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The Witcher; Geralt of Rivia is known for many things, be it his skill in battle, his fearless determination, his ruthless efficiency or his impudent ways at chasing skirts. but trying to teach something to a bunch of conflictive mages at odds with each other, is certainly not one of them.

Geralt, true to his word had attempted to teach the mages of the Kirin Tor, the basis of his particular and powerful trend of alchemy, just a little demonstration for starters; it ended proving something really taxing to his nerves.

Don't get me wrong, is not that the mages are incapable of understanding or because Geralt is being a bad teacher, no! It is because they cannot seem to avoid their rational part of their minds from being clouded by their grudges, much to Geralt's chagrin; especially when he is trying to making them pay attention to a particularly important piece of information (important in the way that because the witcher alchemy can be extremely dangerous, missing vital information can result in injury or death)

Curious! Geralt should had seen coming that they would had acted in that way, but he didn't, that was because everything had started quite civilized in the beginning, he made the error of having expected that it would had remain as such.

Let's see… Rhonin had prepared one of the laboratories in the violet citadel for his use, so he could give a little display of the characteristics of his world alchemy. Geralt gave him a little list of what was need it, which it was not much really. the instruments in a simple alchemy kit can do the trick, provided that you have a formulae and the ingredients and knowledge of how to properly mix them; Geralt had also ordered that a sizeable amount of antivemons and other detoxyfiyng beverages had to be prepared for the ocassion, this raised many inquiries from the mages but geralt told them that it was needed and that he would explain everthing during his demostration. so the mages complied.

Anyway, Geralt was getting himself ready by checking the state of his instruments and ingredients. the laboratory that was secured for his use was designed to serve as both working station and classroom, not really surprising since the Kirin Tor is an institution that helps in the instruction and teaching of young mages. it connected to a small chamber that served as an interior garden, the space had several dummies stacked in several rows, one could suposse that this room was used to teach and train the apprentices in the more offensive ways of the magical arts.

the witcher was having quite the crowd looking and paying attention to him. Most of them were apprentices of the Kirin Tor. An obvious enough realization since they were wearing the official robes that identified them as such. But they were not alone, of course since logic dictates that were they are students, teachers must be present to instruct them and keep them in line.

And that's exactly what they were here to do (at least in theory) several of the main instructors of the Kirin Tor and part of the senior staff which included individuals like Arcanist Ginsberg, Conjurer Weinhaus (a female gnome), arch mage John Nicholas (an elf) and others; were present for this little "experiment".

The witcher started to experience a sense of foreboding when he saw that many of the "students" were keeping themselves apart in 2 groups, far away from each other as possible. And on top of their Kirin Tor uniforms they were wearing the colors that identified them as members of the Silver Covenant and the Sunriders. He well suspected that having many members of 2 different groups that hated the guts out of each other in such a confine space was asking for trouble. But, since he had agreed to teach his magical lore to the "whole" of the Kirin Tor; Geralt did not have much of an excuse to back from his word (this is the moment were regret was starting to flare inside of him) not that he would had backed from his word even if he had a viable excuse. In professions like his, one's word is a sacred bond and the witcher was nothing but true to his own word (although he does like to take a very wide range of liberties when he is to interpret the way in which a particular task must be accomplished)

In any case; he decided to ignore his silly worries. "Clearly" he thought "nothing particularly unpleasant should occur. Having the presence of Dalaran ruling body and so many instructors to keep an eye here of things" naive way of thinking and most unbecoming for a witcher of his expertise.

But it cannot be faulted nevertheless; because the council of six was indeed here with him, making full function of their official capabilities too. Most of them were keeping themselves apart acting as overseers of this little "lesson" as they decided to call it. they were keeping an eye not only to the witcher little "stand", but also making sure the apprentices behaved themselves and making sure the leaders of the alliance an horde factions were not about to get conflictive.

Yes, the factions' leaders were here too, obviously they were eager to see a demonstration of the witcher alchemy. After what they had witnessed and what Geralt had told them about his world alchemy. They were curious about the extent of what this particular trend of alchemy could accomplish; in particular some of them like the banshee queen Sylvanas who was keeping a watchful eye over Geralt's work. Taking carefully designed mental notes for future recollection.

Well, at least the mages were kind enough to lend him a hand; Geralt thought. Rhonin was standing right next to him, ready to assist him and to be a first hand witness of his alchemy expertise (obviously a perk that comes for being the boss around here), to Geralt's left making last minute checks. Was the senior alchemist Burroughs (an understandable decision that Rhonin would require the presence of one of his main alchemist for this endeavor) To Geralt's delight, lady Proudmoore was also close to him in order to get a better chance to analyze his work (obviously he was not about to complain of having the opportunity to be around of such a gorgeous woman), Jaina's advisor lady Aegwynn was present too. close to her ward in order to render assistance. There is also the reason of her being the most senior and experienced mage present right now in the whole of the Kirin Tor, so not much surprise there.

the witcher cleared and decided that it was better to deal with this torment already "I assume most of you have a basic Knowledge of what alchemy is all about, isn't it?" he asked.

he recieved small nods and confirmations from most of his listeners. "Fair enough, so i will skip all that and go directly to the point of the matter"

"these decoctions; unlike the ones that you are usually used to. Forces changes in the drinker's physiology. these changes depend on the properties of the potion itself, but such changes come with a price attached"

"A price? what sort of price?" asked Jaina with interest.

"because of the changes and mutations my kind are submitted to. our bodies are better prepared to handle strain and harm. this allow us to consume ingredients that would prove lethal to a normal person. very handy since many of this potions give the imbeder great abilities at the exchange of enduring diferent levels of toxicity, sometimes very high ones".

"you mean that this potions can kill a regular person?" asked Rhonin highly startled by the last revelation.

"yes" answered Geralt nonchalantly.

"then how can we benefit from this knowledge if it could kill us before we could make use of its enhancements?" asked Alchemist Burroughs.

The witcher bristled in annoyance at that question "You are mages" he said.

"Yes, So?"

Geralt was starting to feel sligthly annoyed "we witchers were not the only ones to make use of these highly Toxic Beverages since the sorcerers of my world were one of the first individuals of make use of them. and used them on almost daily basis. You are mages and sorcerers too. so i assume that you have ways to overcome such a trivial impediment as this; aren't you? besides is not like all the potions turn to be letal, i'm sure you could create your own potions that would not kill you in the process?".

"well yes; but to put ourselves at such risk, is it really worthy?"

Now Geralt was clearly losing his temper "I had also assumed that full fledged mages like you would have at least an ounce of boldness, such thing is necesary in a quest for knowledge. Clearly i was mistaken. When has anything that is worth doing not having strings attached? there is always a price to pay for anything in this life. and the price to pay to receive this temporary augmetations is worthy. it is a fair deal"

"i don't known, i have many doubts about this, i'm not sure if we should expose ourselves to such danger" said alchemist burroughs.

Of all things that could make Geralt lose his temper, the only ones that could clearly do it; are hesitance and incompetence. that is because of his highly perfectionist demeneaor he doesn't have much patience for that sort of things. and he makes it known by shooting a hard look of disdain toward alchemist Burroughs. deeply scaring him and others due to such a sudden and extreme change. (Geralt's looks can change from blank and neutral to terrifiyng and unnerving in no time).

"I found your lack of determination most taxing" he said.

"Please mister Geralt, don't be so hard with alchemist Burroughs he's just concerned about the well being of the apprentices, as any good instructor will do. surely you cannot blame him for that" said Jaina trying to appease the witcher.

"Totaly clustering those under your charge from danger, will only result in an inability for them to deal with it; they must be exposed to it in order to learn. only then would they achieve the certainty to overcome it. But fine i would not expected for everybody to know that. A more graphic demostration is in order then"

the witcher pulled a vial of a sky blue liquid and adressed everybody in the room "Now; pay much attention, this will be enlightening" he gulped the liquid in a single movement. and surely enough the potion started to bring changes to his physiology. Muscles twitched and spasmed, veins trobbed and hardened. it looked as if some invisible force was sudenly and violently taking hold of the witcher's body. it was a most unnerving sight and many of his viewers were starting to feel queasy by the mere sight of it.

finally the potion started to settle in and geralt's body visibly relaxed. He breathed and looked at alchemist Burroughs "punch me in the face" he said.

"Excuse me?" asked Burroughs caughted off guard by such an odd request.

"you heard me, come over here and hit me. I know you want to do it; besides, you wanted to know if my alchemy arts are worth the risk. what perfect way than to prove their worth than by using them in oneself?" Geralt saod.

Burroughs looked at Rhonin for counsel, but he was as perplexed as him by this sudden development. in the end he said "well this is his area of expertise, so he must know what he's doing... i think?" not having much choice Burroughs aproached the witcher hesitantly; Not sure of what to expect. Burroughs looked at him for a few seconds and took deep breaths to calm himself.

"ok, i hope you know what you are doing, because well i can pack quite the punch if the need arise" he said to the witcher.

Geralt smirked "Don't worry. i've got it all covered"

Burroughs breathed with determination. he closed his fist in a strong grip and yelled while delivering a front blow to Geralt's face. it conected with a strong clap, but suddenly something unexpected happened. Burroughs head jerked backwards violently, he squealed in pain and clutched his own face in the same side in which he had punched Geralt previously. On the other hand the witcher merely grunted his discomfort of being hit, but otherwise he showed no reaction.

When Burroughs removed his hand, it was revealed that he was bleeding and had lost one of his teeth. That caused an avalanche of reactions.

"What happened? Burroughs are you alright? what did you do to him?" demanded Rhonin.

"Me? Nothing, i haven't moved a muscle" said the witcher feigning ignorance.

Rhonin was helping burroughs getting back to his feet "don't play coy with us now, it is clearly that something hurted Burroughs enough to bring him to make him bleed; Burroughs can you tell us what happened?"

Alchemist Burroughs was gasping for air, raising himself with dificulty "it felt as if i was the one on the receving end of my own attack instead of him, it was as if my own flesh was being hit, how is that possible? i hit him in his face not in my own one"

Jaina was curious about that. she looked at the distraught figure of Burroughs. finding nothing strange in him, except for his injuries. she looked at Geralt to his face only to find him with a little tiny petty smile at the corner of his lips. that made her suspicious; so she aproached Geralt while still looking at his face trying to discern what he knew. he would give her nothing, inwardly he was having a good time enjoying the mages puzzlement.

Jaina pointed at the witcher with her finger and slowly move it towards him, until she ended touching his face with the tip of her finger. he raised an eyebrow at that; Jaina kept touching -more like patting- geralt's face in different places with her finger.

"Jaina, what are you doing, child?" Asked Aegwynn

"I think i know what happened, i'm just trying to confirm my suspicions" she replied. Very slowy she nipped Geralt in the cheek like you would to a small children. that's when Jaina felt the sting.

"Owww" she yelped

"Jaina, are you alright child?" asked Aegwynn with concern.

"Yes Aegwynn, i'm fine is just... something odd, i felt the sting when i pinched him"

"Really? now that is interesting"

Jaina pinched Geralt again getting the same reaction.


"Careful" said the witcher "i would not like to see a pretty lady hurting herself to get my attention"

"Ha, ha, very funny... Anyway, this is a very fascinating development. i can feel all the pain that i try to inflict on him, as if it where I who is in the receiving end instead of him"

"mmm" mused Aegwynn "that potion's effect must be transfering all the damage he receives back to his attacker".

"Huh?, you got it right at the first try, i should give you a reward for guessing correctly the effects of Shrike" said Geralt.

Vol' Jin murmurs where heard in the background "It's lik'a Voddo doll only dat' backwards"

"Wait a minute" said Rhonin "you knew from the beggining that this would happen don't you?, you knew that Burroughs was going to get hurt"

Geralt merely shrugged. "He wanted to know the usefullnes of my alchemy, now tell me if this is not useful in a battle; i also wanted to teach him not to doubt of a witcher expertise. i'm sure he would not forget it any time soon"

"You are a cruel and harsh man"

"I'm harsh, yes of course; more so if i'm to instruct knowledge to others. my style of life has show me it is the only way to act if you want to survive. but cruel? you have a pretty low idea of what cruelty is, i'm being fairly mild in the way i'm treating him".

"What?" Rhonin was Dombfounded "Fairly mild? you make him fall to the ground on pain".

"First of all" countered Geralt "i did nothing to him, it was he who attacked me by his own volition, i just goaded him to do it, which is not much really. he could had refused, but he didn't; so what if i had forgot to mention the effects of my potion, you are the ones who wanted to see the effects of my alchemy anyhow; why are you getting upset then?"

Now it was Varian opinion that was heard in the Background "Isn't he quite the charming fellow? Right, Rhonin?" Rhonin ignored that comment.

"This is you being mild?" he asked.

The witcher chuckled and gave Rhonin one of his sinister looks "Belive me when i tell you; you don't want to see me when i'm being cruel, it is most unpleasant to the sight" this caused a general chill to run down through his viewers.

"besides" Geralt dismissed the situation "now that we have went with all of this, we can continue with this demostration for i am pretty sure that no one would doubt of the qualities of my alchemy again; am i right?" Geralt looked towards the crowd of Kirin Tor apprentices; silence was his answer "Good; then let's move; on what's next" he said.

Rhonin interrupted him "wait a minute! before we continue; it would be a good idea to call for the prescence of a priest, otherwise it would be imprudent to continue without someone that can help us deal with intoxication. You should had tell us before that your potions are toxic"

Geralt thought a minute about that "A priest, huh? well i suppose it has merit. but were are we suppose to find a priest in this city. i didn't saw any church or shrine during my previous trips into town".

"Previous Trips?" questioned Jaina. That made Rhonin to rush in, in order to avoid the subject to stray into Geralt's innoble midnight adventures.

"It would not be that hard. All i will have to do is send one of my helpers into the city and look if there is one available and bring him to us. after all this city receives many visitors daily; so i'm comfident that there should be one passing through that would fit our needs"

"Nice" rebuked Geralt "Now we are going to start grabbing people at random from the street against their will. I expected that kind of behaviour from the nobles and lords back in my world. but i didn't know that you people in this place were in that sort of oddities too. I swear that with each day i spent in this world i feel more and more like home".

"Is nothing like that!" Replied Rhonin highly shocked by such accusation "We do not force no one to do anything against their will; i was going to tell my helpers to ask them if they would be willing to give us a hand and if not then see if they could direct them to someone willing to help us".

"sure, sure, whatever you say; just go ahead and do your thing. is not like i have the authority or influence to stop you from carry out your evil wicked plans".

Jaina chuckeld at how Rhonin seriously stared in disbelief at Geralt for a few moments without uttering a word "Right" he finally said "I'm just going to do my thing before my head explodes from sheer awkwardness" with that he departed from the room.

"Please have mercy on the children" yelled Geralt after him earning several chuckles from the apprentices in the room.

Couple of minutes later, Rhonin had returned in the room. he looked at Geralt intently and pointed a finger at him.

"I want no smart comments coming from you, is embarassing for someone of my position to hear the things that you imply. not to mention the image that you give of me in front of the apprentices".

Geralt was most unconcerned of that as his posture could tell "fine i will not say anything to you, but only because i like you and because you asked it so nicely; so how much time your little conscription will take?" he asked.

"Is not a conscription" waved Rhonin dismissively "And it should not take to long, i hope. In any case, i would like us to wait for the priest before you continue with your demostration".

"oh, so that means i'm going to have a lot of minutes without doing anything?... Fine i would have to make due; so carry to answer me some questions?" inquired the witcher.

"Questions? yes i suppose so; as long as is nothing outrageous" marked Rhonin.

"Yeah, Yeah; Wharever; so how was that you got your nose broken?".

20 Minutes Later.

Rhonin's aides returned with a priest in tow. she was a lovely thing , geralt thought. she was dressed in robes befitting her role. long, regal white robes with blue trim and adorned with religious symbols. she even had one of those ridculous hats that the people of the ecclesiastic tend to use. she had light reddish hair and hazel eyes. her hair was cut short reaching only jaw length. she carried a staff that had the tip shaped in the form of a ray of light when looked directly. she also carried a mace strapped at her waist. Odd Geralt thought, he didn't know that even the priests of this world were militaristic. at any rate, the priest bowed and introduced herself to Rhonin.

"Greetings Archmagister Rhonin, I am Marie Gentletouch. i was informed that you required the assistance of a healer"

Rhonin adress at her and explained to her the situation and also made the pertaining introductions.

"I see" Marie said "I will keep a watch to ensure your aprentices safety, archmagister and intervine should i detect any sign of discomfort. so were should i stand by?".

Geralt decided to intervene at this point "One moment milady, before we start. if i may be so bold as to ask a question?"

Marie was briefly puzzled but carried on with it "Not at all, Master Witcher. what is that you want to inquire of?"

"I would like to know how Rhonin's gang of thugs (Rhonin's aides scowled at him) managed to get at you" he said.

Marie blinked uncertanly "Excuse me?"

Geralt made one of his rare shows of emotion and smirked mischiveously, this forebode ill for some reason. "yes what did they do to bring you here? did they knock you out and dragged you here? Did they threatened you? are you being blackmailed? i hope they dind't hurt you much, i told Rhonin not to be so rude when carrying out his evil plans"

Rhonin was not amused and facepalmed, his aides were alarmed and stiffened giggles of people trying to contain their laughter where heard all over the room. Even his wife Vereesa was trying hard to supress her laughter.

"You promised you will say nothing" Rhonin groaned.

"I promised i will say nothing to you, that doesn't stop me from asking to other people. you should learn to read the small lines" Geralt countered

The priestess was certainly caught of guard. her eyes wide big time and all she was able to say was "huh?".

Jaina was smiling greatly, she decided to end Rhonin's discomfort "Nothing to worry about, hes just fooling you around" she said.

Marie relaxed after that and nodded "oh? Okay".

"One day your smart-mouthness will come back to bite at you" said Rhonin restoring his semblance.

Geralt was still grinning "As if already hasn't do it in the past. besides i think you are a little rusted in this game, so i have no worries of you getting back at me"

"Ha, you will see i am full of surprises master Geralt" Said Rhonin haughtly.

"Aha, i will only believe it when i see it. at any rate, enough of playing around. we have work to do" Geralt's face turned abruptaly and immediatly into a mask of seriousness after that "let's get started" he said.

only a whisper was heard after that. From Lor'themar i might add "It is utterly amazing the way that he can control his feelings and reactions so completely and easily like if he was changing a mask or something"

"Very well, first let's see some basics" declared the witcher "I know many of you may know about the basics of alchemy but i need a headstart so bear it with me" the aprenticces nooded.

"Now, as we all know alchemy is all about mixing different ingredients for the creation of certain objects; like potions, oils and bombs".

"Bombs?" inquired one of the younger apprentices clearly surprised by the last statement.

The witcher huffed, he did not liked being interrupted "Yes bombs; little explosive devices that can make your enemies blow in multiple tiny little pieces of gore, or incinerate them until there is nothing but ashes from them. depends of the type of bomb though. there are also the ones that can poison and choke your enemies to death. and also..."

"We already know what bombs are" interrupted the same student mildly insulted at how Geralt refered to him as if he was a retard.

"then why do you asked what a bomb is in the first place?" replied geralt with jeer in his voice.

The young aprenticce was even more insulted by that "I just thought odd to be making bombs using alchemy, normally those things are the knowledge of dwarven enginners and gnome thinkerers"

"Pfffth... And how do you think that they make that discovery in the first place? did the rock itself growed bombs for them to mine, or did they experimented by mixing different ingredients and minerals to see their reactions; isn't that called alchemy?"

"Yes it is alchemy" said thinkerer Mekkatorque "we are always working and experimenting with the minerals that lay under the rock, that is how we manage to achieve great discoveries from time to time, one of them was the mixture of certain salts and minerals to create explosive devices".

this ended the discussion with a grinning witcher and an apprentice mumbling under his breath.

"Now were was i; ah yes mixtures created by combinig certain ingredients, which can be herbs, minerals or monster body parts, whatever. they required a medium referred as base. the base determines the type of mixture to be created. Alcohol is the base for potions..."

"Really?" said King Magni raising an eyebrow, then he was smiling from ear to ear "Ye' know suddenly i found ye'r trend of alchemy really appealing, master witcher"

"Yeah well, knock yourself out." replied geralt "it will be fun to see an overpowered dwarf running around and breaking through walls due to an excess in his potion drinking. that is until your body sucumbs to the toxins in your bloodstream and we will have to go through all the merry work of detoxify you. well the nice priest over there will have to do it, because i will not touch you not even with a stick"

some mild chuckles were heard after that.

"seriously now, it is most unwise to drink multiple potions at once. the balance and measures behind each one are extremely precise and delicate, if they mix suddenly between themselves. it could kill you outright"

":gulp: well i'm sure they ain't that tasty like a good ole' pint of mead" blurted king Magni.

"Riiiiiight!" Geralt deferred with a raised eyebrow " Anyway; getting back on the subject. Alcohol is the base for potions, grease is the base for oils, and black powder is the base for bombs. then you apply all the other ingredients per instruction by the formulaes and you would have your mixture of choice. sounds simple! but it requires finesse or your will end up blewing something, most possible yourself"

"but back on topic" Geralt brought forth his book of alchemical formulaes. at that the eyes of Jaina and Sylvanas gleamed with anticipation. one due to her scholar curiosity. the other because of her dark schemes.

Geralt slammed the heavily bound book into the table, sanpping everybody into attention. he opened the book and stopped in a page to his choice. displaying complex magical procedures in a strange foreing language for all to see.

"This -he reffered pointing to the book- are magical formulaes. here are the steps that are required to be performed in order to create a mixture. And the exact measures and ingredient preparations for it to happen"

Rhonin, Jaina, Aegwyn, Burroughs. All of them leaned closer into the table to look at the book contents. it looked quite complex to their eyes. more so due to the fact that none of them could understand the language in which it was written.

Jaina smiled and made a content sigh. she looked at the witcher and crossed her arms. "i'm afraid we would not be able to make much use of this, since we don't understand how to read them" she said.

The witcher smirked "indeed, did you think that i would be fool enough to expose this world to foreign magic just like that, without a second thought? No, all alchemical formulaes are written in the ancient elder speech of my world. An old tongue spoken for ages in my world since primordial times. Today only the elves and those educated enough to learn it can spoke it. And since it is a language exclusive of my world it makes me the only one in the face of this land to be able to read its contents."

The witcher grinned mischiveously "An excelent deterrent; don't you think? this would help to avoid that the knowledge contained in this pages to be misused by anyone"

The mages were very impressed by the witcher cleverness, some even were amused. On the other hand sylvanas scowled and cursed under her breath, since she was at the very back of the room no one paid her much attention.

"Very clever of you Master Geralt" said Rhonin "I would assume that you will teach us this exotic language or at least translate it for us to be able to use this formulaes".

"Of course" Geralt replied "for now i will translate it for you, later on i could teach the language to you and others of your council that you deem worthy to withold this knowledge"

Jaina was curious about the language itself, such was her avid pursue for knowledge. New things tend to fascinate her. she gently asked "I would like to hear some words of this language if is not much trouble at all mister Geralt"

Geralt stared at her direction. curious little thing aren't you? he thought; also she looked quite cute when asking. beaming with her curiosity and eagerness. Geralt smirked; fine, i am if not pleased to indulge such an attractive woman.

"Not at all elaine" he said outloud.

Jaina blinked in confusion, she clearly didn't understood the last part "I'm sorry -she awkwardly blurted- i'm afraid i didn't get that last part".

"It is elder speech" he said "It means beautiful"

"Oh?... good to know" Jaina said, suddenly rotted into her spot and starting to feel a little flustered. She was sure she was getting red on the face. Good i have the cowl on she thought.

The witcher took notice of his discomfort and was quite pleased by it. she looked quite pretty while embarrassed. but since he didn't want to cause grivance to her he decided to shift attention.

Geralt turned around and leaved the table just like that, without saying anything and leaving puzzled expressions in his audience (Geralt always doing unexpected things without telling anyone of his intentions) he approached and pointed outside towards the sun.

"feainn" he said "sun" he pointed next at one of the towers in the background "tor, tower" he turned around and kept pacing around the room. he pointed now at one of the elven helpers of Rhonin. "Seidhe, elf".

Geralt continued with his pacing. this time he aproached Aegwynn and pointed at her "Hen, old" that got some giggles to be heard in the background.

Aegwynn was bemused "Careful master Geralt, you would found that this old tigress still retains her fangs and claws" she admonished.

"oh, that would be interesting to see, looking foward to it" he playfully said.

finally, he turned around once more and looked at his audience. Geralt started to charge the sign of Igni in his hand. he gently released it while extending his arm creating a flame that engulfed his hand and part of his arm "Aenye, fire" He said while looking at the flames.

He let the flames die out and turned around once more to speak to Jaina "I assume this will be enough to satisfy your curiosity for the moment" he said.

Jaina nooded with her head, impressed by the great amount of knowledge the witcher possesed "Good" he said "now its time for me to show how witcher alchemy is made".

So the witcher carried diligently on the task to translate his formulaes for the mages. He chose a formulae of his liking and proceed to explain them what ingredients were nedded, the amount required and the procedure to make the potion. He did not explain them which potion did he had chosen or what its effects would be or do. When questioned about it, he said that it was a surprise which he didn't want to spoil. That didn't reassure anybody after what happened in his last "demostration". So Geralt had to assure them that it was nothing designed to bring harm to any sentient being; that it was nothing more that an enhancing potion to improve a certain specific skill in the drinker's body.

Geralt carried on with the task of making the potion itself, that's when his abilities as master alchemist were shown. He was swift in his endeavour; hands flew between ingredients, equipment and displays at great speed. He was methodical, precise and efficient like a machine. One of the most impressive displays, was at how the witcher demostrated that he knows mesurement quantities by memory; he didn't require mesurement devices for the liquids and ingredients, giving the correct exact mesures without more or less quantity, just the correct one. The mages were utterly impressed by that of course, more so since Rhonin and Aegwynn had mesured it themselves to make sure Geralt was not comitting mistakes (something that vexed him a little, but they leave him alone after that, finally realizing that Geralt easily surpassed even their best alchemists).

It didn't take long before Geralt brew a potion. He put a vial in the table filled with a sky green liquid. "It is done" he said " Now, who of you is brave enough to drink it".

There were a lot of uneasiness after that, with people fidgeting or whispering among themselves. None whising to become another subject for Geralt's demostration. Not after what happened last time.

It would seemed that Geralt would had to pick someone at random; luckyly or unluckyly for him, Jaina beat him to the act by grabbing the vial herself. She looked at the liquid inside the glass in her hand with an inquisitive look. "I am so curious to experiment how this feels; it looks painful, but the effects that i have saw thus far are very interesting" she said.

Geralt was debating wether or not to let her drink that potion, the toxins could cause her discomfort and indeed the transformations are painful but he is acostumed to them; Jaina is not, so it could be a very gruesome experience for her. But she is brave and from previous tales of her essential role in the last war, it seems she is stronger than what she lets herself show.

Geralt made his decision. He would let Jaina to have a go at it; but not before some words of advice. "If you wish to try it be my guest" he said to her in a neutral tone. But then he became somewhat stern in his next statement. He practicaly materialized himself in front of Jaina startling her and others due to the witcher swift reflexes. No one was able to process when the witcher crossed to the other side of the table and put himself in front of Jaina; Such was his speed. "But i warn you, it is indeed quite painful; pain is an old friend of mine. So i have no trouble with it; But i cannot avoid from feeling somewhat concerned about you. It could be quite an unpleasent experience for those who are not initiated in this art. But; If you are brave enough, then i would advise for you to mentally prepare yourself for this ordeal. Also do not forget to imbede some anti-toxins first; otherwise you may become ill".

Jaina nodded to him; still somewhat agitated by his little stunt. She pretty much suspected that such mannerisms of were something normal to him; he didn't even looked like he put any effort of his part to acomplish it in the first place. If there was any doubt about the veracity of Geralt's statements aboout him being a very dangerous and lethal individual; such thoughts were now tossed out of the window. She could easily imagine that; if Geralt somewhat desired it, he could have killed her at this close range without her and the others being none the wiser. That make her feel a sense of helplessness; that she could die in a second without being able to fight back in any possible way. no one in her entire life had made her feel this vulnerable. It frightened her in her insides, but also being this close at someone who was really dangerous and powerful; well, it was somewhat exciting.

Jaina was so engrossed in her thoughts she didn't realize that Geralt had signaled the priest Marie to give her an anti-toxin; not until she had Marie at her side offering her the beverage. That put her put of her train of thought; it also made her to mentally scold herself for her self-distraction. A mage of her status should paid more attention and be more attentive.

Regardless of her lapse. Jaina quickly grabbed that beverage too and gave her thanks to the priest before drinking the anti-toxin in one sip. She then proceed to consume Geralt's potion; but just before putting the vial to her lips she remember Geralt's advice. She looked at him and saw that he was watching her with an attentive look, like he was waiting for any sign of mishap in order to act. That thougth was amusing for her; the cold and expresionless killer being concerned for her health. It was quite the flattering thought.

Not wanting to waste more time in silly thoughts; Jaina drank all the potion in one sip, only to let the vial fall and crash into the ground because she was suddenly bombarded with a terrible feeling. PAIN! But not any kind of pain like the ones she was accostumed made either by injury or disease.

This one was something new. An overwhelming torture that treathened to torn her mind and body asunder. Her veins felt on fire, pulsating due to the potion running and saturating her bloodstream. She felt as if her organs were to melt. All her body reacting at the same time rejecting the beverage. Her veins thickening and throbbing, her bones ached and constrained. it felt as if her whole skeleton was either going to break or violently burst out of her body. This thoughts were accompanied quickly by desperation; a feeling that was not easy to dispel, less so by the fact that she felt like suffocating. She started to cry and wanted to scream but was unable to do so, only a pitiful whimper was all that could come out her throath.

Geralt quickly pulled Jaina into an embrace knowing that even though all he could do was give her moral support, it would mean the world for those who go through her ordeal. Jaina roughly took hold on him, grabbing him as if for dear life.

Rhonin, Aegwyn, Marie and the rest of the magister staff were heavily concerned for Jaina safety, they tried to rush at her, but Geralt stop them with a signal an stern look "Hold it, there is nothing you can do for her. This is her challenge and only her can pull herself out of it. Just wait".

True to his word, eventually, after what felt like an eternity (Specially to Jaina). The potion effects started to settle and the spasms of Jaina's body stopped. She released a strangled breath, trying to pull all the oxygen she could into her lungs. she was still grabbing Geralt in embrace, refusing to let go. She was scared it was understandable, he knew.

"It's alright" he said. "It is the same for all of us during our first time".

Jaina wipped her tears off and Geralt gently let go of their embrace, but without breaking their physical contact. He was now grabbing her from her shoulders. Jaina had her face buried in his chest; but even so, he could see her smile of mirth.

Jaina's voice even while muffled due to her position; it was clearly heard by Geralt and everyone else.

"You know my first time was such a special and gently thing. Not like this and certanly different from yours in both accounts if what you said is true."

This one of those rare moments in which the witcher is complete and utterly dumbfounded by being caught off guard. Geralt could not practically think in anything to said and his face was a testimony to that. Just like everyone else.

Jaina took a small peek at Geralt face and could not stop from giggling at what she saw.

"JAINA" Rhonin and Aegwynn said both at unison. Outraged and amused at the same time they were.

Geralt was still staring but suddenly he craked a smile that turned into a full smirk and a rare sound was heard coming from his throath. Rare, because no one had yet heard him making it so. it started low and barely audible at first, increasing in volume until everyone was able to recognize it.

It was laughter. A full whole hearted laugh that echoed in the room. It leaved everyone of his audience looking oddly at him, even Jaina. Time for first times it was indeed, this was the first time that anyone from Azeroth heard Geralt laugh. Jaina was unable to resist and ended joining him in his fit.

Eventually he stopped and quieted his laugh. He was smiling now. "You are indeed a remarkable individual, miss proudmoore. Not many could go through such a traumatic experience the way you did. I'm impressed, something that is not easy to achieve".

Jaina beamed a smile of her own through her hood. But the moment was not meant to last. Geralt was all bussines again, making use of his impressive way of changing into his mask of coldness in less than a sec.

"Now if you would please lower your hood and raise your sight; you will be able to witness the abilities that the potion has granted for you" he said.

Jaina was put into her train of thought again. She had forgot of cheking what changes had her body endured. She did what Geralt told him without question. And when she raised her sight, she discovered that the world was changed and different.

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