Chapter 1: On That Day, Twelve Years Ago

She remembers the day she was sent to the tower to be concealed from the rest of the Fereldan. She remembers the fear of being alone, the excitement of learning magic and the determination to not become an abomination.

She doesn't remember the sun, the clouds and the birds. She can't remember flowers and pure happiness, she only knows contempt. She can't remember her father's voice or her mother's embrace; in fact she doesn't remember having parents. She knows nothing of the outside world; it has been torn from her just as she has been torn from it.

One her first day she's bullied and thrown across the room by a fellow apprentice, he's older and he hates elves; and all she can think about is what is an elf? He wants her to cry and do everything he says because he's supposed to of noble blood and no matter what they say, he believes he is the master and she is the servant.

The other apprentices just stand and stare in wonder because he is the most talented one of them all and they fear him nearly as much as the Templars. However she is young and these words hold no meaning to her; all she sees is a threat and so she fights back.

She doesn't remember his name, though he was tall and blonde and pale skinned and wore a cocky smirk, his dark blue eyes gleaming with satisfaction and pleasure in trying to force her to submit. She may be small and fragile in appearance, her bright red hair falls just past her shoulders, brilliant emerald green eyes that show her innocence, pale skin as if she's never seen the sun .

She struggles to stand from where she's been thrown across one of the rooms that holds rows of bunk beds to accommodate all the apprentices. She pushes the chest that fell on top of her out of the way and stares into the eyes of her attacker. The other apprentices just continue to stare at you with expressions saying that she is brave but also a fool for standing up to him.

"L-leave h-her a-alone...." A shy voice breaks the silence and all eyes turn on him. He is tall with short black hair and dark brown eyes and he is only a year or two older than she is and it is clear he is terrified but he still found the courage to speak when the others did not.

"Shut up Jowan or you'll join her." The stuck up former noble kid says and spits in his direction, his eyes turning into disgust as they fall back onto the little Elven girl who is standing up to him. "Now little elf, kneel like the servant dog you really are."

She raises her right hand to wipe the blood away from the corner of her mouth and clenches her fists tightly and merely replies "No."

"Then I'll beat it into you!" The older boy claps his hands together and suddenly a bolt of lighting is heading towards her.

She can't explain the strange sensation she feels when she simply raises her left hand up and a magical barrier surrounds her and absorbs the bolt of lightning like it was nothing, before sending out a much larger one in retaliation.

The former noble boy's eyes widen in shock and disbelieve as the lightning hits him and sends him flying out the open doorway and lands in front of where First Enchanter Irving is standing, having just watched the whole scene totally unaware by the apprentices.

Irving reprimands the boy and sends him upstairs to his study. The boy nods and picks himself up off of the floor before limping away down the corridor. The First Enchanter smiles warmly as he walks into the dormitory and stops in front of the little elf.

"A very good display of control and understanding you showed there, especially for someone so young, you're how old my dear?" He knees down so he can be eye level with her.

"Six." She smiles shyly and claps her hands in front of herself and sways forward and back because she fears she's in trouble when in fact she's praised.

"Ah yes, you must our newest apprentice Sophia Surana." He smiles again at her when she nods and he pats her on the head. "Well Sophia I believe you'll achieve great things here."

She remembers that day like it only happened yesterday, when in reality it occurred many years ago. The little Elven girl has grown into a strong fine young woman who is exceptionally talented in the arcane arts. Sophia's hair has grown longer that it now rest at her waist, her slender frame is highly toned under the apprentice robes she wears, she's tall for an elf and if she covered up her ears she could be mistaken for a human, she wields curves in all the right places and she's unbelievably beautiful.

She befriended that shy boy who tried to stand up for her; Jowan and they've been the best of friends ever since and they've taken care of each other and the bond they share is one of family. Thought throughout the years he and all the other apprentices began to envy her more and more as she easily progressed in all subjects and that Irving had his eyes set on her for training her to be the next First Enchanter to replace him.

Sophia Surana has never been one to be afraid of what people think and say about you because it does not matter; only you have to judge and prove yourself to yourself. However today was different because today would change her life one way or another.

Today she undertakes the Harrowing and either becomes a fully fledged mage or becomes an abomination and dies at the hands of the Templars.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter, it's how I perceived how some of the other apprentices would react to having an elf among them even though they're supposed to be treated as equals doesn't meant they did. Anyway please let me know what you thought of it as it's deeply appreciated.