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Life of Simplicity
~Simple Healing~

After the Winter War, the fourth division ended up being rather busy with the causalities that were coming in. When battle happened, this wasn't an unusual thing. However, what was unusual, was to have the vast majority of the higher ranks, the taicho and the fukutaicho end up in the medic ward. This was to the younger generation in some ways, disheartening, even though they had in the long run, won the battle.

The taicho of the fourth, couldn't help but pity the younger generation, even though even she had felt the sting in her vast history. She had the advantage, of having lived through and regained hope after similar events. She also happened to have a higher control over her emotions then various ones of the younger generation. She had to laugh though, at the idea that she herself wasn't negatively affected.

She was in the room of the general taicho, sitting by his side, as he lay unconscious on the bed. She had needed her own break and respite from everything, as she had been going almost none stop. She had brought in a trey of tea, and an extra cup, to relax, and hopefully stimulate Yamamatto to wake sooner, rather than later. However, she couldn't promise anyone that he would awake, considering what he in truth had done to his own body.

The door to the room creaked open, and she glanced up to find one of the younger generation staring in at her. His teal eyes took in the room, his white hair falling over one eye. Truth be told, it looked like he hadn't gotten enough sleep, but it was possibly enough for him to be functional. "Unohana Taicho?"

"Did you not expect for me to be in here?" the female taicho gave him a weak smile. "I thought I ordered you to bed rest?"

"I couldn't sleep," came the simple statement from the young taicho. Hitsugaya crept closer to her, and stood by her side. "Do you think he will be mad at me when he wakes up?"

"That isn't something to think about until he does, as we don't know if he will wake up," the female smiled.

"If there is a chance for Yamamatto General-Taicho not to wake up, then wouldn't this be a good time to say I am sorry for messing up, even if the chance of him for giving me is slim?" the child asked, startling the female.

"Hitsugaya Taicho, that isn't something you should place on your shoulders. I will admit that your actions were at times, not the best, but everyone is prone to the weakness of the mind," the female smiled, suddenly pouring some tea into the other cup and handing it to him. "Here, drink this up. It should hopefully calm you down."

"Arrigotto… for the tea, and not saying that my behavior should be overlooked because of my age," the small taicho stated, taking a drink of the nice cup.

"To put it as kindly as possible, Hitsugaya Toshiro, I worry sometimes about you because of your age. It is not so much about how you react, but how much you are keeping in to yourself, and how much someone of your age normally has to deal with. If an adult such as myself has problems dealing with these things, even though I've lived a long time, how is it for you?"

"How can I answer that question, when I don't know the answer myself?" the boy stated, suddenly letting his tea swirl in his cup. "Can I ask something. I need a truthful answer to this question. Do you think I was ready for something like this?"

This caused Unohana to take a deep breath. "No, I don't think you were ready."

"Again, arrigotto," came as a half drunk cup was set down onto the trey. "I needed an honest answer about that one."

At that, Unohana heard the door click, and she shook his head. "Why does he always leave when he gets the answer that confirms what he believes to be true? Truth is, no one is ready for something like this."

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