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Chapter 1


One day in the village hidden in the leaves, people were all screaming and shouting. There was a demon and it was attacking everything.

"We have to hold off the demon until the 4th Hokage can get here!!" one of the men shouted.

"Aaaahhhhh!!!" they all shouted and ran after the demon.

Finally after fighting for 30 min. the 4th Hokage finally made it. He sacrificed his life to save the people of the village. He sealed the demon inside an orphaned boy, known as Naruto Uzamaki.


"Come on guys!! We're going to be late!!" Kakashi yelled to his students.

"We're waiting on Naruto to get here!!" said an angry Sakura.

"He's so pathetic." Sasuke said.

"I'm here!! What are we doing today??" asked Naruto.

"Naruto!! You're late. Now we are going to be late for our mission." Sakura yelled. "Right Sasuke?" she said sweeter.

"Whatever." was all he said.

"Come on guys. On with the mission!!" Kakashi said.

2 hrs. later:

Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi were all walking back to the Leaf Village from their mission.

"Woo Hoo!!" Naruto shouted. "Time for some ramen!!" Naruto shouted.

"How can you have so much energy?" Sakura asked Naruto at the same time he started shouting, "Ramen, ramen, ramen!!"

"I don't think he heard you, Sakura." Kakashi said.

"Anytime he gets to have ramen he is like this." someone said.

Everyone turned around to see who the newcomer was and it was Iruka sensei.

As soon as Naruto saw him, he shouted, "Iruka sensei!!" and jumped at him and gave him a hug." Do you wanna have some ramen with me??"

"Sure Naruto. Why not." he said.

"See you guys later!!" Naruto shouted and dragged Iruka to Ichiraku's Ramen.