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Life of Simplicity

~Simply Chaos~

Stress was the only thing that could describe what was going through Unohana's mind, despite the fact that her face showed an absolute calm about it. She continued to sit with the head captain, wishing he could wake up. While she could deal with a lot of the problems at hand, the truth was, she knew that it would be a lot easier to have him also dealing with them.

She paused for a few minutes, then decided to talk about the small taicho with the man. "I think if you were awake, you would be worried about the fact that he is taking to much guilt on his shoulders on the matter. Actually, you likely would set him straight with stern words about how there is no reason for him to feel guilty. Me... right now my usual methods aren't working for that child."

At that, Retsu glanced at the ceiling. "Actually, a good deal of my methods aren't working, everyone is so strained at this point in time. We also have a problem with Ichimaru Gin. He's alive and well, and it turns out that he was trying to play double agent on us, but... I can see that his mental state is starting to break. Things didn't go the way he had been planning for many a year."

She then placed her chin back down and quietly took a sip of her tea. "He's hiding something important from us. I understand that he did all of this to protect Ran-chan, but something tells me there is something more to this, one small piece that we are missing. This may be why he is breaking mentally too, he is keeping this thing from us."

"Oh, and then there is Hinamori." Unohana's eyes glazed over with sadness. "She wants nothing to do with Hitsugaya Taicho. I asked her if I should bring him to see her, or if she wished to share a room with him, but she turned me down. She said he would have come sooner if he hadn't... she isn't going to help the matter with him feeling guilty."

She then let out a chuckle. "I just found out that Isshin of all people is alive. That is why Ichigo has the powers that he does. The only reason Isshin stepped in, was because he has three children to protect. Well, four if you count Hitsugaya Taicho into that mix. I made it clear that the child taicho shouldn't come to hear the information until Isshin could sit down and speak with him."

"It seems as if almost all the problems except the one with Ichimaru Gin involve the small taicho somehow." Retsu paused for a second, the tea cup part way to her lips. "Except... what if that isn't true. I've been trying to think of what important thing Ichimaru Gin has been hiding from us. Could it have been right under my nose."

At that point, her eyes closed and she thought about the whole situation. There was no true evidence that Hitsugaya Toshiro had anything to do with the former taicho of the third division, but there were signs that there might be some connection between the two. She began to muse over the similarities between the two. "Those to are too similar for my liking."

A knock suddenly came at the door. Isane stuck her head in. "Unohana Taicho?"

"What is it Isane?" The female taicho smiled at her fukutaicho.

"We had an incident with Ichimaru Gin. I went and got his former taicho... that Viazard person, because Matsumoto thought he could talk some sense into him and I also figured someone would get the word to you by now..." The small female paused.

"No. Nobody has told me about anything since I came into this room for my break." Unohana ushered the female to the door. "Best not to cause Yamamoto Taicho to fret while his body is resting."

"He completely lost it. Rangiku says that he is trying to be over protective of Hitsugaya Taicho." Isane glanced around anxiously.

"I was thinking that too many of our problems seemed to revolve around the child taicho's small world. I was thinking about the fact that there seemed to be no connection with Ichimaru, unlike the others, but now it is clear that there is one." The female sighed. "You are looking for Hitsugaya Taicho?"

"Yes. He seemed depressed and with the way Gin is acting, Matsumoto-san is worried that Toshiro may have a similar reaction." The tall female simply walked along with the female taicho. "He... I found out that the tenth division taicho is their child."

"I didn't know that myself, but I am honestly not surprised." The female stated firmly. "Without telling anyone exactly what is going on, would you have our other members search for him in our division? I doubt though, he is here anymore."

"But... how can you be sure that Hitsugaya Taicho's left the premises?"

"Because. I've always noticed how much like Ichimaru Gin and Matsumoto Rangiku he is. He'll act in similar fashion to one of the two." Unohana then smiled. "Since he doesn't drink sake, running away from what frustrates him seems the more logical option."

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