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They were in the kitchen, flirting around and whispering in each others ears, oblivious to the entire world.

Ronald McDonald was beside his one and only love, Hatsune Miku as they were huddled together, speaking in low tones, as if any louder they go, it would jeopardize their sweet sweet soft serve relationship. If you get what I mean.

"Now, you put the sugar bit by bit in this, and mix it with your hands." Ronald demonstrated. "You have to feeeeeeeeel it with your fingers, if you do, then it would definitely turn out yummy." If you get what he means.

Miku licked her lips and nodded. She was right to invite him over, looking at him do his things, making his signature soft serve ice cream; such wonderful hands, how she wished they were somewhere else. If you get what she means.

"You know what," Miku gently looked at him, "I think I would love it if you put your patty in my burger." If you get what she means.

Ronald did a double take, did his lovely Miku just say that! How climatically erotic! He felt his milkshake spurt out of its cup. If you get what I mean.

"Would you like fries with that, Miku?" He cooed. If you get what he means.

"Only if the fries are long and thick..." If you get what she means.

"Oooh! I assure you they're tasty. You can even try the happy meal!" He nudged at her. If you get what he means.

"But that's for kids!" She hit him lightly. Well, she is underaged, but does she still count as a loli? If you get what she means.

"Ahah! But it comes with a free toy." Ronald waggled his eyebrows and looked at his toy. If you get what I mean.

Miku clapped with glee.

"I'll make sure you'll never ever want the drive-thru." If you get what he means.

"Ronald, please work gently." Miku whispered as she flicked away the bangs that fell over her right eye.

"Oh why yes!" Ronald McDonald licked his red painted lips. Miku loves his lips, so, red, like his red bushy hair, so, overdrawn, so, so, dreamy. Like a Mcflurry.

"I'm lovin' it." Miku sighed in bliss.

Ronald leaned closer and closer as Miku shut her eyes.

"HEY CLOWN! IS OUR LUNCH READY YET?" Rin yelled from across the hall.

"Stop it Rin! Ronald-san is nice enough to come over to cook for us." A loud swat could be heard as Len smacked Rin on her head.

Rubbing her soon forming bruise, Rin pouted. "...Right."

"I guess we better hurry, Ronald!" Miku giggled. "Oh, and please wipe the milkshake you spilt on the counter when you were reaching for the spatula."

Ronald absentmindedly nodded. "I think you better stay a little further from the stove if you don't want the oil to splatter on to you again, Miku."

"And. Do not. Do not. Share the recipe I just told you. Don't let our whisper session go to waste." Ronald winked at Miku before continuing to fry his patties.

"Teehee, sure thing! But you better be careful too! You're standing really close to the grill pan. The oil might get onto your eyelid like how it did to mine!" She warned as she cleaned her face with a tissue. "Thank god it wasn't boiling hot."

Miku then reached over to grab her free Ronald McDonald miniature figure toy she got from her Happy Meal. Miku then smirked because she knew Rin would be super jealous of her new figurine.




Did you get it?

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