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Their Future Together

Waking up the next morning Albus smiled before he opened his eyes, knowing exactly where he was. All his memories might not be intact, but he did remember enough to know he was exactly where he was always supposed to be. In his lover's arms, after a night spent making love with him.

That he had to wake up struck him as monumentally unfair.

Sensing that he wasn't the only one awake, Albus propped himself up on one elbow, looking down into Scorpius's sleepy, satisfied face. "Good morning, A ghra."

"Morning, love." Reaching out Scorpius cupped his man's cheek, stroking the smooth skin lovingly. "So, did I jog any more memories loose last night?"

"Well you certainly made my head explode a few times." Albus chuckled as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "The far past is pretty clear, it's just the last few years that are still a little fuzzy. I'm not worried though, the memories are coming faster and clearer every hour. And I definitely remember falling in love with you, which are the memories I needed back the most." Albus added with a soft, loving look.

Agreeing with that wholeheartedly Scorpius felt some kissing was necessary, which eventually led to them staying in bed until almost noon, when the Potter family owl flew into their bedroom. The owl circled around the entwined couple a couple times and than perched on the bed's headboard, hooting loudly for their attention.

"This better be good." Turning around to grab the letter tied to the owl's leg Scorpius unfurled the message and read it over. "And it's not."

"Give me that." Snatching it from Scorpius Albus nuzzled his face against Scorpius's bare chest as he read the message from his father. Apparently he had in his possession some papers his father needed to get at for some reason. According to his father the papers were kept in a locked cabinet in his office, which had been bespelled to open for no one but him. His father wanted to know if he had the code in his memory banks yet.

Albus thought about it but couldn't recall the code that would open an office cabinet. "I'll have to send him a letter telling him he's out of luck. Maybe he can get someone to override it for him."

"No need. You wrote out all your codes and locked them up in our safe." Scorpius informed him as he lifted a hand to stroke his man's messy hair. "You wanted to make sure that if…something happened to you I'd be able to get into everything."

"Well that was smart of me." Albus pointed out smugly, trying to lighten the mood.

"It was my idea."

"Oh. We'll then it was very smart of you."

"Thanks." Kissing the top of Albus's head Scorpius sighed, knowing that playtime was officially over. Harry had indicated in his letter than he needed the information as soon as possible and the man wouldn't have bothered him if it wasn't important. "I guess we need to shower and get dressed then. I'll send your father a message telling him we'll meet him at your work office as soon as possible."

"Sounds like a plan to me."Albus agreed reluctantly, not at all eager to get out of bed either. Which was why, as he got out of bed, Albus looked over his shoulder to give his man a hot look and suggestion. "And after we get the business with my father taken care of, we can get undressed again and spend the rest of the day in bed."

"I like that plan."

"Me too."


Arriving at Auror Headquarters Albus raised a hand in greeting, saying hello to all his comrades who swarmed around him to see how he was doing and welcome him back. Scorpius hung back, letting his man take center stage while he ignored the looks he got from some of the old timers. He knew how they felt about him and his family, and in most cases he didn't even hold it against them. He only had a problem with those who were convinced he was using Albus and were constantly trying to convince his lover of that. Those ones made him wish he was as dark as they thought he was so that he could give them the cursing they were asking for.

Lucky them that Albus had so successfully used sex to rehabilitate him.

Amused by the thought, Scorpius wandered over to stand beside his honorary father in law, who was watching his team with a smile on his face. "He's got about seventy five percent of his memory back now."

Nodding his head Harry's smile grew at the news. "Good. And he remembers how to get the cabinet to open?"

"He does." And Scorpius was still annoyed as hell to discover that Albus's password for the damn cabinet was 'Kitty'. After reading over the list for the first time that morning Scorpius was more than a little perturbed to find out that ALL of Albus's various passwords had to do with him somehow. Yes, it was important to pick passwords you wouldn't forget, but still…

"Good. And don't worry, I don't intend to assign him to the field until he's a hundred percent. I'll keep him on desk duty tomorrow. Ginny's already been very vocal and descriptive about what she'll do if I don't make sure he takes it easy. You don't even want to know what his grandmother had to say about it."

"I can imagine."

"You can imagine what?" Albus wanted to know, coming over to stand at Scorpius's side, smiling a hello at his father.

"How not eager your grandmother is to have you come back to work." Harry supplied, smirking when his son winced. "You don't know the half of it. Be glad she thinks you're too weak and feeble to be lectured to."

"There's something to look forward to." And not looking forward to it at all Albus thought it wise to change the subject. "Now what's say I go find those papers for you so that I can blow this joint. I don't have to work until tomorrow and I intend to enjoy what bit of holiday I have left."

Scorpius motioned for Albus to go follow Harry down the hallway. "Go ahead. I'll wait here for you."

"Won't be long." Giving Scorpius a kiss on the cheek, just to embarrass him, Albus winked when Scorpius gave him a look that said he was not amused. Shows of public affection were a big no no in the Malfoy's Book of Public Etiquette. He'd never liked that book.

And so with a cheeky little wave Albus followed his father down the hallway, whistling under his breath as he headed for his office.


Recognizing his office right away, Albus withdrew his wand and slid the end into the key hole to identify himself. The door unlocking for him Albus walked into his office, than turned his head to give his father a questioning look. "So which of my many cabinets am I supposed to be opening?"

Harry walked over and tapped one of the bunged up cabinets. "This is where you keep the files that are for your eyes only."

"Gotcha." Moving over Albus once again inserted his wand and after ensuring his father was covering his ears leaned forward and whispered Scorpius's most hated nickname.

The cabinet drawer popping open right away, Albus leaned in to sort through the various folders to retrieve the one his father had been looking for. Holding it out to his father Albus waited until the older man took it before turning his attention to the rest of the drawer's contents. A few of them jogged some memories, but it was the folder labeled 'Kitty' that had him pausing, his brows furrowing as he pulled it out to see what was inside. Walking over to his desk Albus sat down and opened the folder, finding it full of duplicate copies of all his important documents like his life insurance info and will. He had them at the home safe as well, but duplicate files were never a bad idea. There was also a letter though, and that was what held his complete attention. It was addressed to Scorpius, and there was nothing to indicate what might be inside.

Since he'd put the letter in the file, it obviously belonged with the other stuff, but why hadn't he given it to Scorpius himself? Why would he need to write the man a letter, period? They lived together after all.

A curious person by nature Albus retrieved his letter opener and slit the back open, pausing when he sensed his father's gaze on him.

Looking up Albus shrugged sheepishly at his father. "I'm just curious as to what it is. It has Scorpius's name on it."

Harry's smile was just a little sad as he jerked his chin in the direction of the letter. "It's your good bye letter to him. If something were to happen to you in the field. I've got one for your mother and each of you kids in my files too. We keep them here so that the people they're intended for don't stumble across them at home. No reason to remind them of the dangers of this job. Especially when it's not necessary."

"Oh." Staring at the letter for a minute Albus hesitated, debating with himself before unfolded the letter. There was no date, nothing to indicate how long ago it had been written. But that didn't matter, the contents were timeless.

A ghra,

Assuming that you're reading this soon after my death, I'd imagine you're pretty pissed off at me right about now. I promised you that the only one who'd ever kill me is you, and assuming you weren't the one that killed me I've broken my word. All I can say in my defense is that I would have fought with ever fiber of my being to live, and that I would have argued with Death itself to try and return to you. Obviously I failed, but I think I should get points for trying.

I've tried to write this letter to you numerous times, and everything I've written doesn't begin to say all that I want you to know. There are no words, you see, to tell you what you've meant to me.

However short my life has been cut, I want you to know that the only regret I have is that I didn't have a longer life with you. I love you with everything that I am and not even death can change that. I know I didn't always make things easy for you, especially where your family was concerned, and I want you to know how much it meant to me, that you chose to overcome all those hurdles to be with me. That of all the people you could have loved I was the one you gave your heart to.

Be happy, A ghra, and know that I will be waiting for you.


P.S. Dream of me, A ghra. For I will always be dreaming of you.

Albus stared down at the letter for several moments, everything clinking into place in his head so that there were no gaps and everything was crystal clear. The letter had been just the jolt his brain had needed, to remind him just what he'd come so close to losing.

Finally feeling completely whole again Albus slowly lifted his head to meet his father's questioning gaze. "Could you ask Scorpius to come in here?" Albus asked as he folded the letter and returned it to its envelope. He'd put it in a new envelope later, the Gryffindor thought absently. For now, there was something much more important to do.


While his father went to do that Albus returned the opened letter to the folder and put it back in the cabinet, shutting the drawer with a thud. There was no need for that letter to be read, Albus thought to himself as he spread his fingers over the front of the cabinet. The fates willing, no one but him would ever have to read it.

When Scorpius stepped into the office Albus was ready for him, waiting until the man closed the door behind him before he moved forward with a smile. Walking up to Scorpius, Albus wrapped his arms around the Slytherin's neck. "So, with all this fuss, I just now realized that you haven't given me my cookies."

"Your cookies?"

"From the resort you stayed at. You know how much I like their chocolate chip cookies. You promised to bring me some back before you left, remember? So where are my cookies?"

A slow smile crossed Scorpius's face, the Slytherin understanding instinctively what his lover was telling him. The memories were back. All of them.

Wrapping his arms around the Gryffindor's waist Scorpius leaned his forehead against Albus's, his lashes lowering to half mast to hide his reaction to the realization. Clearing his throat, Scorpius willed himself to play along with Albus's playful tone. "As you'll recall, Potter, I promised to bring you cookies if you stayed out of trouble. You got into a showdown with a dark wizard and lost all your memories. There will be no cookies for you."

Albus worked up a pout. "But I want my cookies."

"Tell you what, how about I take you out for lunch instead? You can have something chocolatey for dessert."

Albus considered this and then smiled as he gave Scorpius a peck on the mouth. "Deal."


After eating their lunch the two opted to walk from the restaurant back to their home, taking a route they'd never taken before due to construction. Walking hand in hand the two were so involved in each other that they might have walked right past the children playing behind a long chain link fence if one of them hadn't called out to them.

"It took you guys long enough to get here."

Both men stopping automatically, they turned to look at the boy pressing his face up against the fence. The boy looked to be about five or six, blonde and brown eyed. There was something familiar about the child's face, though neither could pinpoint exactly where they'd seen it before.

"You're talking to us?" Scorpius asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Of course. You've come to adopt my brother and me, right? You look like the men my mum described. She died, but she said not to worry, because two men who could do magic like her would come along and take good care of us for her. She said one would have shaggy black hair that stuck up in the back, with really pretty green eyes. And she said the other would be blonde, with eyes like fog. That's you guys, right? I told Aries to go get Mrs. Sands, she should be here soon. You need to talk to her to get us out of here."

Scorpius and Albus stared at the boy and then turned to look at each other. Both men aged the boy before them by six years and knew just why the boy had looked so familiar to them. They'd always assumed that the twins had been a figment of theirs and the Veela's imagination. But the boy before them was very real.

"Are you…Taurus?" Albus asked hesitantly, his fingers tightening around Scorpius's.

"Yeah. I know our names are weird." Taurus rolled his eyes expressively.

Just then another boy came hurrying over, looking exactly like the boy in front of them. This boy held the hand of an older woman who was looking quite unsure as to what was going on. Letting go of her hand the new boy hurried over to his twin's side, taking his brother's hand as he stood slightly behind Taurus. "Is it them?" He whispered.

Taurus nodded. "Yup."

"Excuse me, can I help you, gentlemen?" The woman asked, setting protective hands on the boys' shoulders.

Again the two men shared a look, a hundred messages passing back and forth without either speaking a word. "We'd like to talk to you about adopting these boys." Albus began, giving the woman his most charming smile. "Do we need to make an appointment with you or would now be all right? We don't live far from here so it wouldn't be a problem if we need to come back at your convenience."

"You want to adopt…both of them? Together?"

Scorpius nodded his head, sensing that the woman had been worried about being able to place the brothers together. Well she needn't have worried, fate had apparently always intended for them to be theirs.

"Well then, if you'll head that way I'll meet you at the door and we can go to my office." A smile breaking over the older woman's face she squeezed the twin's shoulders in encouragement. She had a good feeling about the men in front of her, a very good feeling.

Thanking Mrs. Sands the two waited until the woman had headed back towards the building before they spoke to the two boys watching them so closely.

"It might take a little while, but you'll be ours soon enough." Albus told them, knowing the words to be true in his heart.

"We know." Taurus informed him pompously. "Now go meet her before she thinks you aren't coming!"

Laughing, Albus nodded and waved good bye to the boys, the twins following them along the fence until they reached the building.

Walking over to the stairs Albus paused in front of the door, giving Scorpius a searching look. "You ready for this, A ghra?"

Scorpius brought their joined hands to his lips. "Ready."

And walking in tandem the two men headed up the stairs and into the building.

It was time to start another chapter of their lives together.

The End