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Yugi Motou trudged home from school, alone as usual. His wide amethyst eyes were expressionless, dull. He had soft, spiked hair in three colours; the bangs were blonde and the spikes were black with scarlet tips.

He was a loner. He didn't have friends, didn't make an effort to make them either. The kids at school thought he was weird, but he never seemed to notice them. Those that knew him when he was younger knew that he had been a happy, friendly child, and wondered what had prompted this change when he got to high school.

He sighed as he opened the door to his grandfather's game shop. He lived alone with the old man, in a small apartment above the shop. His parents had died, quite mysteriously, when he was young. His grandfather smiled at him as he walked by.

"Hello Yugi, how was school?" Yugi had inherited quite a few of his looks from his grandfather, whose eyes were the same shade of violet, and his hair, although completely grey now, had the same pattern of spikes.

"Just like any other day." Yugi answered with a shrug.

"Oh, he sent you another letter." Yugi stiffened and his already pale face went whiter. "Do you want me to get rid of it?" Yugi nodded stiffly, gulping slightly. His grandfather sighed and came around the counter to hug his grandson.

"He can't do anything to you anymore, you know that, right?" Yugi nodded. "Good, now go upstairs and do your homework." Yugi offered him a rare smile and went to do as he said.


The creature silently watched the boy move around through the window. He had spotted the beautiful human earlier that day and tracked him home. He licked his lips, thinking how delectable the boy looked.

He slipped down to the ground and walked off. He would have to be careful, make sure the boy didn't see him as he was stalked. He chuckled darkly and smirked, it had been awhile since his last pet.


Yugi was grateful that it was finally summer vacation. He hated the whispers and looks he got at school and he needed to help Grandpa earn some money. He had a summer job at a bookstore, and it seemed to be going well.

He had a late shift this night. He waved a polite goodbye to the manager and began walking home. He decided to take the alley shortcut he knew about.


The creature chuckled from his vantage point on the nearby rooftop. The boy was making this too easy for him. He had followed the boy for about two weeks now, learning his habits, and now his patience was paying off.

Yugi heard the sound of soft footsteps creeping up on him.

"Who's there?" he asked, whirling around. There was no one there. His heart pounded harder as he heard a soft, sinister chuckle.

"Show yourself!" Yugi demanded, voice quavering with fear.

"As you wish." A soft voice whispered in his ear. Yugi whirled and was confronted by the sight of someone that looked almost exactly like him.

The other boy had the same pattern of colour and spikes to his hair, but also had streaks of blonde, like lightning, going up through the spikes. He was slightly taller than Yugi and had tanned skin. His eyes were narrow and crimson, and filled with dark amusement. He was beautiful.

"I-I don't have any money." Yugi stuttering, backing away as the other walked slowly towards him, a scary smirk plastered on his face.

"Oh, I don't want money, little one." The boy said.

"Then what do you want?" Yugi asked, fear shooting through him as his back pressed into the wall. The boy leaned over him; face just inches away and chuckled.

"You." He told Yugi, pressing himself up against the smaller boy. Yugi's eyes widened and he tried to push the other away. The boy just grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head with one of his own. Yugi whimpered as he felt hot breath exhaled against his neck.

He jumped when he felt sharp fangs graze the skin of his neck.

"No, please.." He pleaded struggling against the boy that he now realized was a vampire. The vampire ignored him and slowly drove his fangs into Yugi's neck. Yugi gasped and struggled as the vampire sucked leisurely.

He slowly started to feel dizzy.

"Please..." He pleaded one last time before his eyes rolled back and he collapsed, unconscious. The vampire drew back and caught the boy as he fell, cradling him in his arms. He smirked down at Yugi's unconscious, lovely face and bore the boy away.

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