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Author's Notes: This is my first Alternate Universe Fanfic about Kenshin and Kaoru falling in love during modern times. It's not your typical love story and it is OOC (Drama/Angst/Romance) Fatal Love Fanfiction by Gypsy-chan Enjoy!

Part One

One cloudy afternoon, a young woman sat in her office working diligently at the pile of work before her. She stopped momentarily as she heard the gentle tapping of the rain upon her window. As the rain drops began to harden, she felt as though it was beckoning her. The young woman rolled her chair over to the window and began gazing at the people below. As she watched the people milling around in the rain, she became lost in her thoughts.

"I wonder if I am truly prepared to assist those poor unfortunate souls whose paths have brought them to this place. I know that my fellow colleagues are convinced that I am ready. I guess that's because I was under their constant tutelage during my internship here. I thought I was ready too. This career was something I've trained for all my life. But now, as I sit alone reviewing the files of the lives of so many tortured souls, I wonder if I will ever succeed."

The young woman swiveled her chair around taking a quick glimpse at the files sitting on top of her desk. She then turned back toward the window and began focusing her attention on the rain. She sat and marveled at how each drop of rain seem to be making it's own path down the dirty window leaving only clean streaks behind.

"I wished I possessed the power of rain. The rain cleanses everything in its path making way for a new beginning. If only I had such a power, I would use it to change the minds and the hearts of the people in this place, giving them a second chance at life."

"Excuse me Dr. Kamiya, I don't mean to interrupt your thoughts but I've found the files you requested."

"Thank you Yuri," she replied while taking the files from her. "Is my 1:00pm appointment here?"

"Yes. His name is Kenshin Himura."

"Alright. Please send him in," replied Kaoru as she began shuffling papers around on her desk.

Yuri turned toward the man sitting in the waiting area.

"Dr. Kamiya will see you now Mr. Himura."

"Thank you Miss Yuri," replied Kenshin as he stood and headed toward her.

While walking past Yuri he stopped and asked, "What happened to Dr. Genzai?"

"Dr. Genzai retired last month after being here for 30 years. His replacement is Dr. Kaoru Kamiya. She's an excellent psychiatrist who was highly recommended by Dr. Genzai. I'm sure you'll like her."

"Thank you Miss Yuri."

Yuri smiled and nodded.

"Miss Yuri."

"Yes Mr. Himura."

"If you speak with Dr. Genzai in the future, please send him my greetings to him and his family."

"I will be sure to do that for you Mr. Himura," smiled Yuri.

The guard who was escorting Kenshin shoved him while mumbling, "Quit socializing you maggot and keep moving."

When they entered the office, Kaoru sat with her head down briefly reviewing Kenshin's file again. After hearing several clicking sounds, she raised her head toward the guard who was handcuffing Kenshin's wrists and ankles to the chair. She also noticed how the guard seemed to be holding a stun gun in Kenshin's back.

Kaoru frowned at the guard, pointed toward the weapon and asked, "Is that really necessary?"

"Yes. This man is a convicted murderer."

"That may be true, but Mr. Himura is also up for parole in six months. In order for me to determine whether or not he is ready to re-enter society, I will need to ask him many questions. It will be rather difficult for him to concentrate on his answers with a weapon pointed at him for the next hour. Could you please wait outside while I conduct my interview with Mr. Himura?"

"But Dr. Kamiya, it is against prison policy for a guard to allow a dangerous prisoner to be alone in a room with a civilian."

Kaoru looked at the guard's nametag and replied, "Listen Mr. Akamatsu, I am fully aware of this correctional institution's policy. I accept full responsibility for Mr. Himura's actions. Besides, I really don't see how he can pose a threat with both his wrists and ankles handcuffed to the chair."

"This prisoner is too dangerous to leave around a helpless female like you."

Kaoru jumped up and pounded her fists upon the desk shouting, "Helpless female!! How dare you say such a thing! The only dangerous person in this office right now, is me! Now get out of my office before I throw you out!!"

"Fine! I'll go outside," scowled Akamatsu as he stomped over toward the door. "But if he kills you, don't come crying to me!" He left the room slamming the door behind him.

Kenshin smiled inwardly thinking, "She really is a courageous young woman to challenge Akamatsu."

"My name is Dr. Kaoru Kamiya. I will be your psychiatrist for the next six months. Please forgive my little outburst but I take my job very seriously. When a person is up for parole, I have to do my best to determine if the person is ready to re-enter society."

"It is nice to meet someone so dedicated in preserving the peace in our society. However, Mr. Akamatsu is right, I am a prisoner convicted of murder. It seems rather wreckless for a young woman such as yourself to be alone in a room with me."

"Mr. Himura, when I sit behind this desk, I do not think of myself as a woman. I view myself the same as the other psychiatrists in this institution. We all work together with one goal in mind. That goal is to rehabilitate those who have been misguided and give them a second chance at life. As long as I sit behind this desk, I will try my best to help those who desire to better themselves."

Kaoru turned her attention back to her desk. As she busied herself with finding a notepad and pencil Kenshin began to gaze at her.

"She such a strong and compassionate woman. I've never known a woman to be so committed to the needs of others. But her idealistic goals will only be wasted on me. I don't deserve a second chance at life."

"Now Mr. Himura, I've noticed in your file that you're a recent transfer from Kyoto's correctional facility. Your record also show that you were transferred between several correctional facilities while in Kyoto. I'm still not sure how you ended up in Tokyo. Could you explain why you seem to get transferred from prison to prison so much?"

"I guess... I'm just a wanderer," he replied while smiling at her innocently.

Kaoru arched her eyebrow at him and continued saying, "It's even more interesting that when you are nearing parole, you somehow get transferred to another facility."

She eyed Kenshin after her last sentence. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"I believe you are afraid of integrating with the outside world," surmised Kaoru. "Why else would you keep avoiding parole."

Kenshin's eyes widened at her.

"How could she have guessed that? For years I have been able to mask my true feelings from the other psychiatrists. Never allowing them to know the reason why I chose to stay in prison. But this young woman seems to see right through me. Have I really become that shallow?"

Kaoru smiled inwardly knowing that she had reached him in some way. She could see him thinking deeply.

"Mr. Himura."

Kenshin didn't respond right away.

"Mr. Himura."

"Yes Dr. Kamiya."

"You seemed to be in deep thought. What were you thinking about?"

"My... past."

"Please tell me about your past."

"Dr. Kamiya, you appear to be a bright young woman. I'm sure you have thoroughly reviewed my files and consulted with Dr. Genzai about me. Why do you still want to hear about my past?"

"Because the matter of your being paroled in less than six months still remains. As you stated, I have consulted with Dr. Genzai about you. However, in order for me to make a fair assessment of you being able to successfully integrate into society, I need to personally hear about your past."

"I do not want to be paroled."

Kaoru arched her eyebrow in bewilderment at Kenshin and asked, "Why wouldn't you want to be paroled?"

"Because I choose to serve my full sentence of life imprisonment. It is the only way to repent for all the lives I took long ago."

"Mr. Himura, your remorseful attitude is to be commended. However, this is your opportunity to start life all over again. Why do you keep running away from it?"

Kenshin kept his head lowered while remaining silent.

"Mr. Himura..."

"Mr. Himura.... answer me. I want to help you. Please."

After lifting his head and gazing into her pleading eyes Kenshin sighed before replying, "Very well. I can see that you are determined on finding out my reasonings, so I will tell you my story."