SasoDei – Sekkus Skato - Chapter 1

Meet Me Half Way


"Oh, you are going!! Be sure of that!!"


"That's the whole reason you're going to this school."


"Deidara. You are going, and you are going to get a nice girl friend while you're there. Okay?"


The women just rolled her eyes and continued to drive the car to the new school. Deidara puffed out his cheeks, knowing that no matter what he said his mother wouldn't turn the car around.

To sum the whole story up, Deidara was gay. He had been expelled from his last school when he had pushed a (straight) boy up against the wall and started to pash him. So now, his mother was sending him to a new school. But not just any school. Kunoichi College. Basically, a school for girls. And only girls.

His mother had persuaded the college to take Deidara in. Deidara wore the school uniform grudgingly.

He wore a light pink blouse which had long sleeve that ended in cuffs. His mother had switched the plain buttons with white dove buttons. They were cute, he loved birds. But the worst thing of all? HE HAD TO WEAR A SKIRT!!! AND NOT A LONG SKIRT EITHER!! IT WAS PRACTICALLY A MINI SKIRT!!! It was red with black diagonal lines and was cotton.

Deidara might be gay, but he was not the kind to cross dress!!

Deidara was 17 years old, turning 18 soon. He had long golden hair tied back in a messy pony tail, with a hair bang covering his left eye. His eyes were an icy blue and his lips were luscious. He wore white uggboots (the only thing he got too choose) and was staring out the window at the passing scenery.

"I don't want to go, un."

It was the kind of school where you got your own dorm and all that. He looked down to the dove buttons on his wrists. They shone in the sunlight.

"Ah, here it is!!"

Deidara looked out the window at a fancy building which was large with several stories. There was an oval which had a fence running through the centre. On the other side of the large mesh fence was an even larger oval and a building of equal spectacle, though there was quite a lot of graphite sprayed on it. Deidara realised that it wasn't graphite!! It was a complex painting!! It was like the splodges on your wall, stare long enough and you can work out little pictures within them. The car pulled into the parking lot of the clean building.

The car stopped and his mother got out.

"Come on, Dei."

Deidara didn't budge.

She sighed and opened his door. She grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of the car. Deidara struggled but was no match for a mother of 4. She practically dragged him into the building. They were greeted by the school principal.

"Greetings, I am Tsunade. Welcome to Kunoichi College."

Deidara's mother talked with the principal, holding tight onto his wrist so he couldn't bolt for the door.

Deidara was mumbling something about being 17 and being able to make his own life decisions.

"Thank you, Ma'am."

Deidara's mum let go of his wrist. He didn't bother to run away, where would he go?


"So Miss Iwa-"

"I'm a GUY, un!!!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes.

"Whatever Gay Boy, anyway, this is the cafeteria. This is the ladies toilets…Your lucky that we do have a small male's toilet here for special cases like yours."

Deidara brightened up.

"There are other guys here, un!?"


Deidara pouted. Dammit.

"Where is everyone?"

"Outside on the oval probably."

Deidara nodded.

She lead him up two flights of stairs and too a white door.

"And this is your room. I can assume you won't rape your room mate?"

Deidara snorted.

"As if I would, un!!"


She handed Deidara a key with a rose keychain which read '94'.

"You can go out to play after you unpack a bit. Dinner is at 7 sharp."

Deidara nodded and Tsunade left. He sighed and unlocked the door. He switched on the light and looked around. There were two single beds, one each side of the room. Both had pink sheets. Of course. Deidara took a random guess and put his suitcase on the bed which had a little Welcome card on it. Cute…Sorta…

The room was painted a dark blue, with one white wall. There was a small white stereo with an iPod dock. The iPod touch was on pause, on the screen was the Black Eyed Peas song 'Meet Me Half Way'.

He looked out at the window. He had a view of the oval. On one side of the fence were the girls. They wore the same uniform as Deidara did and seemed to be as far away from the fence as possible!! Except for one girl with blue hair, whom was chatting with a group of boys (who were on the other side of the fence)…Wait…BOYS!?!

Deidara exited the bedroom, making sure to lock the door and attach the keychain to his skirt with a safety pin attached to the key.

He explored the school, searching for a way to get outside. SUCCESS!! He went out the large set of doors, greeted by a cool wind hitting his face. He looked around the lush lawn. Some girls had stopped playing and were looking at him. He ignored them and started for the blue haired girl.

Some of the girls were calling him over but he ignored them. Stupid girls, didn't know a guy when they saw one!!

He noticed that some of the guys beyond the fence had noticed him. He saw one with orange hair speak to the girl. She turned around and looked at Deidara.

"Hey!! You new?" She then seemed to notice the rose key chain. "Hey!! You're my new room mate!!"

Deidara walked up to the fence, giving the girl a smile. She seemed nice enough. He then looked at the guys. There were 7 of them. Well, there were more. Everyone beyond the fence was a guy. They wore long black pants and red shirts.

"Hey Girly, what's your fucking name?"

Deidara glared at the silver haired boy.

"I'm a GUY, un!! And it's Deidara."

They all stared at him.

"Wait…YOU'RE A GUY!?!"

Deidara glared.

"Yes I am, un."

One whom wore a mask stepped forward.

"I'm Kakuzu. So what are you doing in the girl's school…And wearing a skirt?"

Deidara pouted.

"I'm gay, so mum sent me here to try and straighten me out, un."

"Ouch. Harsh mum but I don't think putting you in a skirt was the best option. My mum doesn't care that I'm gay."

Deidara blinked at the boys.

"You're gay?"

"All of us are!! Well, except Pein." The blue skinned boy pointed to the orange haired one.

"I'm Pein. Allow me to introduce you to the group, Deidara. That's Kakuzu, as you already know. That's Itachi. That's Kisame. That's Tob-"


There was a long silence. A cricket could be heard chirping in the distance.

"…Yes…Anyway, that's Zetsu. And that's Hidan. I wonder if Sa-"

"Do you have art, un?" If it has both Gay (hot) boys and art, then I'm so going to commit homicide, un.

"Na. We do sport instead. It's your school that has art." PHEW!!!

"Oh, un…Then how-"

"Attention." The intercom spoke out. "All girls whom wish to partake in art today please make your way to the Art room. That is all."

"ART IS A BANG, UN!!" They all blinked at him. He blushed from embarrassment. "Sorry, un…Habit…"

"…Sasori would just hate you…"

Deidara quirked an eyebrow.

"Sasori? Sounds like a bastard, un!!"

"Yeah, he is, but a Sexy Bastard none the less."

"Well, Deidara, you wanna go to art?"


"Cya sweetie!!" Konan waved goodbye to her boy friend and started towards the building. Deidara waved back at them and followed after Konan.


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