Note: I can't tell you when updates will show up, I forced myself to write this one just to keep my mind busy. My beautiful Fahrenheit, my precious mate for 17 years, half of my heart, is gone. And I had to be the one to make the decision to put her down because she couldn't be saved from the equine shit that killed her in less than 24 hours. It means nothing to anyone, but I'll never get over losing her. I have to learn how to be myself without her now. Sorry, I didn't mean to rant, I just wanted you to know why updates may be sporadic, or my chapters weird... bear with me for a while, I'll be able to bury the pain at some point and get back to my own normality.

I called the prosecutor. He knew more than anyone about the Keehls, and whatever information he had, I would make sure he would share it with me. Okay, part of me didn't even believe in that plan, but that was all I had at the moment, and I needed to do something, I couldn't just wait for things to happen, because I was sure as hell that they wouldn't be pretty.

He turned me down at first, which I expected, but eight calls and a threat to come to his office no matter if I had an appointment or not and yell my lungs out in front of his door finally convinced him. Even the barrier of his secretary wasn't enough at each call I made. I smirked when I heard him sigh as I was hanging up the phone. I wouldn't have to resort to bringing my mum and her killer punch with me.

"You really expect me to disclose such confidential information? Mail... I have let you come in hopes that I could put some sense into your head because I know how hard headed you've been until now and there was nothing that would have prevented you to come and find me here, but once again, please give it up. You're going nowhere except rushing headlong to a disaster..."
I stayed silent. He knew full well that his his little speech had no effect on me. I knew it was the Mafia, it had sunk completely by now and even if I knew that it was mostly because I never had a glimpse of what it really implied that I wasn't as scared as I should be, I wasn't so sure that I would back off even getting said glimpse. I'd be scared, most certainly, but I wouldn't back off.

He shook his head.
"Mail... I know how you feel, but do not even start to think that you stand a chance against them. Their situation is precarious in the sense that Mihael was the rightful heir, and is unlikely to take the spot by himself. Mr Keehl still had hopes about that, but his own father being now aware of Mihael's sexual orientation reduces these hopes to nothing. And I have a feeling that even without all of this, Mihael would never have accepted anyway, but we're past that point. What you have to know is that as long as Mihael doesn't know, he's safe, sort of. You are too, as long as they believe you ignore everything about their position as well. Should you try anything, you'd be discovered and things would go downhill pretty quickly."
"So you're telling me that I just sit and wait and things will get better?" I wasn't stupid, I knew that it wasn't as simple as the prosecutor was trying to make me believe, "Mihael knows that they're hiding something, and it's only a matter of time before he knows, even if I shut up about it. They want something from him, and if they're being that insistent, I don't think they'll suddenly change their mind and go back to Germany."
"What are you saying, they're being insistent? Don't tell me they're back?" the prosecutor seemed genuinely surprised, and I knew that I had marked a point, even if he suddenly looked really worried.

He stood up, gestured at me to wait where I was and left the office, his cellphone to his ear, waiting for his call to reach his interlocutor.
I had made some progress obviously, but his reaction fuelled the stress building up in my stomach, and when he came back, looking even more anxious than before he left the room, I was on the edge of my seat, my eyes pleading him to explain.

"We have a problem. Go back home, stay with your family, make sure your parents don't have to go anywhere in the next hours. Just stay home, do you understand? No more games and whims, you and your parents don't go anywhere. Is that clear?"
I stared at him, quite taken aback, his worry being contagious.
"IS THAT CLEAR?"' he almost yelled, taking my shoulders and forcing me up.
"Yeah... yes." I forced out, shocked by the sudden change in his usual calm and collected behaviour. It was so out of character that I was really scared now, sensing shit ready to hit the fan and not knowing what it was all about. But it must be bad...
"And Mihael?" I asked as he opened the way out of his office.
"The lawyer is on his way and I've asked for more men there."
I didn't know if I should feel reassured that Mihael was well guarded, or scared shitless that he was obviously in danger...

He pushed me outside of the building and watched me drive away.
Once home, I texted him that my parents were there too and confirmed that they got the warning. My father frowned but said nothing, but he unconsciously brought my mum closer as they sat on the couch. I was like a lion in a cage, the worst being that we knew nothing. We were forced to stay safe here but we didn't even know the reason why.
I was itching to drive to the hospital but I knew that this time I had to keep my word and not make any problems.

I saw the lawyer arrive as I thought Mail would be here anytime, and felt quite disappointed, but mostly surprised. I had no appointment with him.
He just greeted me and I saw him sit on one of the chairs along the wall of my room, outside, as he closed the door on him, not even leaving me room to question his presence here. The room I was in was one of surveillance, where a window gives on the corridor, so they could have an eye on me when I was unconscious. Now the blinds were closed most of the time, but I still could distinguish forms in the back-lightning.
A little later two other persons arrived and considering their stature and how they sat beside the lawyer, they were something along the lines of cops or bodyguards. The lawyer soon came back in my room and it was obvious that he was gauging what to tell me, his smile nervous and his eyes slightly elusive.
"Go straight to the point." I sighed, feeling a headache start from straining my neck for too long to look by the corridor's window.

"Don't worry, it's just safety measures, nothing to worry about." he lied.
"Yeah, of course, I get your visit and two guarding dogs but there's nothing to worry about." I stared at him, trying to catch an emotion that would betray him but he only smiled apologetically.
"I'm sorry, I know what it looks like but really, that's only prevention and-"
"And you think I'll buy this without questioning. Even in my state, I can't possibly look that dumb, can I?" I spat, more venomous than I intended to be but I was worried, "Where is Mail?"
"He's okay, don't worry. He's at home with his parents, there's nothing to fear."
I chuckled bitterly. "For a lawyer you're being pretty bad at handling this. How do you know where he is and with whom except if someone made sure of this?"
The lawyer laughed softly. "Looks like a career is on its way, Sherlock."
He was about to say something when his cell phone rang.
From his frown, I knew that it didn't bode well. I hated to be left out of it though, I needed to know.

"Will you tell me what's going on for fuck's sake?" I groaned, frustrated, as he hung up.
"Your parents are coming to see you."
"What? What can they possibly want? I don't want to see them, I thought I had made it clear with them the last time. Tell them to fuck off, I don't want to see them."
"I think you should at least hear them, even if you don't want to talk to them." the lawyer insisted.
"Why? You know why, right?" That was getting ridiculous, my parents were keeping secrets, the lawyer was keeping secrets, when would someone say something?
"I know... but they have to be the ones to tell you, that's not my role."

He left quickly before I could question him further, but nothing made sense at that moment and it was exhausting. That's when I realised that I had no way to contact anyone, no cell phone – it had been reduced to pieces in the accident – not even a regular phone in my room.
I called for a nurse with the remote beside my bed.

The ponytail nurse arrived a few minutes later, smiling a big smile as usual.
"What's up sweetie? I hope it's not for a bandage change!" she threw at me playfully before seeing my worried face.
"I need to make a call." I told her.
"Oh. Well, let me go grab one, I won't be long." She was already turning around when I called her back.
"Please, I don't have time. Can I borrow yours? Please..."
She didn't even question me and handed me her cell phone out from the front pocket of her white blouse, seeing as I was really nervous.
"I'm gonna need your help." I grimaced, unable to hold it or even dial the number with my broken bones.
"Nothing too bad I hope?" she enquired as I gave her Mail's number by heart.
"I have no idea..." I whispered, waiting for him to pick up the call as she held it against my ear. It barely rang once that he was already talking to me.

"Mihael? Are you okay?" Mail asked immediately, and I could hear that he was anxious.
"Yes, I'm fine, even if I don't know what's going on..."
"I have no idea either... but I'm sure it's nothing." Mail tried to reassure me but I could hear the uncertainty in his voice.
"Not you Mail... please you, at least, don't lie to me..." I felt tears sting my eyes. I knew that he was only trying to make me feel better, but knowing that I was guarded, that my parents were coming to see me, and that Mail was at home with his parents although he was supposed to be visiting me so someone had to have made sure of that, it was just too much. Things kept on piling up and no answer came my way, and from the look of things, there was danger somewhere.
"I'm sorry... I don't know anything, I've just been asked to stay home... I wish I could come to see you, but probably later I guess, don't worry-"
"My parents are coming." I knew he could do nothing for me at that point, but still, I needed him to know. I just felt better when he'd at least share my sorrow with me, even from a distance.
"What? What do they want?" his voice turned from anxious to properly angry.
"The lawyer said they have something to tell me, something that he knows but can't tell me himself... Mail..." I was really crying now, "I'm tired of this, why is no one telling me what's going on? What's up with my parents that they try to hide everything from me?"

Mihael was sobbing on the other end of the line and I just didn't care anymore for protection or whatever. I grabbed my car keys and left the apartment, still talking to him, pushing my mum aside as gently as I could when she tried to prevent me from leaving.
"Don't try to stop me!" I shouted, my own tears threatening to fall from the worry, the fear, and the sorrow my loved one was oozing on the phone. I could feel how exhausted he was of this, and I felt the same. I didn't know what I could do for him but being beside him was at least something I could do.
"I'll be right there Mihael." I hung up, reaching for the stairs. But my father stopped me, grabbing my arm.
"Mail, you stay here." he said firmly. Seeing as I tried to free myself from his hold, he gripped me tighter and pulled me toward the door of the apartment, my mum waiting in the doorframe, crying.
"LET ME GO!" I screamed, pulling backward and almost falling when my arm slid out of his grasp.
My father looked at me, and I knew he was being dead serious, and I usually didn't even try to argue when he had that look on, but I was past caring right at that moment.
"Mail, don't make me repeat myself. Go inside." his tone was low and full of contained rage, but weirdly, he didn't scare me this time. I made a step in direction of the stairs and suddenly felt him yank me violently backwards, more than I would ever have expected him to in all my life. I turned around, his strong fingers still imprinting a bruise on my upper arm, a rage building up inside of me, a feral instinct taking over me as I raised my fist.

It happened fast. My fist almost connected with its target when my father let go of my other arm, and stopped my knuckles a mere butterfly wing from his face, my mum's voice letting a strangled cry out in the background. I saw his expression go from shock to something else I didn't place as he took a step backward to keep his balance, and then I was pulled in his arms.
He held me tight, whispering in my ear, his voice trembling: "Kiss your mum goodbye and go, son."
He let go of me and I looked at him puzzled, hugging my mother who was still crying. Then I left. There was pride in his eyes.