Chapter 1

My lengthy observation has been going on for years. Some how he's been able to grow taller like his built some device so he's the same height as the other teenagers here.

I looked at him with low slitting eyes as Zim sat on the other side of the room to me. I was sixteen now and the years had only seemed to drag by as I had to keep thwarting his attempts to take over the world. God I hated him, but in that hate I had grown a dependency and I didn't know how… it was like I couldn't go a day with out spying on him, watching his every move like some sort of stalker. But I always had to know what was coming around the corner. With Zim, anything was possible.

The teacher, Mr. Twinky, was talking at the front of the class with a big long wooden pointing stick which he'd slam the end of it on your desk if you were not paying attention. Man he was annoying, but at least Zim could never try anything in this class, which to my pleasure, frustrated him severely.

The bell rang in a knelling sound and we got our bags, going to our lockers… believe it or not, Zim's locker was right next to mine… co-incidents, no? Or maybe he did it that way so he could keep an eye on me to make sure I wasn't figuring out his plans.

We both placed down our bags and I glanced at him suspiciously.

I said in a determined Alien busting voice "Don't try to pull anything Zim, I'm always going to catch you out."

"Foolish human, you try to defeat the almighty ZIM?"

"Well seeing as I succeeded so far in every attempt you've made," I said confidently with a sneer "I'd say that I already have."

Zim snuffed annoyed and put his books away, whispering to himself "you think you have…"

"Yeah right." I said with a annoyed breath out and put my books away too. Some pretty girls walked by and I glanced at them with a smile but one said to the other.

"Look at those losers… God, like freakazoid and Godzilla."

I frowned lowering my eyebrows annoyed and stared at Zim who was thinking to himself.

"It's because of you I'm a social outcast." I hissed and he stared at me with an irritated face.

"Did I ever say 'hey why don't you follow me for five years, spy on my base and go through my garbage?!'" he said in a dumb voice mocking me and I slammed my locker door shut furious.

"If that's what I have to do to stop you from destroying the world."

"Again with this destroying?! You really need to get a life!"

"I DO HAVE A LIFE!" I shouted angrily but knew to myself that I really didn't. Zim had consumed my life ever since he landed here five years ago and that really hadn't bothered me. I had been collecting data all those years yet it had kept getting destroyed… oh! And no one believed me. Even though Gaz knew she still didn't make any attempts to be my eye witness when I needed her to back me up on my claims. Even the FBI had blocked my number because I kept ringing too often and by the time they got down here the proof had been destroyed by Zim or his dumb-witted robot Gir.

"What ever Dib," Zim said interrupting me in my thoughts and I glared at him lividly "You suck, and Zim rocks." and with that he turned around and walked off in his marching stance.

"Jerk…" I muttered under my breath and went to the cafeteria as well. I got my disgusting lunch of raw meat and grool and ate it, sitting down next to Gaz who was absorbed in her game with intense eyes.

"I know he's up to something Gaz." I said to her and she sighed annoyed "I can just feel it."

"Isn't he always up to something, Dib?" she asked angrily and I looked at her quickly.

"No… well, yeah. Except this time he's planning something big."

"And what would he be planning."

"Maybe to make everyone's pets turn against them and eat them… or maybe he wants to create a bigger whole in the ozone layer."

"Right…" Gaz said plainly and then shouted into her game "DIE! DIE! DIE!"

My eyes met Zim's across the room and we both slit them, staring at each other hatefully.

"You'll never win…" I mouthed out and he just chuckled, looking back to his food and poking it with his fork.

School was finished as usual and I hurried to my house, going to my room and looking through the eyepiece of my enormous telescope. As far as I could see Zim hadn't returned home yet and Gir wasn't anywhere about either. I quickly turned to my computer screen and clicked on the video device as I looked into the spy cameras I had planted into his house (with the oblivious help of Gir).

He was no where, it was so strange. He usually came home straight after school and complained to Gir about how the filthy humans were and how they'd all soon be annihilated. I breathed out cautiously at this weird not showing up thing and just sighed to myself, shrugging my shoulders and going to my other desk to do my homework.

I was of course an A student in everything except English… for some reason my teacher found my writing too angry and disturbed. I smirked at this irritated; I had reason to be angry. I had no friends, no one liked me and everyone thought I was insane. So please excuse me if I get a little spiteful in my writings about Romeo and Juliet or any other crap they try to shove down my throat… I had more important things to worry about, like the fate of the human race.

I finished my work in about two hours; I was doing honour subjects in everything and wrote in the essay about how Romeo appeared to me.

It is quite obvious to me that Romeo is only attracted to Juliet because she has cast some sort of potion on him, a chemical of some type for he knew quite well that the relationship between them both would never be able to work considering their families opposition. I mean, C-mon? It's like a human and an ALIEN going out, which would be like the most disgusting thing in the whole entire world!

I looked away after re-reading that bit and thought to myself… would it? I mean, I was once attracted to an alien, Tak, though she was disguised as a human. I couldn't believe that I had worked together with Zim in saving the world that day five years ago. Gosh, to be honest, I had helped him plenty of times and yet he had never thanked me but continued to try to destroy everything. Dick head, seriously, he was such a jerk. And the annoying thing that I found out is that he's going to live way longer than me. What I had come across one time was when he was talking to Gir was that he'd soon be celebrating his one hundredth birthday and that was him just entering teen hood in Irken time.

So unless I found a way to get him off this earth forever before my time comes, he'll have no one to stop him and we'd all be doomed…

I gulped but shook my head quickly, ignoring the panic. That was not going to happen… not on my watch.

"Dib, you retard!" Gaz shouted angrily from downstairs "Dinner is ready!"

"Kay!" I shouted back quickly and got off my chair with wheels, going down and seeing sausages and beans on the plates at the counters.

"Hmm… my favourite." I said sarcastically and Gaz glared at me annoyed.

"Do you want to do the cooking for once?"

"Oh no," I said quickly thinking of something to say "I mean I love your food."

"Well that makes one of us." she said blankly and took her plate, a knife and fork in her other hand before sitting down at the small round table.

I sighed fed up, Gaz always made the same… maybe it wasn't fair on her though, she had been given the role of the stereotypical girl in having to make the dinners and no one gave her credit for it.

I placed my plate down on the table too and started to eat it quickly so I could head back up to my room and spy on Zim's house some more.

"So how was school today sis?" I asked in a casual chatty nature for she was the only one who would talk to me in the whole entire universe by choice.

"Fine, I beat up some kid for bumping into me in the hall."

"Well…" I said slowly thinking of something to say "He probably deserved it."

"It was a first grader girl."

"…COOL!" I said forcefully with two thumbs up and she rolled her eyes, finishing her dinner and getting back to her game that magically appeared in her hands.

I finished my dinner shortly after and started to head upstairs but stopped in mid walk as Gaz said calmly.

"If you're going to spy on Zim, there's no point."


"I saw his space craft fly off today just after school finished with a bag packed in it."

"And let me guess…" I said angrily "No one noticed the alien flying by?"


Figures… so he was up to something and had left his house for a little while. It didn't scare me, he'd have to come back to talk to the almighty tallest sooner or later, he'd probably be back after a day or so. And then I'd thwart him again… like I always did