Sharpay Evans answered her front door in response to the ringing doorbell, revealing her boyfriend, Troy Bolton. Even since Gabriella Montez, Sharpay's worst enemy and the past girlfriend of Troy, had moved away during Christmas vacation, Sharpay had gotten Troy all to herself.

Troy entered the Evans' house and greeted his girlfriend with a brief kiss. Nothing like the hello kisses he used to give Gabriella. The kisses he and Gabriella shared were always at least thirty seconds. That's one thing he missed about his ex-girlfriend.

Sharpay dragged Troy up to her room to look at her spring break wardrobe. Yes, that's right, she had an outfit for each of the six remaining spring break days left. The current day was the first day of the break, making seven vacation days in total.

Troy looked at the flashy, skimpy clothing with little interest. With Gabriella, he would never do stuff like look at a bunch of super short mini skirts and strapless tops; he would spend some time cuddling with her in the hammock she had in her backyard, enjoying the sunshine and the gentle breezes that blew through. It was rare that even one word would pass between them during that time; they preferred silent communication through sweet kisses, gentle nose rubs, and tender embraces.

Sharpay finally, after what seemed to Troy like hours, put her clothes back in her closet. "Come on," she spoke. "Let's go. Today I need you to drive me to the hair salon to get my hair colored again-I know, not being naturally blonde is horrible-then to the nail salon so I can get this hideous chipped nail polish removed and more put on, then back to your house so you can get ready for our dinner date tonight." Ever since Sharpay's car broke, she had begun to treat Troy like her chauffer rather than her boyfriend.

Troy sighed. He had really wanted to be at the airport to greet Gabriella when she came off the plane for her spring break visit to Albuquerque. Even though he had broken off their relationship a few months ago due to the fact that he didn't think he could handle having a long-distance girlfriend, he and Gabriella were still very good friends. "But Gabriella-"

"Don't mention that girl to me. Who cares if she's coming back today? You're with me now, remember? The past is the past. Forget the dark times when she was all you had. Bring yourself into the light. Concentrate on what our future looks like together." As Sharpay drabbled on in an overly dramatic voice, she stared at Troy intently.

"Sharpay. We're still friends. I mean, I love you-I love you a lot-but Gabriella and I will always be close to each other; you need to try to accept that, okay?"

"Aw," Sharpay squealed with a flirty smile, "I love you, too!"

Gabriella approached the Boltons' front door and rang the doorbell. Just half an hour ago, she and her mother, Maria, had gotten settled into the hotel they were to stay at. At the present time, Gabriella was in a hurry to get to Troy's door; she considered him her best friend-and also her crush. She had been thrilled that when Troy broke up with her, he had still wanted to remain friends.

Lucille, Troy's mother, opened the door. "Hi, Gabriella," she smiled. "It's good to see you back in Albuquerque. Troy's upstairs with Sharpay getting ready to go out to dinner. You can come in if you want."

Gabriella didn't move or speak. She was afraid that if she did either, she would allow the tears of hurt that were building up in her eyes to freely flow down her cheeks. Troy had never said anything about dating Sharpay. And now they were upstairs doing who knows what. Probably not getting ready for dinner, though.

"Gabriella," Lucille began. "Are you alright?"

Gabriella nodded slightly and turned her brown eyes away from her friend's mother. She then responded to the invite to enter the house. "No, thanks. I'll just catch up with him later," she mumbled. "Anyway, it was nice seeing you again."

"Alright. Well come back anytime. It was nice seeing you, too. Bye." Lucille closed the door.

Gabriella hurried away from the Bolton house. She didn't want to be anywhere near Troy at the time. He had greatly disappointed her. Why couldn't he just have mentioned that he was dating Sharpay? They had never kept secrets from each other before. Why was he suddenly starting then?

Troy and Sharpay walked down the stairs, holding each other's hands. They were ready to go out for their dinner, which Sharpay had insisted be at a fancy restaurant. She never seemed to be able to deal with average things. Because in her opinion, she wasn't average.

"Are you two leaving now?" Jack, Troy's father, asked as he rose from his seat on the living room sofa.

"Yeah, we're going," Troy replied without enthusiasm.

"Okay; have fun. And just to tell you, your mother told me that Gabriella dropped by not too long ago. Maybe tomorrow you'll need to catch up with her and hang out-or give her a call tonight. She apparently seemed a bit upset that you were getting ready to leave when she came."

A rush of guilt swept over Troy. He had never wanted to hurt his best friend like that. He would have spoken to her if she had came inside his house. He would've even postponed his date with Sharpay until a later night. However, he needed to try to hide his feelings in front of his girlfriend, so he responded with, "Alright. I'll do that."

Gabriella was sitting in the grass of the McKessie family's front yard with her friend Taylor. After leaving Troy's house, she had decided to go see if any of her other friends were available.

"I can't believe Troy never told you he was with Sharpay," Taylor remarked. "Everyone at school knew about it and stuff; he told me, Chad, Zeke, Jason, Kelsi, Martha." Taylor listed several people Troy knew.

"Maybe he doesn't want our friendship to be as strong as before," Gabriella suggested hesitantly. "Though I was really hoping we would stay close to one another. He supported me with whatever choices I made, he talked me though rough times. I just can't believe him."

"That's what Sharpay can do to people. She makes them just like her. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Troy came to school in a brand new Porsche and walked down the halls in a designer suit. It seems like something Sharpay would do to him-buy him expensive things so he can be more like her."

"Is he really changing that much?" Gabriella wondered, slightly afraid of what Taylor's response might be.

"Sort of. Since he broke up with you, he's become well....just not himself. A couple times I've heard him telling Chad that he wishes he never got together with Sharpay. I think she's stressing him out a little."

"Do you think he still likes me?"

"It's hard to tell. He never acts like he does, but the whole dating Sharpay thing could be his way of distracting himself from you not being with him anymore and hiding his feelings about it from everyone."

"I think it's kind of an odd way to cover up feelings," Gabriella remarked. "It sounds like dating Sharpay is just making him feel worse."

"Troy, now remember, you're spending the night at my place tonight," Sharpay told her boyfriend as she walked with him through the door of his house. "So get whatever you need to bring and please-hurry. The sooner we get there, the better."

"I never agreed to spend the night at your house," Troy protested, trying to stay calm.

"Oh, well you're staying there now. I already talked to my parents about it and they agreed to leave the house so we could be alone. Come on; you'll have a great time!"

"But I was thinking of seeing if Gabriella wanted to spend the night at my house." Troy and Gabriella, when Gabriella still lived in Albuquerque, had always had sleepovers with each other. Troy's house had a spare room, so after talking for half the night and watching movies, Gabriella would go into the spare room while Troy would go off to his room. Then, in the morning, they would get ready and spend the entire day together.

Sharpay screamed! "Ew! Gross, gross, gross! You would really cheat on me? You''re...."

"Sharpay, relax. It's not what you think of as spending the night. We sleep in separate rooms. Even when we were dating we would do that. Calm down. There's nothing going on between me and her."

Sharpay took a deep breath. "Okay, okay. I'm calm now."

"Good. I'm glad you understand. Now how about we go out to my car and I give you a ride home?"

"But you need to get your things for sleeping over at my house, Troy. You can't sleep over without stuff to bring with you. And just standing here talking is a waste of time. Go. Now. Get your things and then come back down here."

"I'm not spending the night with you. I'm not ready to. I don't feel comfortable doing it."

"But you spent the night with Gabriella before, apparently."

"Gabriella was content with just talking, watching movies, and sleeping in separate rooms. You won't be content with that. You'll want more, and I don't want to give you what you want now. Maybe in a little while, after we get to know one another better. But not now."

"What? You're not ready? Troy, I don't know what's wrong with you! I've been waiting for the day I could sleep with you since before we started dating!"

"I'm sure you have been. But I'm only a junior in high school. I want to wait until I graduate-or am at least a senior-to do anything like that."

"Troy, I don't understand you."

"I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry." Sharpay's apology sounded false.

Troy rolled his eyes. Even though Sharpay was his girlfriend, he still got annoyed with her at times, though he trusted that they could make it through whatever they needed to. He had to believe that, because when he had tried it with Gabriella, he had failed; he didn't want to fail at it again. However, sometimes he couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he had never left Gabriella. Sometimes he felt the regret pull at him until he couldn't stand it anymore. Sometimes he scolded himself for being stupid enough to not try a long-distance relationship. He had really cared about Gabriella, but had felt that not being able to see his girlfriend, to kiss her, to hug her, would just bring him lots of pain. Not being able to see his best friend had seemed a bit milder on him. But at the current time, he just wished more than he had ever wished before that Gabriella was still his.

I'm on spring break right now, and I just got this story idea. It's not going to be a long story, maybe just 5-7 chapters. And trust me, I HATED writing the Troypay parts. LOL.