Chapter 1- Scent

They had run away.

From each other.

One hoping to keep him alive.

And the other praying he never found her.

Zero was in his dorm. Everything was quiet, not because the students were gone for the summer. Because Yuki had gone off with her brother Kaname, to live her life, and to keep him running. And for the first time it was completely and utterly peaceful.

Zero hated it so much he could vomit.

He missed her chirpy laughter through the halls. The clang of cooking tools as she destroyed the kitchen trying to make toast. Even the way she yelled at him for sleeping on the job.

He never expected to miss her high pitched voice so much. He was all alone except for the Chairman, locked away in his office, preparing for the next year. Zero would be a senior. Yuki would have been one too.

God only knows how she is educating herself now, he thought. Especially without someone to tutor her.

But he was positive that Kuran had probably gotten Yuki the finest tutor in the history of afterschool learning. The thought of that man's name made Zero's blood boil and his fingers twitch for the Bloody Rose. If only he had not let that Pureblood manipulate him and everyone else around him, maybe, just maybe, he could have had Yuki.

No! He couldn't think that. He had to stay strong. Strong in the sense of blocking everything that was good in the world.

"Damnit!" he cried, his voice echoing through the halls, cutting through the silence for a split second. Why were his last words to Yuki so – heartless?!

"Go be next too…the man who can spend eternity with you. But the next time we meet… I will kill you Yuki."

Rage flushed up to Zero's brain and he leapt from his bed and hurled the lamp that was on his bed side table into the wall, the bulb, the vase, everything shattering; pieces stuck into the broken wall. Zero screamed and fell back on his bed. It took every ounce of his being not to shoot himself right then and there.




Why did you have to go? Why couldn't you have stayed a human? Your nightmares – I could have helped, somehow, like you helped me!

Zero lay, exhausted, on his bed, feeling the tiny gun under his pillow that Yuki had once used. He longed for there to be some lingering sign of her on the gun, a scent, a fingerprint, something. But it now had his scent and fingerprints all over it from holding it under his pillow in his sleep.


He didn't even bother do look up. He knew the Chairman stood in the doorway, not leaning against anything, just standing in his civil poise and proper yet loving manner.

"Zero, we have…well someone is…"

My head snapped up from a familiar scent. Here? But how? Why? Doesn't she remember what I said?

Zero jumped out of bed and shoved the Chairman out of the way, following the scent of Yuki's skin, even more intoxicating than her blood. He wove through the halls, down the stairs, through the courtyards and back into the Chairman's bedroom. There, lying on a bed of white, blotched with red sheets, was Yuki.

Zero grabbed the door frame to keep from lunging at her or to keep himself from falling. He couldn't tell which one it was.

"Yu-ki," he choked on his own breath at the sight of his childhood friend asleep, mangled and torn up. She wore her Cross Academy uniform, probably meaning she did not bother to pack anything to come. Did she come alone? Why was she so beaten up? Where was Kuran?
Zero felt a cool hand on his shoulder as the Chairman, now with a bruised eye, walked in between him and the sleeping girl.

"Now, Zero," he said. "This may look odd, but I don't even know what is quite going on right now, so just calm yourself. And don't try anything. She is still my daughter and I don't want you to touch her until everything is sorted out, now go back to your dorm."

"No," Zero replied, coldly. He pushed the Chairman out of the way, again, and pulled up a nearby chair, sitting it next to the bed. He pulled out the Bloody Rose and tossed it towards the Chairman's feet.

"I'm not going to hurt her."

The Chairman looked down at his feet, picked up the gun, and said, "I'm keeping the door open. Don't move till I get the doctor."

And he was gone. Just like that. Did he really trust Zero that much?

Zero slumped forward, his face collapsing in his hands.

Who could have done this to you?

He ran his fingers through his silver hair and rubbed his neck. He felt an unfamiliar sensation in his nose and the skin below his eyes. It tingled and twitched. Then his vision became cloudy. Liquid pooled up and spilled over his lids and down his cheeks and then he realized it.

He was crying.

Author's Note: This is my first VK fan fiction that I've published. I'll accept constructive criticism.