Author's Note(s): Okay, so, another Eurotrip Cooper/Jenny one shot. Reviews are greatly appreciated! But not necessary. Enjoy! Or, maybe not.

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Cooper Harris never thought in a million years that he'd be waking up in Jenny's bed. Especially after a night of having sex with Jenny herself. But here he was, naked and disorientated and not to mention hungry, in her bed without her.

"Jenny?" He said as he sat up and looked around. He had never been in Jenny's room before last night and it had been dark. Hell, come to think of it, he'd never even been to her house before. The walls were purple and covered with posters and photographs; some of which included Cooper himself. Overall, she had a very normal looking bedroom.

But where the hell was she?

He considered yelling for her and even getting up but then thought better of it if her parents were home. Plus, he wasn't exactly sure where his clothes were at the moment. So he laid back against Jenny's pillows and waited.

Cooper was not a patient person at all so after five minutes had already passed, he was getting antsy. But just like that, Jenny strolled right back into her room, carrying two Poptarts and wearing only boy shorts and Cooper's shirt, the one with his own face on it that he made himself when he was bored one Sunday afternoon. He briefly wondered if it was wrong of him to find that really hot or not.

"Good morning, Cooper," Jenny said cheerfully as she handed him a Poptart. She plopped herself down on her bed next to him. It wasn't hard. Her bed wasn't very big.

"Good morning, Jenny," he replied and took a quick bite of the Poptart. Blueberry. His favorite.

She watched him for a moment as she finished eating her Poptart. "What's wrong?" She asked him in that exasperated tone of hers.

"Nothing," he shook his head.

"Right." She didn't sound too convinced.

"Nothing is wrong," he said vehemently and finished off his own Poptart, "It's just… you know… you'rewearingmyshirt." He mumbled the last part so it ended up sounding like one annoyingly long word.

Jenny laughed, "What?"

Cooper sighed and took her hands in his own. He said, albeit a little awkwardly, "You're wearing my shirt."

She laughed again. "Yes, I believe I am."

"Yeah, so would you mind taking it off?" He asked her a bit cheekily.

"Take it off?" She questioned suggestively.

He nodded.

"Right now?"

"Yes, I think that would be appropriate."


"Uh huh."

"Okay, Cooper, if you say so," she said and promptly took off his shirt. He was too distracted by her sudden lack of clothing to see that his beloved shirt had been discarded on the floor. Jenny moved closer to Cooper, leaning over him and smirking dangerously as she kissed him with force.

"You looked hot wearing my shirt," he told her in a somewhat dazed voice.

"I did, didn't I?" She was still smirking, "But, personally, I think I look better without it."

"Oh, you do," he nodded, "You definitely do."

They both laughed as Cooper pulled Jenny even closer and they started a repeat performance of last night.

It was a good morning.