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To Lose Another

Summary: When Optimus Prime finally finds his sparkmate, he loses him to the war. But Primus has other plans for the boy…

Death. It was everywhere in the Autobot base on earth. There were no corpses, just the depression, the heaviness of loss that pervaded the hangar. No one felt it more so than the leader, Optimus Prime. As a leader, he wasn't allowed to show weakness, but in privacy, he would sit heavily on his berth and place his head in his hands. Clear fluid leaked out of his optics and his spark ached at the absence of his loved one.

Memories danced across his processors and his spark chamber tightened, almost crushing his spark.

"Optimus!" A laughing voice cried out to him. He turned his head and he smiled at the young Witwicky.

"C'me on! We're going to the beach! Everyone's going!"

The leader considered all factors of going to the beach with the group: the area was scanned and there were no decepticons. The day was a Monday and the time was late at night, around 7:30pm; most humans would be at home, recharging for the next day.

"Yes, Sam, I would love to join you,"

His spark warmed slightly as he remember Sam giving him a nice bathwash after the incident; the affection of the Allspark vessel felt through his soft strokes and his gentle smile.

The leader was so immersed in his thoughts that he failed to notice his SIC and TIC looking at him worriedly.

"Prowler, Ah wish we could so somethin' fer Prime," the silver mech said to the black and white mech standing beside him.

"We can't, especially not without the boy," Prowl replied, his blue optics taking in the slumped posture of his leader.

"Ah know, but…"

"We should leave him alone for now. It is better for all of us to let him grieve when he can," Prowl interrupted him, walking towards the long hallway. Jazz turned to follow his sparkmate, his processors constantly trying to figure out how to cheer up his leader.

Prime caught the end of their conversation and Prowl was correct: he needed to grieve for now, so that later, it won't come out in unreasonable outbursts.

Air vented out of his systems, the sound similar to a human sigh. He laid on his berth and stared at the high ceiling, wondering how long it would take him to offline so he could hopefully recharge without any dreams.

"Everybody get out of here!!" Sam screamed as Megatron approached him menacingly. Ironhide took Will in his servos and ran out of range; following suite was Bumblebee with Mikaela, Jolt and Miles, and finally two sets of twins.

Optimus tried to pull away from Ratchet as he saw Megatron reach out for the boy, his evil intent clear in his red optics. Suddenly, everything slowed down and moments stretched out in seemingly long periods. As Megatron's clawed hands crushed the boy, a bright light burst from the decepticon's leader. Someone screamed Sam's name and Optimus realized that the screams were coming from him as he ran towards Megatron, to his spark-mate. He was tackled backwards by Ratchet and landed heavily on his back, the air knocked out of his systems. His air valves overworked themselves as alert messages sprayed across his screen, forewarning the leader of imminent stasis lock.

He used an override code to stall the lockdown and stared at the crater that appeared before him. In the middle of the crater was a large heap of metal that he knew to be Megatron. However, there was no sign of Sam, none that ever indicated he existed at all.

At first, denial came. Sam must have escaped. He must have. There were no possibilities that he could have, but his spark wanted for Sam to have escaped. To have cheated Death and be back with him.

When he somehow stumbled to the crater, against his and Ratchet's better judgements, he attempted to slowly walk down the crater. A foot slipped, and in reflex, he tucked and rolled albeit painfully. At the bottom, he awkwardly rolled out, landing on his stomach instead of the usual graceful rise.

"Sam! Are you in there?"

"Optimus! Get away from there!"


"Optimus! Stay away!"


Optimus onlined abruptly, the screams still ringing in his processors.

"Optimus, you are needed in hangar one," Ratchet called him over the comm. Link.

"I will be there in a cycle," Optimus replied and his battle mask was in place.

Hangar One, Autobot Base; location: classified

Will leaned over the rails, lost in thought as he ran over the events of the past months in his head. There was no way he could have foreseen it. No way to go back in time and make things better. First it started with his wife and daughter who died in an unfortunate car accident a year ago. Ironhide was with him on a recon mission when he got the news. He couldn't believe the telegram and he spent that month haunting their graves. It was so bad that Ironhide had to transform several times to carry his friend back to the autobot home, not his personal home. As Will stood near the rails, musing over how many times Ironhide had to take care of him, his partner was watching him in turn, finding his different expressions amusing but at the same time worrisome.

"I never knew you to be such a worrisome fart," Ratchet said, walking towards his old comrade.

"I'm not worried. Just observing," Ironhide's eyes never left his human partner, even as Ratchet stood beside him, also looking.

"It'll take time to deal with such a loss,"

"I know,"

"I can hear you talking, you know?" Will turned to the two, a smirk on his face. Ironhide grunted in response and his face was turned to one side.

"See," Ironhide said as he walked away from Ratchet to the console, "I wasn't worried."

As long as Will can make smartass comebacks, I'm not worried.