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Note: This is a sequel, though one could probably read and comprehend without knowing "A Wicked Week". You just won't get all the inside references.

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Try To Remember

Stepping into the hotel Scorpius Malfoy just wanted a hot shower and a hammer to knock himself out with. Ignoring the voices of his parents and grandparents Scorpius could only hope the weekend came to a close sooner rather than later. Just two more days and then he could go home, jump Al, and forget all about this so called 'vacation' he was on.

Of course things would be that much worse if his lover were here, Scorpius thought darkly, missing the idiot more than he liked to admit. Things never went well for him when his family and Al were in the same room, even after the decade he and Al had been together. So he was stuck keeping them apart as much as possible, hence the vacation apart to keep the peace.

Right now his man was probably finishing up his work, getting ready to head back to their townhouse. He'd probably get take out and pig out on something fried or fattening, showing absolutely no regard for his health, and completely ignoring the dishes in their freezer that he could thaw out and have instead. If it weren't for the fact that they had an elf come in every week the place would probably be a sty too. He damn well better be being missed too, Scorpius thought broodingly, jealous as hell that Albus was no doubt going to have a much better weekend than him. If his grandfather mentioned once more that it was his duty to carry on the Malfoy line he was going to kill someone.

"Mr. Malfoy?"

The three generations of Malfoys turned their heads, looking at the manager of the hotel questioningly, all three thinking the man was dim not to have stated more clearly his intended.

The manager held out an envelope in Scorpius's direction. "This letter arrived for you, Sir, by emergency mail. It's from a Mrs. Ginny Potter."

Everything in Scorpius went cold. It was as if all the air just left his lungs as his heart stopped. In some part of his brain he knew he was supposed to take the letter, but he couldn't seem to bring himself to do it. Because in his mind, there was only one reason Al's mother would be sending him an emergency letter.

Something had happened to Al.

Obviously thinking the same thing Lucius's lips curved into the hint of a smile. "Here's hoping he got himself blown up like his grandfather." The head of the Malfoy family murmured under his breath.

But his daughter in law heard him. Whirling around Astoria shocked everyone by backhanding her father in law across the face as hard as she could. "How dare you." She hissed, her dark eyes alight with fury. If her son hadn't needed her, she would have done worse. But he did, she thought as she gave the shocked man her back, ignoring too her husband's outraged expression.

Walking over to stand at her son's side Astoria took the letter from the manager and quickly ripped it open to get at the contents. Unfolding the single sheet of parchment she quickly began to read its contents. Since the first part began with a reassurance, Astoria passed that on before continuing to read. "He's all right, Scorpius. Albus is going to be fine."

The air returning to his lungs Scorpius gulped it down quickly, his eyes zooming in on his mother. "What happened?" He asked, his voice thick with restrained emotion.

Having just finished the rest of it Astoria's eyes were direct as she met his searching gaze. "He was on a mission, and the wizard they caught was improperly restrained. He broke free, grabbed the wand of another Auror, and took a shot at a civilian who was there at the time. Al pushed her out of the way and when he hit the ground his head struck a rock. He seemed fine but when he passed out they took him to St Mungo just in case. When he woke up… he apparently has amnesia, sweetie. He doesn't remember anyone according to Mrs. Potter. The healers decided that since the problem isn't magical it's best to see if his memories come back on their own rather than risk doing more damage by using magic. They-his parents, have taken him home with them and she says not to worry, that they'll take care of him until you get back. The healers are sure he'll be back to himself within a few days. She just didn't want to chance you reading about it in the paper."

"I'm going home now."

"But he's-."

The look on Scorpius's face killed the words in Draco's throat. Wisely he shut his mouth, and followed his son across the lobby to help him pack.


Sitting on his childhood bed Albus had one hell of a headache. He was supposed to be resting, but his mind was too busy and confused to even think about sleeping. How strange it was, he thought to himself, what was familiar and what wasn't. Nothing really tangible in the room had sparked a memory, but the scent and feel of it was somewhat familiar. Just like the house itself. He seemed to instinctively know where things were too, body memories that were so ingrained that they hadn't been erased along with nearly thirty years of life memories.

Rubbing his hands over his face Albus tried to force himself to remember something, anything, but as per usual all that got him was a piercing pain in his brain. So far the few flashes he'd had had been random and frustratingly brief. Downstairs he knew his family was gathered, worrying about him, and he had needed to be told who they were and how they were related to him. Some part of him had recognized their importance, but he hadn't been one hundred percent sure the first face he'd seen, his mother's, was in fact his mother until she'd told him so.

Getting to his feet Albus wandered over to the nearby dresser, studying his reflection in the mirror. His black hair was shaggy and to his chin, sticking up funny in the back. His eyes were an emerald green, and he supposed he would be considered good looking by most standards. He was in pretty good shape, which he supposed was necessary since he was apparently an Auror.

Raising his left hand to set it against the mirror's surface Albus noticed for the first time the single piece of jewelry he wore, barely visible under the sleeve of his jumper. Pushing the sleeve up Albus stared at the bracelet, intertwined gold and silver with stripes of red and emerald through them.

And just like that another flash hit him, like he had fallen into a Pensieve and was simply an observer to the events playing out before him.

In his mind he saw two figures standing in front of a window, snow falling gently visible through the panes of glass. The figure on the left was a younger version of himself, younger than twenty for sure. The other was a tall, blonde man, a younger version of a man Albus had been shown pictures of in the family albums his mum had hauled out for him to look at.

In the memory he was smiling, watching as the man his mum had introduced as Scorpius slide the bracelet he wore onto his left hand.

"Happy birthday." Scorpius said once it was in place.

"A matching pair, and on our left hands no less." Was Albus's younger self's response, holding his wrist up to the window, using the faint light to get a better look at it.

"Why would that matter?"

"Because it's considered symbolic for couples to wearing matching ring shaped jewelry on their left hands." Albus pointed out slyly, laughing at Scorpius's expression. Reaching out Albus grabbed the other man by the labels, pulling him in closer. "I love you." He whispered, wrapping his arms around the blonde's neck as he placed his lips against the other man's.

And just like that the memory was gone, and Albus was back to staring blankly at the mirror.


Well now. Sliding a hand through his already tousled hair Albus went over to take his former seat. They'd told him of course, that he'd spent the last decade in a relationship without another man. At first he'd thought they were joking, since he had almost given himself whiplash earlier checking out a particularly pretty healer on the way out. But his mum had plenty of pictures of the two of them together and several of the poses had said it all. He had also gotten the distinct impression that his father and brother were not terribly fond of the man named Scorpius Malfoy.

He was very fond apparently.

Shaking his head at his latest flashback Albus lifted his arm once more, studying the bracelet that was apparently a form of wedding ring. His mother had said they'd been together since the end of school but she'd forgotten to mention that part.

Deciding to take another look at those photo albums Albus got to his feet and headed out of the room, walking down the hallway to the top of the stairs. A knock sounding just as he reached the landing Albus watched as his mother appeared to open the door.

The man that stepped into the house looked very similar to the man from his flashback, though a little older. He was dressed very well, and wore a traveling cloak more suited to a wintery setting than the rainy spring.

"Where is he?"

"Up here."

Grey eyes meeting emerald Albus felt the connection straight off, started walking down the stairs without thinking about it. Walking up to Scorpius Albus gave the man a half smile. "I guess you heard, huh?"

"You have no idea who I am?" Scorpius asked, eyes scanning Albus from head to toe, looking for any injury. The emerald eyes were clear enough, but he had his answer already in the way Albus looked at him. The connection between them was there, as always, but Albus wasn't looking at him with his usual love. Nor was this his usual greeting after time apart.

"No, sorry. I don't know who anyone is. Well not without being told. My mum told me about you, and that you were coming."

"I've come to take you home, yes."


Albus family wasn't thrilled with the idea of handing Albus over to Scorpius, but the man was insistent and Albus reminded them that given that his home with Scorpius was his current residence it made more sense to go with him. Albus didn't recognize their townhouse any more than he had his family home, but it was better than the hospital anyway.

After a tour of the place Albus smiled wryly and told Scorpius the same thing that he'd told his family when asked about their house. It was familiar, but he couldn't remember the life he'd lived in it.

Nodding his head in acceptance Scorpius opted to follow Ginny's advice and not push things. So instead he reminded Albus that he was supposed to take his medication, which soon had the Gryffindor too drowsy to think twice about letting Scorpius lead him towards the bedroom. Albus had just enough time to stretch out before he was out like a light.

Sitting down on the side of the bed Scorpius leaned forward and buried his face against the side of Albus's neck, mentally giving thanks to whatever powers had kept Al safe for him. Breathing deeply Scorpius let his fear and relief go, shuddering as he concentrated solely on the pulse beating strongly against his lips. He was okay, Scorpius thought over and over again. Whatever else, his love was okay.

When he had his breath back Scorpius undressed Albus but left the boxers on, he didn't imagine Albus would relish waking up naked beside a man he didn't remember. Changing into boxers himself Scorpius crawled in beside Albus, tucking the covers around both of them as he turned to look at Albus, still fast asleep.

"Dream of me, A ghra." Scorpius whispered softly. "Please."


The dream began, as many of their best dreams did, with Albus lounging on his ugly couch, a glass of whiskey in one hand and a book in the other. He was dressed in trousers and an open shirt, his work jacket, shoes and socks already discarded throughout the room. Since Scorpius wasn't around to nag him, Albus saw no reason to pick them up and put them away just yet.

Thinking of his love had a smile curving on the man's lips, a smile that widened a great deal as the door to his home office opened and the man in question stepped into the room. "You're home early." Albus noted as he put his bookmark into place, setting the book and his glass on the nearby coffee table.

"It was that or be arrested for multiple homicides." Rolling his eyes at the sight of Albus's shoes and socks, which were lying carelessly beside the couch, Scorpius made a mental note to rag Albus about it later. For now though… Slipping onto the couch so that he was straddling his man Scorpius leaned his head down to brush his lips against Albus's. "Miss me?"

Giving Scorpius his best, most innocent look, Albus returned the gesture. "You were gone long?"

Nipping Albus's bottom lip in retaliation Scorpius wasn't fooled for a moment. "Just for that there will be no souvenir for you."


Chuckling Scorpius cut off Albus's drawn out complaint with his lips, aiming for a much deeper, more intimate kiss this time as he sank into the taste that was Albus and whiskey. Yummy indeed, he thought as their tongues twined and mated, their hands coming up and under shirts to touch bare, heated skin. Sounds of approval muffled against each other's lips Albus moved to dispatch the buttons on Scorpius shirt, having to remind himself repeatedly that Scorpius would have his head if he did what he wanted and sent the buttons flying instead. His lover was getting tired of coming up with explanations as to why stray buttons kept turning up in the oddest of places. The house elf wasn't stupid after all.

As soon as the blasted buttons were taken care of Albus had the shirt opened, Scorpius shrugging it the rest of the way off before tossing it to the floor. Hands sliding into Albus's silky hair Scorpius paused when the man winced in reaction. "What did you do?" Scorpius demanded to know, crossing his arms in front of him. That had definitely been a bump he'd felt.

Looking somewhat like a chastised child Albus opted to try and distract Scorpius by undoing the man's belt, pouting when his hands were swatted away. "It's just a little bump to the head. My noggin…sort of hit a rock."

"Sort of hit a rock?"

"Did hit a rock. But as you've stated many times, I have a very hard head. My brains just got rattled around a little."

"You mean I haven't screwed them all out yet?" Scorpius inquired, deciding to let Albus off the hook as he cupped Albus's face between his hands. If there were any more injuries he'd find them shortly. He just had to get Albus naked, which was never hard to do.

"You have come close a couple of times." Albus agreed with a smirk, wrapping his arms around Scorpius's waist to draw him back down against him, rolling them over so that he was on top. "Maybe I should screw some of yours out just to keep what little I have left safe."

"Maybe you should." Scorpius agreed, putting up no protest this time when Albus's hands made quick work of his belt and trouser hook. Moaning in pleasure as Albus's hands moved to knead his ass Scorpius arched his back, his own hands sliding down Albus's chest to do some clothing removal of his own. Pushing Albus's trousers down the two separated only long enough to hastily rid themselves of their remaining clothing for good.

Than it was time for some serious rolling around on the couch as hands moved to touch and eagerly caress. Holding tight to each other Albus won top spot and settled between Scorpius's legs, fingers stroking as he slowly thrusted his entire length into his lover, moaning as Scorpius inner muscles contracted around him, drawing him in deeper as they moved together in familiar tandem. Eyes meeting and holding they smiled at each other as they came closer and closer to climax, breathing harsh as they came one after another, crying out each other's names in exquisite release.

Arms wrapping around each other once again as they settled down to snuggle on the couch, the two lovers buried their faces against the other's neck with satisfied smiles on their faces.

There was nothing quite like welcome home sex.