AN: Hello everybody, this is a re-post of my original story that I posted many moons ago. I've made some slight alterations and improved the grammar (Let me know if I missed any mistakes)




I was finally home, well almost. I limped into the garage pushing the remains of my shell cycle. Donnie was so gonna kill me, the bike was trashed.

I leaned it up against the wall, the stand having been broken off. The headlamp was also smashed, the front wheel was buckled, it was leaking oil from several places, and there were too many god damn holes to count. Yup, I'm one dead turtle.

I turned my shell on my former bike and limped over to the elevator which would take me down to the lair. I just hoped Donnie was in bed for once, then I could wait until the morning to face the verbal butt-whipping. The likely-hood of Donnie being in bed though was like a zillion to one. Donnie was the only one of my brothers who was ever up as late as me, I blamed the amount of coffee he drank. He insisted he needed it so he had the time to fix all his inventions. We agreed to disagree.

I walked out of the elevator and into the lair. The only light was coming from one of my brother's rooms, but surprisingly it wasn't from Donnie's, it was from Leo's. I didn't know which was worse, a rant from Don or a lecture from "Fearless".

I moved across the lair as silently and as quickly as I could with my injured leg.

Damn, it was really starting to hurt now. I wasn't Doctor Don but I knew from past experience that there was nothing broken. I still needed supply's though, then I could lock myself in the bathroom and patch myself up.

I'd just got to Don's lab and was going through the first aid kit when I was rumbled.

"What are you doing?" asked Leo from the door.

I sighed, so much for waiting till morning. I turned around so I was facing Leo, letting him get a full view of my leg. No point in putting off the inevitable.

"What happened?" winced Leo. No accusations, no lecture, just a simple question. I waited a while to see if he'd say anything more, but he didn't.

"I got hit by a Purple Dragon truck." They'd come right up behind me and rammed the bike. I didn't stand a chance, went skidding down the road with the bike on top of me. When I finally came to a stop, the Dragons were right there. Injured, and I still managed to kick their butts."

Leo walked further into Don's lab and picked up a bandage. "Need a hand?"

I looked at Leo like he had grown a second head, why was he helping me? And where was the lecture?

He laughed slightly, "I'm not going to lecture you. I figure you've been through enough pain."

"Gee, thanks Leo, and here I thought you were just being nice."

"Okay, if you don't want my help I'll just get Donnie." Leo was smirking as he pointed behind him. "I'm sure he'll have an extra long rant about what I'm sure the bike looks like." He started to turn away from me.

"No," I said rather hurriedly. I was awarded with another chuckle, as I looked down at my feet. I think one was now turning purple!

"Come on Hothead, lets get you cleaned up." Leo helped me towards the bathroom, it would have been easier to stay in Don's lab but he probably had some security device wired up to wake him if anyone entered, either that or one of his experiments would blow up. We didn't want to risk it.

I sat on the toilet seat while Leo ran a bowl of warm water. I had a nasty friction burn going down my left thigh that was weeping and had gravel embedded in it. I had an accompanying abrasion that spread from my left shoulder down to my elbow. In the bright light of the bathroom I could now see that my left foot really was starting to turn purple, must have been where the bike had crushed it.

Leo knelt down with the bowl, helping me to remove my pads. Dropping them on the floor, I'd have to remember to give them a proper clean later.

"This may sting."

"Ya think!" Was all I managed before Leo started dabbing the wound on my leg with the flannel. Yup, it hurt. I bit my lower lip as he continued, neither of us speaking while he did this. When he was done cleaning, he started with the bandage.

"You know you'll be questioned about this in the morning."

"Yeah, I know." It would be unavoidable, morning practice was in less than four hours. I would have zilch of a chance of hiding any of my wounds, with or without the bandages. I winced as Leo tied off the bandage then started on my arm.

"And Donnie will be pissed over the bike," he continued.

"Yeah, I won't ask him to fix it, I'll do it myself." Donnie wasn't the only one good with machines, though my knowledge was limited to the bike and the battle shell. Engines I could do, techno-gadgets, not so much. Hell, I struggled with all the extra functions Don had put on the shell-cells.

"You're going to find practice difficult for a while."

"I'll manage," I yawned. Man, I was tired. I wondered what the time was? It was gone three, I knew that. But I was often up this late, much to my displeasure I was becoming more of an insomniac, I don't know why. I would wear myself down during the day with more training and go out at night but nothing seemed to help. April had offered to get some pills, but I'd refused. I hate having to take tablets, not that I told her that.

"Done," came Leo's voice cutting into my thoughts. I looked down at him, he didn't look tired at all. How did he do that?

"How's your foot?"

"Sore, but it'll be fine," Leo didn't comment, he looked back down at it but still said nothing. Although Donnie was the doctor of the family we all knew the basic first aid. Kind of mandatory in our lives.

Leo gave me a nod then helped me to stand. "Lets get you to your room." I didn't protest, I was too tired. Once seated on my bed, Leo held out an in instant ice-pack. "Put that on your foot, it'll help with the swelling."

I took the pack, crushing the crystals inside. When I looked up, I saw Leo was leaving.

"Thanks bro."

Leo turned back to face me, "You're welcome," he smiled, before leaving and shutting the door behind him.

I flicked off the bedside lamp and lay down on my uninjured side, placing the ice-pack on my foot. I thought over what had just gone on between me and Leo. No fighting, no arguing, just two brothers having an almost normal conversation. It was like it used to be when we were young. I smiled to myself before closing my eyes and falling asleep.