almost like he was saying her name purposely, like he thought he should say it as many times as he could while he still could.

She knew that even though right now they were joking around and being silly – the Doctor now chasing Rose around the whole room before catching her by the waist and again spinning like a mad-man – underneath they were both still absolutely terrified that history would somehow repeat itself and they would be pulled away from each other. It would definitely take some time, she would bet, for them to even be able to be in separate rooms for more than a few minutes at a time without suffering some sort of panic attacks.

But for now she tried not to worry about them too much and concentrated on the present. "Right, enough of that!" She half-shouted, obviously she would have to be the adult in this relationship from now on. She noted the bag of cold looking chips that lay on a random part of the grating. "What have you two been doing, it looks like you've been awake for a while."

The Doctor tenderly cupped Rose's cheek and laid a lingering kiss on Rose's lips before pulling away and turning to Donna, pulling his blonde savior with him to the captain's seat where she snuggled into him as Donna leant casually against the panel of the console in front of them, arms lightly crossed.

"Well," the Doctor began by his usual ridiculous drawing out of what seemed to be his favourite word. "We were only asleep for three hours or so, figured you'd need some more time and we-"

"Wait a second." Donna interrupted before he got up to his full speed and nothing could stop him. "Shouldn't she need more sleep than that?" She said, pointing at Rose, trying not to be rude.

"Well yeah, if she were still a normal human. But her accelerated cell re-growth patterns also mean that on top of being able to survive… practically anything, sleep has become about as necessary for her as it is for me… isn't that brilliant?" He shot her a ridiculously massive grin before continuing without giving her a chance to respond, going on from his interrupted sentence. "So we took a little side trip to Barcelona."

Rose smile widened and she dug her head affectionately into his shoulder, both arms wrapped around his.

She frowned. "What's so special about Barcelona?"

"The planet not the city," Rose said finally speaking up with laughter in her eyes, tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth slightly as she grinned. "Dogs with no noses… This idiot wanted to keep one and call it Arthur, although personally I think I prefer it for a horse."

Donna looked at her like she was just slightly crazy and was surprised as the Doctor giggled… he actually giggled. She wasn't even aware such a sound could come from him.

It was amazing how different he was now, even after talking for only a minute Donna could see it. The pain that always used to be the most prominent thing in his eyes was now hidden, still there but buried beneath more happiness and joy that she, regretfully, wasn't even sure he was capable of before yesterday.

"Well that's just wizard,' she said mock sarcastically. "Just leave me here to be bored if I woke up."

The Doctor looked slightly uncomfortable but quickly rushed to his own defense. "Sorry. It was sort of one of those things we never got around to… before." Rose squeezed his hand and they shared a look that Donna decided not to notice.

She sighed. "It's fine," she wasn't really angry or anything, she figured it was something like that. "By the way, now that you," she pointed at Rose again, "are back I expect to be hearing all about the old days. Neither of you have got reason to be all mopey about it so I get to hear the adventures and exactly how this," she moved her pointing hand indicating both of them and their position, "happened. I swear Rose," now directly addressing the girl who had already helped her so much, "he was a right old misery when you were gone. Always this lost little puppy look in his eyes and always saying "Rose would have liked that" or "Rose would have loved this"… honestly, I don't know how I put up with it."

Rose grinned back at her as the Doctor protested loudly. "HEY! Don't you go spreading lies Donna Noble; I did not, in any way, look like a puppy."

She gaped for a minute when he picked that of all things to get outraged over.

Rose's laughter once again filled the room and soon the both of them followed. Suddenly Rose pulled something out of the pocket of her jacket, which Donna now realized was the one she had picked up in anger that fateful day when she had met the most remarkable man in the universe.

She saw the camera a second before it flashed in her eyes and the blonde re-emerged from behind it smiling before turning it backwards to face her and Doctor, who put their heads together and smiled before the flash once again went off.

She gave both of them a questioning look. "Don't want to get lost with no reminders," Rose muttered and Donna figured out that what was left unsaid. Get lost and stay lost. She just smiled at the girl, happy to know that she would want to remember her.

"Oh, I've got a question for you Rose." When she saw she had the blonde's attention she asked a question that had been bugging her since yesterdays events. "In that parallel world, why exactly did you tell me I was the most important woman in creation? It's not like I did anything special."

The Doctor looked about to protest but stopped as Rose once again squeezed his hand, silently telling him to let her answer the question. "Two reasons actually. One was that I was referring to what you had already done. You saw it yourself, without you the Doctor would have died with the Racnoss and along with him the whole of this universe and reality would have been in danger. The second was that without you coming back to this world and passing on my message to the Doctor it might have been too late by the time he knew the Earth was gone and everything would have died."

Donna nodded her head; glad she had actually done something important in the last fight. She had felt rather useless at the time but now she was satisfied. She watched as the Doctor whispered something in Rose's ear and the girls face light up again as he squeezed she shoulder before bouncing up and walking to the rotor, flipping switches and pulling levers.

"So, where are we going then?" Donna asked, watching in mild surprise as Rose also got up and started helping the Doctor as he called out thing for her to do, the blonde automatically obeying, clearly already having somehow memorized the workings of the TARDIS.

"You two are impossible do you know that?" She questioned rhetorically, but of course the Doctor gave her an answer anyway.

He captured Rose's hand, pulled down a lever that made the TARDIS' engines start up and smiled down at them both. "Of course we are… Stuff of legends; Mutt and Jeff, Shiver and Shake." He grinned and waited, knowing what was coming as Donna watched on confused, having the feeling that she would have to get used to the sensation hanging around with those two.

Rose grinned with her tongue sticking out slightly between her teeth. "Which one's Shiver?" She asked, eyes fixed, sparkling, on the Doctor.

"Oh, I'm Shake." He responded before they were all thrown onto the grating, only staying down for a second.

Rose was up the fastest and she ran over to the door, unbelievably happy that after all this time this was finally happening. It was their first adventure for forever and she couldn't wait to see what lay outside those doors.

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