Chapter 2: A Losing Battle


Warning! Continental instability detected. Please evacuate all area. Awaiting authorization to execute code sequence....


A series of explosion shook everyone out of their siesta hour. And the still-heavy stomach jolted wake their master's brains.

Soldiers were running around and the UEG has been assembled. It has been days since the beast, which the scientist faction dubbed as "Kyuubi" due to its constant claims about the nine guardians. Whatever it was, it sparked the interest of many scientist groups.

However, the emergency situation seems to be limiting them in their possible actions to take. Which is sad because even at the time of crisis, all of them seems to think only about their constant hunger for knowledge and insatiable curiosity.

"I believe it is time that we gather all the continents within Konoha and make our last defensive measures. In my humblest of all opinions, I think that we would have more chances of going against the beast and would greatly accelerate our battle plans."

Itachi nodded as his father spoke. That could be a tactical advantage. However... should their battle plans, they will not only endanger all the civilians that they evacuated but the capital as well. So it would be smart to have them evacuated in one of their space station. But the question is... how? Their space stations are only meant to accommodate so few of a people.

"Father..." Itachi rose from his seat as the other heads turned to him. "I think it would be best if we would evacuate the citizens to our underground caves and space stations instead of having them here and risk their deaths."

Fugaku narrowed his eyes at his son. Itachi never spoke in meetings and certainly not embarrass him in front of the council. Sasuke did the same. He never expected his brother to doubt their own abilities.

"What are you saying Itachi? Are you implying that our abilities are not enough to protect the people?"

It was Sandaime who spoke this time.

"He may be right. You knew that not bullets, nor our chakra can harm the Kyuubi. We have not yet fully understood the nature of the beast. Although it seems to be linked to the portals we opened."

The council members and UEG officials nodded their head. Despite for their powerful weapons and techniques, they are still no match against the beast. And as the days passed by, the beast got only stronger and the casualties are heavily increasing. However, it would be indeed useless to ignore the latent potentials that their technology possess.

An awkward silence followed. Most groups wanted to blame the Kage and their projects immediately but held their tongue to prevent another fight. While another group wanted to follow on Itachi's advice but decided to abandon the planet instead, another group thought to fight the beast directly. The groups were absorbed in their thinking that they didn't notice a soldier and a probe entered.

"Pardon me for the intrusion sir. But we have reports from the advancing party. Apparently, they were ambushed by the forests. This probe held an oral report." The man bowed and left the room. The people then turned to the probe and a holographic image emitted from a sensor.

"Sire! This is the advance team reporting. My group and I have successfully entered the forest to the North and will attempt to activate the outlying satellites and underground bases at Minato-sama's request. I can proudly say that we are--- Wait--- What's that?" The reporting image turned away from the camera and armed his rifle and shot.

"What's going in? What the-- It's the forest!" The communication ended when a thorny vine shot through the soldier's chest.

"End Data Transmission." The robot then exited the room.

Silence reigned once again. But this time, it was the Akatsuki representative who spoke first.

"You... sent a team to activate the satellites and bases without permission from the UEG? Hah! And they ask me why the Kage's reputation is dwindling."

"Hold your tongue!" It was the Raikage who lost his temper. But Sandaime calmed him down.

"Calm down. We can never achieve anything if we're to fight."

"You're right. My humblest apologies." The man bowed.

"Either way, we cannot waste time idling around here. We must first secure the outposts that surrounded Konoha. If we are to evacuate the citizens, I believe that we have a fully functional portal systems that can reach the space station of the Six Path. Isn't that right, you of the Akatsuki?" Itachi asked while the other side was surprised that he had the knowledge of their space station.

The group can only nod.

"Well, that's settled. I guess we'll declare this matter closed. We will evacuate the citizens to that space station. I believe that that is huge enough to house our people. The rest can be temporarily housed in our underground shelters. Now... we will discuss what to do with our defenses. I believe that Kyuubi may have a weakness against the element of ice. But it is not yet confirmed."

The rest nodded. The discussion would have to continue but a sudden earthquake broke their tranquility.

"WARNING! The headquarter's front gate is under heavy damage. Warning! A huge pressure is detected. Alert Level B raised. Please evacuate the personnel." And amidst the confusion, the speakers blared to life and soldiers once again filled the room.

While the allied forces of UEG and the Scientists scowled in displeasure, Kyuubi's laughter could be heard as he teared through their walls and gates with great ease.

"Sir, we'll be escorting you back to Konoha." A soldier offered. But Itachi stopped them.

"We can't. We will hold the enemy here until we can come up of a plan to defend the survivors. Raise Alert Level A to all continents and gather all military units in this head quarters."

"Yes sir!" As the soldier left, the council members reacted.

"Itachi! Are you mad? We must flee..." Itachi turned to them, his red eyes already spinning.

"You will be evacuated. We will fight and defend this area until we can find the plan to pacify the Kyuubi."

Sasuke stared at his brother before agreeing.

"Aniki is right. We can't just run away."

Convinced, the elders and officials went to the rooftop to make their escape while the Kage and the scientist factions moved to the front gate.

However, as they entered the area, they can only stare at the sheer size of the creature before them. The horrifying sight is enough to leave them speechless and the creature before them laughed.

"Foolish mortals! Is this the limit of your power? I could annihilate this planet if I wanted to." He strike one tail and destroyed a building easily.

Itachi went forward and stared at the Kyuubi. "Yet you can't, right?" His eyes changed a shade of color before staring at the Kyuubi's fiery one.

The creature seemed to have frozen and looked in disbelief.

"What's this? A mere mortal?" He smirked. "Well, this might prove interesting."

The others just observed the proceeding with amazement. Perhaps Kyuubi isn't as invulnerable as they thought he is. Yondaime then bravely announced to the team.

"Everyone... I think I knew of a way... There's an ancient technology that I knew. I will return here. But right now please hold them off."

The others were skeptical at first. But they let him go. As his helicopter banished, an army of soldiers arrived.

"Sir, we have activated the chakra blanket you requested. We have also activated the MANA satellites."

"Good. Then we can finally start the battle."


In an unknown location....


A boy laid in space...disoriented...disconnected. Thoughts flooded his mind as he stared at the empty void that he's trapped in.

But amidst the darkness and vacuum that he's in... there's a light...a light that came to finally free him from the void.

"Sasuke?" was all he could say before a flash of light swallowed his body.


T O B E C O N T I N U E D . . . . . .