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I'd never given much thought to how I would die, although I certainly had enough reason to over the past year. My life had often hovered on the brink of death, but that had never mattered.

All I had focused on was the possibility of spending eternity with Edward. That thought, that hope, had consumed everything else.

That's why I had been confident when the Cullens went to battle, knowing that everything would soon be over.

That confidence, possessed by both the Cullens and I, had been our downfall.

I began to struggle uselessly against my restraints, though I knew that there was no point in fighting.

We'd lost the battle. I had lost everyone that I had ever loved.

There was nothing to live for anymore.

I never wanted to be the last soldier alive after a war. But here I was, isolated, and alone.

I couldn't take it anymore; I was falling into a black hole of despair and grief. I knew that I'd never break out of it, not after what had happened.

The last soldier surrendered; I had finally given up.

"Kill me! Just kill me!" I screamed into the darkness, tears of grief streaming down my face.

The response was a ghostly chuckle, and I caught a glint of Victoria's hair in the moonlight as she sauntered forward to kill me.

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