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As soon as the execution was over, Yami swept Yugi up and carried him upstairs to his chambers. Once there he laid Yugi down on the bed and began to kiss him almost frantically. Yugi could feel the tension in his lover's body and reached up to rub Yami's shoulders and neck soothingly. Yami groaned and lay down beside Yugi, pulling him close and burying his face in Yugi's soft hair.

"I thought I was going to lose you today." Yami admitted, voice hoarse with emotion.

"I thought I was going to lose you too." Yugi replied tenderly, stroking Yami's face. "But it's alright now."

"Yes, because you had the courage to finally stand up to your tormentor. He can never hurt you ever again." Yami kissed Yugi on the lips. Yugi moaned and Yami deepened the kiss, stroking the inside of Yugi's mouth with his tongue.

Panting, the two of them parted briefly and then initiated another hungry kiss while their hands travelled all over each other's bodies. Belts and buttons were fumbled open and soon the two of them were bare of all clothes.

Yami pulled back, gazing at Yugi lustfully and lovingly. Yugi gazed back with equal emotion. Yami pulled Yugi into his lap, the two of them groaning as their exposed members rubbed against each other, and licked at his pulse point.

Yugi let out a small gasp when Yami nipped the skin lightly and arched his neck, allowing his lover better access to the skin. Yugi reached around Yami and grasped his ass cheeks, squeezing playfully. Yami groaned and pushed Yugi back down onto the bed, straddling him.

His nips, licks and kisses trailed down Yugi's chest and stomach, a small, sexy chuckle escaping his lips as Yugi shuddered in pleasure. Yami's hands trailed up Yugi's thighs, gently massaging them and he let out a soft purr of bliss.

Yugi's half-lidded eyes opened wide and he gasped as Yami flicked his tongue against his erection. Yami teased his lover with soft flicks of his tongue until Yugi was writhing beneath him, visually begging him to stop the sweet torture.

Yami acquiesced and took Yugi's member fully in his mouth. Yugi arched his back and tried to buck up into the heat surrounding him but Yami held his hips down. Yami hummed slightly in his throat and Yugi screamed in pleasure.

When Yami felt that Yugi was close he pulled back despite a soft whimper of discontent from Yugi. He murmured reassuringly to Yugi, nuzzling his neck as he quickly coated his fingers in lube and thrust three into Yugi.

Yugi mewled in pain, but did not try to pull away. Instead he tried to relax as much as possible as Yami stretched him. Yami's fingers hit his prostate and he gasped, jerking back on the fingers. Yami laughed and brushed against that spot a couple more times before sliding his fingers out and grabbing the lube again.

Suddenly it was snatched out of his hand and he stared in disbelief as Yugi spread the lube over his own hands and grasped Yami's erection. As Yugi's fingers gently stroked the sensitive skin Yami moaned. When Yugi felt he was done he let go and laid back again, gazing up at Yami with desire-darkened eyes.

Yami gripped Yugi's hips gently and slid into him with one slow, fluid motion. Yugi bit his lip, but gave no other indication that it hurt. Yami paused and kissed Yugi on the tip of his nose, speaking soft nothings to him in a low voice.

Yugi gave an experimental roll of his hips and nodded at Yami. Yami smiled, pecked him on the lips, and began a slow pace to start. Soon though, Yugi became unsatisfied with this.

"Yami, please." He whined, shifting his hips. "Faster, harder." Yami complied with a soft grunt and began to pound into his young lover with formidable force. Yugi screamed in pleasure with every thrust as they hit his prostate and made him see stars.

All too soon Yugi reached his peak and the orgasm that rolled over him left him seeing bright spots. Yami's own orgasm made his whole body quake with the force of it. Their release left them feeling satisfied and content and they cuddled into each other's arms. After awhile Yami spoke.

"Yugi, koi?"

"Mm hm?"

"I know that we haven't been going out long, but..."

"But what, Yami?" Yugi propped himself up on one elbow, looking at Yami in concern.

"I have never felt as deeply for anyone as I feel for you. I was so terrified today, and I still feel that if I lost you...I think I would die." Yugi reached out to enfold him in a gentle embrace.

"I feel the same way." He admitted. "When I'm away from you, I ache inside."

"Well, then, will you become my mate?" Yugi blinked, startled by Yami's question. "Will you stay with me, Yugi, for all eternity?"

"But how? I will die eventually."

"No, no, no. When you become my mate, we are bound so that neither can die unless the other does." Yami explained. "You would live as long as I do." Yugi contemplated this for a moment, then smiled and kissed Yami on the lips.

"Yes. I will become your mate." Yami grinned and passionately kissed Yugi for a long minute.

"Thank you Yugi, you have no idea how happy this makes me." Yugi smirked slightly.

"I think I do." Yugi blinked as Yami sat up. "What do we have to do to become mates?"

"It's quite simple really, we just have to drink each other's blood.' Yami replied, taking a small knife from the drawer beside his bed. "I'll make a cut in my neck for you." He offered. Yugi nodded and Yami nicked his neck enough to draw blood.

The two of them drew close and Yugi licked at the blood on Yami's neck while Yami's fangs pierced his and sucked gently at his blood. The exchange only took a few seconds and when it was done Yugi felt no different from before.

"Did it work?" He asked doubtfully.

"Yes, it did koi." Yami replied, taking Yugi in his arms and laying them both down. "Now, I think we should get some sleep, it's been an extremely trying day, hasn't it?"

Yugi nodded in reply and cuddled close to his new mate. The two of them drifted off to sleep, preparing to face the first day of the rest of their lives, together.


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