Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Command , Kiss or Torture?

Summary- Emmett, Rose, Bella, Jasper, Edward, Alice and Renesmee are vampires. Jake is a werewolf. On various occasions they decide to have games of truth or dare. What will this include? What happens when Alice has to buy all her clothes in Walmart for a month? Or when Jasper goes to the airport? What happens when the Cullens leave Renesmee at home with Emmett and Jasper?


Nessie POV

"Come on Nessie... please, please play Truth or dare!" Emmett Whined.

"No Emmett, not since last time we played you made me put posters all over school saying that Jake is a lying skunk-bag man-whore. He didn't talk to me for a month!" I told him honestly.

"Well it's not my fault the mutt can't take a joke..." He muttered.

"Ness... please play Truth or Dare with us. You can't play a decent game of it with only two people and we need a girl to play." Jazz smiled. I suddenly felt happy and daring and wanted to play.

"JASPER WHITLOCK!" I yelled, not letting him affect my emotions. "Do not ever play with my emotions, it isn't fair. If you do that again, I'll tell Alice and you know the punishment." I sang.

Emmett gave me a puppy dog pout. "Please Ness, Play with your Uncles Please, please, please..." the pleading continued for two minutes before I gave in and told him to shut up.

I wonder what will happen this time.

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