My words haunt me; haunt me to the point of pain. 'Thank you,' I told her. She yells her love for me and all I can muster is 'thank you'?! What kind of person— no, what kind of teammate — am I? A monster. That's the word the dobe would use.

Why would my words still bother me, after four years!? Idiotic feelings. Why feel for her of all people? That pinkette can care for herself. Damn, why don't I believe myself?

'Because she can't,'my inner put in. 'You— we — know it. We can't stand not knowing how she's been. Because she proved to us time and again that she really did love us.'

I growled. Inners always have to be right, don't they?

Still, even if I hated the fact that reason was still in me, I did wonder how she was. Did her deep green eyes get any deeper? Did her pink hair grow white, like that of her father? Did her voice, always sweet and gentle, change? I hope not.

Damn! I still remember her. I must cut off all ties to anyone, I must!

"…Dismissed!" Orochimaru said, snapping me out of my memeries.

I missed all the orders, just because someone thanked me! Hn…

I walked out of the bleak, colorless office. Someone, more of a thing, grabbed at my arm. I waved it off.

"Sasuke-kun…" Karin whined.

The way she said it reminded me of her. But she knew her place. Want as she might, she knew not to touch me. And when she did, it was save me from myself.

"Get off," I growled, turning to Suigetsu. "Suigetsu, what did Orochimaru say?"

The sea-blue headed man looked at me, a shocked expression adoring his face. "He said we were to go to Kohona. Kidnap a medical ninja. He didn't tell us her name; just that she had pink hair, green eyes and was known as 'The Village Blossom.'"

The Village Blossom… That can't be her, can it? But it was. I knew it. Kakashi, Naruto and even Tsunade called her that. Why would the snake want her?

My body froze as realized what Orochimaru wanted.

Team Hebi stopped with me. Only Juugo knew what was wrong— violent as he may be, he was sensitive.

"You know her," he said. It was more of a statement then a question, but I answered anyway.

"Yes…. A teammate… a very good one," a humorless chuckle escaped my lips. "She could never save herself; I would always have to do it for her. I know her weak points, she shouldn't be hard to get."

I said it because I wanted her near me. Idiotic emotions. Still, no matter how stupid, I would protect her.

I knew why: I lost her, and I want her back….

(Kohona, Sakura's POV)

Kami-sama, why am I not surprised? Naruto's going to be a daddy! Hinata's baby's daddy! Thank Kami he got the hint! I mean after more than five years, you'd think the hint would've been taken long ago! But, then again, it was Naruto. The same baka who still thinks I can't care for myself.

Hinata was blushing furiously and her hands were placed protectively over her abdomen. Naruto, against his nature, was smiling and blushing lightly. He hadn't spoken a word since he told me, his personal doctor, about the pregnancy. Unlike either of them, I was glowing.

I feel of brand new chakra was wonderful and refreshing. It was happy, that I could tell. The color of it felt yellow, so it would be a giddy little thing.

I smiled. "Hinata, you need your rest, c'mon, let's go," I said. It was almost midnight.

HInata nodded shyly and stood, her hands never leaving her belly. Her navy hair covered her milky eyes, but she didn't move her hands. It seemed to me that she feared that if she moved her hands, the baby would disappear.

I dragged her hair off her eyes and stood. Naruto stood behind, gently grabbing Hinata's waist and putting his arm over my shoulders.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto spoke, "where are you going after taking us home?"

"I was planning on working the night shift at the hospital." I mumbled.

For the past four years, there was always one day I could never sleep. Hate it as I do, everyone in the village knew why. Sasuke left today, four years ago, at midnight. Kami, I loathe remembering everything. I did—do—love him. Why did I have to be the one to fall for him? Because I love him, not his looks. Detached as he wanted to seem, I could see past it. Sasuke wasn't mean, just depressed; he wasn't uncaring, he just feared love. I understood.

"Oh," Naruto sighed. "You need to get over that teme…"

I sighed. "I know, I know."

The rest of the walk was quite, even if the apartment was only ten feet away. At the door I hugged both Hinata and Naruto and started to make my way to the second biggest building in Kohona.

Receptionist Shino wouldn't be surprised. She knew that on this day, every year, I would work the night shift. But she didn't know why. She's only ten, Tsunade's neice, and too young to remember the Uchiha clan. People say she's too young to work at a hospital but she's not.

Tsunade says I surpassed her in the medical training, but I know she's wrong. She has one thing I'm still missing—experience. Sure I know more about the medicine then her but….

Ah, well. The hospital was right up the street.

(Kohona gate, Sasuke's POV)

Wow… the gate's not even guarded well. Two sleeping ANBU were placed on the sides of the red gate, Wow…

I told my team to stay in the forest and wait, that this wouldn't be hard. Seeing these two lazy asses made me twice as sure. Hn… If I felt like it, I would slice them, but I didn't.

My eyes narrowed as I walked into my old 'home.' They didn't narrow in hatred, not this time. My eyes narrowed because I saw the bench I left her on exactly four years ago. Cold and hard was what it looked like. But I could've left her on the ground she stood on.

Farther up the main street were the two biggest building in the small village—the Hokage's office and the hospital. In front of them was a body bathing in the moonlight. Maybe that person knew where she was. The person trudged on, and I ran to him. To most people, I looked like a flash of blue, white and purple.

The closer I got, the more it seemed like I knew the person. The person had curves so it must be a woman. She jumped when I appeared in front of her. I saw her face, and I knew why she looked familiar. It was her.

Her hair was still pink, her eyes were the jade I remembered—and tried to forget. She'd grown. A lot. She was still shorter than me, but she'd grown in other ways. She'd developed. Her legs, exposed by the pale pink skirt, were long and creamy. Under the loose medical red shirt she had a chest—a chest that made the shirt not seem so loose.

Her eyes were wide with disbelief. Her plump pink lips moved, "S-Sasuke," they mouthed.

I smirk came to my lips. I knew it must've been evil-looking. She back away, scared. Her eyes said it all.

"Sakura," I hissed in a voice that usually made woman fall at my feet.

Her shocked expression changed. Anger was all over her beautiful, porcelain face. "Why you little…" she yelled, stepping closer in what seemed like a too close distance already. "Four years, Sasuke? Why the hell are you here?! Didn't the ANBU stop you?!"

I bent down to her height so I could stare into her green eyes. My raven bangs swung down to touch her face.

"Yes," I coldly started answering her questions, "for you, and no."

The pinkette blinked multiple times. Her eyes narrowed, she pulled closer to me, anger and misunderstanding in her eyes. "Liar," she said quietly. "Sasuke I never took you for a liar—guess we're all proven wrong some time in our lives." Her voice was still soft and gentle, but the words stung.

"I am not lieing," I hissed through clenched teeth.

She let out a mocking laugh. She was laughing at me! What happened to sweet little Sakura? I like this one better; she was bitter sweet and sassy… Wait, what the hell am I thinking? Stupid hormones…

"Sasuke," her voice was soft and curious, "why are you here?"

My breath hitched, Kami knows I hate repeating myself. "Orochimaru needs you."

"Sasuke, don't lie to me," Sakura said, her voice depressed. She looked into my eyes, shaking her porcelain head. Then, she walked around me, not looking back.

My nostrils faired and I could feel my eyes change color, onyx to red. I grabbed her wrist none too gently and pulled her back to me. Her back slammed into my chest.

"Either you come with me," I said with malice in my voice, "or I take you."

"Go ahead and try," she offered.

I smirked and turned her to see me. She looked me square in the eyes—bad choice Sakura—and fainted. My smirk deepened as I swung her over my shoulder. She weighed no more than a sack if tomatoes!

"My pleasure, blossom, my pleasure."

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