The beat that my heart skipped

My Darling Nicholas,
It was Tuesday when I first saw you. You were standing there with your hands in your pockets and laughing as your friend told a joke. You were waiting in line to go on a scary ride at the theme park, and my friends and I were just behind you. You had straightened your hair that morning I found out later, and your blue eyes flecked with green darted about in the sun. It was our turn, but the man said two of us were to stay behind. I hadn't wanted to go, so I hung back as my friends went in, and seeing me, you hung back as well. A minute later, and it was our turn to go in on our own and the first thing I said to you was 'I get scared, so please protect me'. You smiled and I felt your hand wrap around mine in the complete darkness, and for the first time in God knows how long, I remembered feeling safe. Like no one could hurt me because you were there. After a while, we were near the end, but instead of leaving, you grabbed my hand and pulled me into a corner. The next thing I felt were your lips on mine and your arms around my waist. Too soon, you pulled back and smiled at me. We walked out and pulling a pen out of your pocket, you scribbled your number on my hand in barely legible writing with the name Nick underneath. When I got home, I memorized that number- 07372964183. I've never forgotten it, not even when you changed your phone. And it's stuck with me all my life, even now, as I'm dying, that number is all I think about.
-Your Alexis
P.S. This isn't the only letter. I've hidden them all around, and you'll never find them all. But, this is what I want you to do; I want you to go and get as many as you can and do exactly what they say. You may think you've finally got rid of me, but trust me; this is just the start honey.

Nicholas felt a tear in his eye as he thought about Alex. She had passed away about a month ago and she was all he could think about. All he ever could think about. And as he sat and read the letter over and over again, tears slipping down his face, he realised she was all he ever wanted. Oh, and that he'd never EVER forgive himself for crashing that car when she was inside.

A.N. Ok, new story. I guess the idea is kind of like P.S. I love you, but when you read the letters they're all completely different and make a story of their own. I hope you like it, and REVIEW. Um, I know it's short but it was really quick, and after this I think I'll have a minimum word count of 750 or something. It doesn't have that much of a plot, just stories that sometimes link up. And, for once, there's not as much as dialogue, so that should be interesting.
Oh, and for the people who read The Lyrics of My Life, the next episode will be out soon, you just need to comment for me to put it up.