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Aeris whimpered as Hojo came striding into her cramped cell, clutching a small test tube of a foul smelling liquid. He grinned as he saw the fear in Aeris's eyes and hovered over her trembling body.

'Get up'

Aeris curled up tighter on the floor and shook her head.


Aeris again shook her head. Hojo growled and grabbed her auburn hair, pulling her to her feet. Aeris screamed in agony and clutched her head as her fell down. She watched a small orb that had been placed on her ribbon bounce off, desperate not to let Hojo see it, She clamped her mouth shut. Hojo came closer, holding the precious beaker close to her face. He clasped her throat tightly, choking her. Aeris opened her mouth desperately, trying to breathe, and gagged as Hojo shoved the liquid into her mouth. She gasped and fell to the floor in agony, her body writhing, as her eyes rolled back into her head. Hojo, not looking the least surprised, nodded and took everything down on a small charter. Aeris gasped for breath, the liquid burning her insides as she felt it making it's way down toward her stomach. She blinked back tears as she looked into Hojo's eyes pleadingly, but her look was returned with one of amusement, and excitement…

**************************************************************************** ********************************************

Cloud stood straight and proud as Mr. Shinra pinned a medal onto his SOLIDER uniform. He smiled as he shook hands with the president. And saluted as he walked of to his private jet, hopping on and disappearing. Cloud grinned as he looked down at his uniform, watching his medal catch the sun, and ran into the dormitories, hardly able to contain his excitement, A General…. wow…the boys are gonna be pissed off!! Cloud thought to himself gleefully. Running into the common room. He smiled pityingly at the others.

'Jesus Christ guys, show a GENERAL a bit of respect!!!!'

Cloud's words made everyone snap their heads to his chest, which he stuck out, proudly.


'Fuckin hell, man YOU were made a GENERAL???'

Vinnie (hmmm…. Vinnie, Vincent???) his roommate stood up slowly, on sick leave, recovering from an injury he had obtained a couple of weeks ago, and limped toward Cloud. When he reached Clouds face he smiled and threw his arms around him.

'Well Done Cloud'

Cloud let go of Vinnie and smiled at him.

'My first mission is on Monday, I have no idea what it's for…'

'You'll be great, Cloud you're the Fuckin prodigy of the group'

**************************************************************************** ********************************************

Aeris wiped the tears from her face and crawled over to the small bed and reached underneath it. Grabbing the small orb, she sighed, relieved and tied it back into her hair, using the ribbon. Struggling to get herself kneeling, she bowed her head and put her hands together, in prayer. Sighing a couple of minutes later, she collapsed onto the bed, not able to fall asleep. She could never fall asleep, always on her guard. She knew Hojo better that she thought he did, she knew he would come creeping at Night, hoping to catch her off guard, for more experiments, or worse…

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