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/Sasuke POV/

The sun blazed high in the sky, generating the commotion going on as Sakura, Hinata, Kakashi, Naruto, Itachi, and I walked on. Ichiraku's was right up the block. Weightless glares were sent my way. Sakura's pale hand tightened around mine. She sent venomous glowers back at them, coming closer to me. So cute—she was trying to protect me. Over an hour, the world had turned upside-down, inside-out, and sideways. She was protecting me while I was just glad to be able to live another minute with her in my arms.

Naruto, too excited to walk on his feet, was upturned on his hands. His shirt fell over his head. He walked ahead of us, though hindered by his palms. "Tsunade's pissed!" he shouted. "She's gonna get the village pissed too! I wouldn't be surprised if the Uchihas ended up with the Elders' lifetime salary because of what they did!"

The Hyūga played with her fingers. "Naru-Naruto-kun, they-they're still in-in off-office. Don-don't talk like that."

Naruto turned the corner, followed by us a few seconds later. "Don't you worry, Hinata-chan! Tsunade-baa-chan'll just bail me out of jail if they put me in it!"

Sakura sighed, resting her free arm over Hinata's shoulders. "Naruto, she's right. I don't think she or the baby needs any added stress." Hn… Baby; the dobe was having kids before I was… Isn't that wonderful

"Sakura-chan has a point," Kakashi hummed.

I stood quite, staring at my Sakura's spring-green eyes. Those green orbs looked, somehow, belonging. Surrounded by all the green, she was…somewhat even more amazing. She looked the centerpiece on a Christmas dinner table—compared to her, everything looked shabby, but she tied it all together.

Sakura grinned. "As she always does," she muttered, then turned to Itachi, three steps behind us. "And you, mister! Those eyes of yours! I need fix them before they die out again. Really, Itachi-nii-san—"

"Did you just call me nii-san?" Itachi asked. Something about his voice reminded me of his smirk, as if there was a smirk in his voice.

I saw Sakura blush. "Well…" she hesitated. "No…" After a pause, she muttered under her breath, "Maybe…"

"Hai," my brother whispered. I smirked.

Sakura growled. "Anyhoo…back to the subject at hand. You need to stop using that kekkei-genkai of yours. Don't be a bad example for my Sasuke-kun."

Her Sasuke-kun… I'd bet she had no idea how good those two words made me feel. To be hers again was a feeling like no other.

"He's still doing that?" Naruto shouted from up front.


"Dead eyes!" the blonde sang. Sakura smiled.

/Uchiha Complex; Sakura's POV; later/

I waited until the lights were out in the guests' rooms and we were alone before asking the question that ate away at my brain cells. "Sasuke," I asked, staring at my image in the mirror. My cheeks were a bit hollowed, wider, but that could be later fixed.

"Hn?" Sasuke-kun called out from the bed he lay on.

"I've been wondering… What's going to happen to Jūgo? And Karin and that shark-toothed man? And the rest of them?"

Sasuke was quite for a long while. I pulled the brush from my hair and watched his expression in the mirror. He was composing his answer. His perfect brows creased. "I imagine they'll be fine for a few months. Then they'll start to wonder. Jūgo knows the way, so I imagine he, Karin, and Suigetsu will come. And by then, I'd have signed over Oto. Everyone else will probably go to jail."

That made sense. "Oh…" I put down the brush and climbed over to the bed. Huddled in his chest, I drifted to sleep, after telling him that I loved him.

In my dream, life was perfect. Everything was over. The politics, the complexity. It was just me and him, afloat Cloud Nine.

However, that would come in due time. For now, he had to survive the card dealt to us. We had to endure the chaos to come. But that was a story for another time…

/the end/


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