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Hints of: LenXRin

Oh yes, changed the title again. I think it's going to stick this time. Unless I change the ratings...

It was pure bliss. Len didn't care if he was dreaming or not, this was too good to be true!

They were in Heaven. Rin was wearing a skimpy two piece golden bling-bling bikini (look how it sparkles in the sun!), sitting on some cloud thingie, yeah, cloud thingie, hmm, let's call it cloud chair. Yeah, cloud chair. She was leaning on the cloud chair, her legs crossed, as she licked onto her popsicle slowly, her little pink tongue licking the cold dessert.

His legs turned to jelly! This must be a dream! No way that stupid popsicle takes 3 hours to finish! Unless if it's magical! And that would prove that he must be dreaming! But he didn't care! Watching Rin lick the popsicle was like watching her coughing on his cough!

Yes! This fan fiction is rated T, therefore any word(s) that would change the rating would be automatically censored with a cough! What an abuse of the exclamation mark!

Her eyes were half lidded, how sexy! And she looked oh so wonderfully glorious in that red majestic rape! Cough! I mean cape!

Oooh, why wasn't anyone cuffing him now! He was sure he was going to jail, because, surely looking at such a beautiful creature directly with his plebeian eyes must be a sin!

He stared jealously at that popsicle as one melted drop fell onto her b-b-b-bosom! Kyaaaaa~!

Wait! Did he just fangirl squeal?

She then flipped and turned around to lie on her front. What the hell! What the hell! He's staring at her bling-bling bikini wearing ass right now! He wiped some drool off his chin.


Len continued to stare as he heard some background music. Wait. Two background music mixing with each other. No. Three. Very. Bad. Songs. Mashed. Together.

I'm too sexy for this shirt, too sexy, make my pee pee go doing~doing~ I'm too sexy for Japan, too sexy that I almost jizzed in my pants~

…A very bad remix indeed.

Her cloud chair now changed into a love seat as Rin sat up, still holding that lovely popsicle. She then moved to look at Len, using her finger to motion him over.

Len stood agape. Him? She asked him to go over? You mean him? Who's wearing a stupid angel-like outfit, with a cloth wrapped around his body, and with fake stick on cardboard wings?

He pointed at himself again to ask, "Y-you're calling for m-m-m-me, m-m-m-my Q-Q-Q-Queen?"

Len almost wanted to slap himself. He's such an embarrassment! Urgh!

Rin smiled, flipping her hair, nodding sweetly, her hand holding the sweet popsicle.

He was about to exploded at any moment now. He scooted closer, gulping.

She patted the empty space beside her, her hand holding the marvelous popsicle.

Kyaaaaa~! She wants him to sit beside her!

He quickly made himself comfortable beside his goddess, his hands fidgeting on his lap.

"I grant you King for a day! You can do anything you like!" Her voice sounded so sweet, her hand holding the wonderful popsicle.

"R-r-r-really? " She nodded, her hand holding the delicious popsicle. "Thencanyoucloseyoureyesforme?" Len spoke too fast for his own liking.

Rin giggled, her hand holding the amazing popsicle. "As you wish, my king!"

What Len wanted to do was to give her a little peck on her cheek. I'm sure, all of you are wondering, why, just a little kiss, when he can do ANYTHING he wants for today? Simple! Because this fan fiction is rated T!

Cheering silently, he looked at her as her eyes fluttered close, her hand holding the enjoyable popsicle.

Oh boy! Oh boy! Here I come! He closed his eyes as he leaned in to give a long smooch.

I'm kissing her! I'm kissing her oh so soft skin~! Suddenly, he heard a voice-

"Ewwegaahhhh! Len! Dude, that's so uncool." A disgusted Kaito looked at him, wiping the spot where Len kissed him on his cheek. Len opened his eyes, sticking his tongue out wipe on his clothes.


"…I heard there was ice cream…" Kaito spoked quietly.


"…Sorry. D: " Kaito's mouth became a D.

"SORRY ISN'T ENOUGH, YOU DUMB COUGH!" Placing his hands on Kaito's neck, he proceeded to kill the poor Ice-Cream Lover.

Poor thing! He's turning as blue as his scarf already!

"LENN! NO!" Len ignored Kaito's strangled cry as he strangled harder.






Meiko slapped Len awake.

"M-Meiko-nee-chan! Why'ja slap me!" Len cradled his stinging face.

"Uh, sorry, you were out cold for 3 hours." Meiko let go of him, letting Rin smother him with her cheek rubbing hug.

Rin cried out, "Len! You were stampeded by hoards of housewives when we were rushing into that New Year's Sale! I thought you went to Heaven!"

Well, I did, and saw you in a- Len blushed. Well, no kiss, but at least he wasn't dreaming anymore.

"Okay, kids, no more New Year Sale next time. Thank god we didn't need to send you to a hospital, Len." Meiko sighed.

"Yeah, Len! I was so worried!" Kaito kneeled to look at him.

Len only flipped him the finger.

"What did I do wrong now!" Kaito looked up at Meiko.

She could only shrug.

Poor Kaito…? Lol. Cough.

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