Naruto: A Rider's Destiny

Chapter 1: A Legend is born

There is a legend of a stone that holds great power. It is said that if the stone reacts to a person that untold power and fame will follow them. In the Land of Fire there is such a stone every year a few selected individuals from the neighboring villages will come and try their luck. The monks of the Fire Temple guard the stone and hope that the stone will react to a righteous person. One day a strange young woman arrived at the temple and walked up to the egg. She reached out her hand and touched the stone and muttered some foreign language there was a flash of light and when it dissipated both the woman and the stone was gone.


A twelve year old boy with blond spiky hair and blue eyes was jumping for joy he had just became a genin. Uzumaki Naruto was smiling he had just left the Hokage's office and was thanked for beating Mizuki who framed Naruto into stealing a scroll of seals. He had defeated Mizuki and saved Iruka who gave him his own headband signifying him becoming a genin of the village.

He was making his way towards a training ground to get some training before going to bed. When he arrived there was a flash of light and then there was a stone was on the ground it was beautifully carved and smooth it was a dull gray color. Naruto bent down and ran his hand over the stone but pulled away when he felt something like a pulse coming from the stone. Naruto picked up the stone and looked over the stone. Naruto decided to just go home and rest up.

Naruto placed the stone at the foot of his bed and he sat down at the other end and stared at it. Soon he fell asleep. The next day Naruto woke up stiff he got up and stretched and got ready for the day before remembering the stone that was on his bed still. Naruto picked up the stone and hid it in one of his safe hiding spots in his apartment so no one could steal it. He raced towards his favorite ramen stand and grabbed breakfast and sat there trying to figure out he was going to do for a whole week before genin teams were announced. He wondered who was going to be on his team. He was going to check up on Iruka. As he made his way he was stopped by a young person hidden under a traveler's cloak.

"What do you want?" growled Naruto his right hand inching towards his kunai pouch.

"Where is it?" Naruto was shocked cause the person in front of him spoke in a heavenly tone. Naruto looked at her and a slight blush crept up on his cheeks. The person in front of him was a young female a little bit older than him. She held an air of nobility and power around her. To him she was a goddess on earth. "Where is the egg?"

"Huh what egg I don't have an egg miss. Now if you excuse me." With that Naruto walked past the cloaked girl and raced towards the academy. "What was her problem?"

That night Naruto placed the stone back onto the bed and rub his hand over the stone wondering where it came from. Suddenly the stone jerked like it was alive. Naruto jumped back not knowing what to expect. The stone jerked some more than broke open to reveal a small creature. "It wasn't a stone. It was an egg. Now what do we have here you are definitely not a bird yet you have wings." The little creature wobbled towards Naruto before sneezing and emitted a puff of black smoke. "A dragon oh man this is cool." Naruto slowly reached out his hand to pet the baby dragon's head. The dragon looked up at Naruto with curiosity. Right when Naruto's hand made contact with the dragon's head his whole erupted in pain like his blood was on fire and soon blacked out.

When Naruto woke up he saw the little dragon had curled up in the crook of his arm. He took a good look at the new dragon. It had red scales with a hint of gray in them and green eyes and a pair of small leathery wings. Naruto felt some pain race through his hand to see a mark burned into his skin like a large swirl. The dragon looked up at Naruto wondering what he was doing.

Naruto smiled and stood up. "Hungry?" The dragon jumped back growling happily. Naruto walked over to the fridge that he had just stocked up. (He does eat other types of food but ramen is his favorite.) Naruto grabbed some strips of bacon out of the fridge and separated a few and held one out towards the young dragon. The dragon sniffed it before ripping it out of Naruto's hand. The dragon ate all of the strips of bacon Naruto had out with gusto. "Ok now what to do with you? Ok Kage Bushin." With a puff of smoke a solid clone of Naruto appeared next to him. "Ok you stay with the little guy and learn all you can. You have enough chakra to last all day."

Naruto raced towards the Hokage's office hoping for some advice."Hey Jiji you here?" Naruto yelled. There was a small chuckle from atop the stairs to reveal an aging man wearing a white cloak and a white and red hat, Sarutobi Sasuke the Third Hokage.

"Morning Naruto what brings you this early?" asked Sarutobi with a smile. He always liked hanging out with Naruto his energy was contagious.

"I need some advice about animals." At this Sarutobi's eyebrow raised. "Is there anyone that you trust that can help me?"

Sarutobi stroked his bread and thought about whom to refer him to. "Ok Naruto come on I need to talk to her anyways so we can go together." Naruto nodded as the two of them left the buildings and made their way towards the clan district. Konoha is divided into roughly three sections. You have the market district, the residential sections were most of the villagers live, and you have the clan district where the large clan families live. They had stopped outside the Inuzuka clan house. The place felt wild there was a lot of room to run around. An Inuzuka member escorted them towards the main building and meets with Tsume the clan head. After Sarutobi explained part of the reason for coming she nodded before calling for a girl named Hana.

Hana Inuzuka walked towards her mother's office wondering why she was summoned. She had been getting ready to meet with some of her friends on her few days off from missions and the family clinic. She was sixteen about to be seventeen next month. She had long brown hair that was normally pulled back in a ponytail. She also had the Inuzuka clan marks on her cheeks giving her a feral look.

"You called kaa-san?" asked Hana as she walked in.

Tsume smiled at Hana before motioning in. "Yes Hana I am sorry for pulling you away but there is need of your assistance. You see young Naruto here is in need of animal advice for a companion. You are one of our best vets so you qualify perfectly for this. Naruto-kun this is Hana my daughter."

Hana was upset when she heard what her mother said. This is one of those few days off and now she was going to have to work because of this boy. She sighed before looking at her mother in the eyes not saying anything but you could tell her displeasure in her eyes.

"Hana-san we don't have to do it right away I was just wondering where to go if you want we could do this another day." Said Naruto seeing the look in her eyes.

Hana was shocked that this boy had just said what he did. Tsume and Sarutobi smiled and looked at Hana to see what she would say. Hana smiled and turned to Naruto. "Thank you how about we meet at Training grounds 39 at nine tomorrow and bring your companion with you and we could get started." Naruto smiled and nodded.

Tsume was the next to speak. "So Naruto-kun what kind of companion are we talking about? This way we can be prepare to do a complete job."

At this Naruto was sweating bullets trying to think of what to say or even how to explain that he had a newly hatched dragon living in his house. "Can you guys keep a secret?" At this the three raised their eyebrows but nodded. "My companion is one of a kind well it is better if you see for yourself. It is at my apartment with a clone."

"Well shall we see what the fuss is about Hokage-sama?" said Tsume standing up. Sarutobi nodded and got up and soon the four of them were making their way towards Naruto's apartment.

Naruto was worried that they would freak out when they saw what was in his apartment. When he opened the door he smiled at the sight of his clone playing tug of war with the young dragon. "Well you were wondering now please keep this a secret. She hatched last night and I don't know how to take care of her." The clone puffed out of existence and the young dragon looked around confused until it saw Naruto in the doorway. Then ran over and jumped into his arms. "What you think Jiji, Tsume-san, and Hana-san?"

"Naruto-sun is that a dragon?" asked Sarutobi. Naruto just nodded in response. "Where did you get this dragon?" Naruto explained how he found the egg and up to the present. "Well Naruto-kun that is an interesting story so are you going to keep this dragon as your partner?"

"That was what I was thinking but I don't know much about taking care of her. That is why I went for advice." Answered Naruto. Tsume and Hana nodded in agreement.

"Ok Naruto-kun remember training grounds 39 at nine and don't worry I will not tell anyone about this." Said Hana as she and her mom left.

Naruto bowed with the little dragon still in his arms. "Thank you again Tsume-sama Hana-chan." And with that Naruto spent the rest of the day with his new friend.

Naruto's Mindscape

Meanwhile from behind a large dark cage a giant fox watched his container play with a dragon hatchling. "Now what do you know to think my container would be the first Dragon Rider in 2000 years. Lets see what will happen next maybe I can finally pass on my knowledge to a worthy person after all."

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