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Keeping his eyes on the road, Vin absent-mindedly began humming a song Aeris knew very well…

'Never made it as a wise man, couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing'

Vin turned to Aeris and grinned. Blushing, she looked away quickly. Kalm began to come into view slowly, and Aeris sighed with relief. As the car pulled into a grassy area, she hopped out as Vin turned the engine off. He hopped out after her and nodded toward the inn.

'Don't know about you, but I'm Fuckin knackered'

Aeris blinked, surprised at his vulgar vocabulary, but quickly recovered. She nodded slowly and watched as he painfully limped toward the inn.

'Want a hand?'

Vin shook his head violently, as if the idea of a girl helping him was too much. When they got to the inn, he managed to hold the door open for her as she walked in and up to the desk. The blond haired receptionist smiled at them.

'We gotta cute honeymoon suite, if you wanna have it'

Vin threw back his head and laughed.

'Nah, separate rooms…she's my sister'

The receptionist looked from Aeris to Vinnie.

'Ok, separate rooms…you two look nothin alike'

Vin grinned.

'Aww, you broke my heart...You mean I'm not that pretty?'

Aeris blushed and looked away. The receptionist blinked; surprised he was flirting with his 'sister'

'Ah, good night…Vin'

'Nighty nighty…Aeris'


Cloud swung his sword violently at the SOLDER He leapt back, surprised. Cloud took this opportunity to edge closer to the bikes. Another SOLDER flung himself at Cloud, but a swift leap to the side and a whirl of his blade saved him. He was now close enough to hop onto one of the bikes. He climbed onto the seat and gunned the engine. Swiftly weaving through the SOLDERS he leapt through the garage door, and found himself being chased by two other bikes. Taking out his buster blade, he stuck to the left and right, keeping the SOLDERS at a safe distance. One came too close and Cloud struck him hard. The other SOLDERS bike got caught in the injured SOLDERS bike, and sent him flying through the air. Cloud closed his eyes as his bike whined going over the body.

'No way I coulda avoided that' He spoke to himself.

He turned the bike in the direction of the highway out of Midgar, and onto Kalm..


Aeris let her hair down and placed the white orb onto her dresser. Gliding a brush through her hair gently, she found her eyes beginning to close and the voices of the planet filled her mind

Time shall tell a bitter tale,

To save our fate, and if thy fail,

Our torch, is yours to hold it high,

Spirits shall moan if the planet shall die

Aeris screamed and gasped as tears streamed through her eyes. She dropped to the floor, shaking. Her mother's voice, her blood mother had spoken to her. Vin came rushing in from the adjoining bathroom dripping wet and a towel wrapped hastily around his lower half. He dropped to eye level on the floor and looked at her.

'Aeris? What happened?'

Aeris let out a sob. Vin put his arm around her and pulled her onto his lap, absent-mindedly stroking her hair.

'My..Mother, she…she…told me…the planets in…trouble'

Vin pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. Those eyes, she thought to herself… feels like he can see into my soul…

'How did your mother tell you that?'

Aeris looked at Vin's innocent face.

'My mother is dead…my real mother.'

'How can she talk to you?'

Aeris sighed. She was going to have to explain this all again…


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