Author's Notes: This is my first official Sins of a Solar Empire Fanfic, I have also created one that was somewhat of a crossover of Sins and Freelancer, but it was a highly unstable story. This story mainly follows around a TEC Captain named Tony King, who gets caught into revenge to avenge the destruction of his homeworld, I have big plans for this story so expect more soon. Enjoy the story, and more will be here soon! If you like it, review, and if you think it needs work, plz review, constructive criticism helps build and maintain a story. So here it is!

Chapter 1: Midnight Ambush

Planet Zios, Kyots System, March 28, 2970, 11:30 PM

Tony King awoke in the middle of the night, lately I've had trouble sleeping, I haven't figured it out, but it has worried me recently, because I needed to be well rested to perform my job at my utmost performance. I am a Captain of a battleship for the Trader's Emergency Coalition, and so I had to be wide awake, and recently I've been very tired.

I decided to walk out onto my veranda of my shore-side home, and watched the black waves of water roar against the shore, emitting a sound that was soothing and somewhat calming. But soon I'd realize that this night isn't a time of soothing relaxation, that it would possibly mean the end of Planet Zios as the TEC knew it. The first sign came at 12:06 PM, all of a sudden, the birds in the forest nearby flew away, all of them. That's not a good sign. I thought as I watched them fly away. Then I look up.

A lot of flashes of light are seen in the star-scape above, and the shape of it was instantly recognizable, it was a Advent capital ship.

"Oh my!" I gasp. Just then a bright light emitted from the Adventian craft. And it hit the ground intensely, destroying a fraction of a city nearby. Just then the warning sirens went off. This can't be happening! I think as I ran out of my vista and to my car. I drive it away, and head for the city, twisting around debris from the initial attack.

When I arrived at the Starport, Lieutenant Johnson was waiting for me at the entrance, "Captain! Thank god, we need to get the fleet in the air asap!" She said.

"Understood Lieutenant, go prime the Ithica for launch, I'll get the crew ready," I order, she nods and runs off toward the Akkan Class battleship. I turn and head for my crew who awaited inside the starport.

"Captain!" They salute.

"Dispense with the pleasantries, we got a job to do. Everyone get suited up and head for space, we are needed to save Zios, think of the families, your families, and the people that need your help, and good luck!" I brief them and salute, then we all get moving for our vessels. I return to the TDN Ithica and help Johnson finish prepping the ship for launch. Then we take off, heading for space.

As the fleet exited the atmosphere, several frigates and fighters of our fleet were shot down, falling back to the surface, it took all the concentration to keep the rest alive. I watched as the Tempest came into full view.

"Alright men, remember your training, and remember the men and women and children below."

As soon as the Ithica reached space, the Advent fleet above bombarded it's shields, wearing them down, but the crew on the Ithica was on overdrive, and they found ways to keep the shield online. After the entire TEC fleet that was stationed on Planet Zios was in space, the TEC began a efficient defense, and began to cause the Advent fleet to start to pull back from the planet, and into clear space.

"Fire at will!" I order as I watched as the Tempest began to retreat. All the weapons of the Human fleet fired at the same time, blowing up the Tempest, several people in the bridge began to celebrate, but it wasn't over, there were three more Advent ships inbound. But then the ships turned around at the sight of the Tempest destroyed, they abruptly phase jumped away.

Just then, the roar of celebration was too loud for my ears, but I had a bad feeling, the Advent never run, what happened? Just then, a huge Shockwave hit the battleship, knocking everyone to the ground, then there was huge screeching sound as the battleship was flung at the planet, and crashes into the mainland.

Above Planet Zios, March 29, 2970, 5:57 PM

"Commander, it looks like there is almost nothing left of Zios," The lead navigator says to the man who sits upon the chair in the middle of the bridge of the TDN Gundark, a Kol class battleship.

"How could this be?" Commander Garm asks.

"I don't know, there's been reports of a Advent invasion yesterday, but this kind of damage... it's far beyond what the Advent's battleships can do, and they have no known technology that's anything like our Novalith Cannons," The Weapons manager replies.

"Take us onto the planet surface, I want to see the surface, and find any survivors," The Commander orders.

Outside Gothis City Ruins, Planet Zios, 6:00 PM

I woke up suddenly, in the ruins of the bridge of my battleship, it seems not many people survived the crash, but some were alive, and one ran up to me when he saw me moving.

"Captain!" The voice was blurred, but then it became clear, "Captain, are you alright?!"

"Yeah, status report?" I ask.

"The Ithica is totaled sir, the Shockwave smashed us into Zios's surface, we've had scout searching the surrounding area, it appears that we crash 2 miles away from Gothis City, the city is in shambles, whatever the Shockwave was, it must've destroyed everything on the damned planet. We have assessed you after the crash, when some people revived, but we didn't want to wake you, just in case that you had a concussion, turns out your fine, thank god!" The women sighed.

"How many crew members survived?" I ask.

"50 out of 1000 members are alive, the impact was massive sir, I'm surprised that even 50 people survived," She said, concerned.

"Any injured?"

"All 50 are capable of walking, a few cuts and bruises but no major damage."

"Good, now let's get off this battleship and head for Gothis, perhaps we can find some things," I said.

She bit her lip, "Sorry to argue with you, Captain King, but the rest of the team thinks it will be better if we wait her at the battleship until a fleet of TEC forces arrive," She protests.

"But what if they don't get here for... months?"

"We still got basic and essential things to survive, we've been into contact with a fleet, they should be arriving soon."

"Okay, but why don't we just wait outside the ship then?"

The TDN Gundark, Zios's Atmosphere, 6:23 PM

"Sir, a crashed battleship has been detected, Akkan class, it's markings state it to be the TDN Ithica, life signs are detected on the remains of the ship."

"Captain King's battleship? Try to get a connection to them."

"Captain, we're being hailed, the TDN Gundark."

"Open up the connection," I say, then the bridge of the Gundark and the face of Commander Garm filled the space of the view screen.

"Ah, good, Captain King, your crew is alive, how many have survived?" Garm asked.

"Fifty crew members are still alive, Commander," I reply.

"Prepare what's left of the crew for extraction, we're sending a shuttle down now," Garm says.

"Yes, Commander, we're heading to the exterior now," I reply and get the crew outside of the ship.

The shuttle touched down ten minutes later, and what's left of the crew climbed aboard, and then the shuttle returned to the Gundark. I found my way into the bridge of the Kol, and joined Commander Garm.

"Captain King, good to see you again, sorry about what happened to Zios," Garm says apologetically.

"I am very sad for my home planet, but it's not over yet, I am betting the Advent will return to see if all life has been eliminated, I suggest we leave, Commander," I tell him.

"I understand, dying is not part of this plan, we've already searched the rest of the planet of and sign of life, all is dead."

"What was it that hit us? It's unlike anything I've ever seen the Advent have before, it killed everything, and yet only the Novalith Cannon is the only technology capable of doing that, but that shot was not a Novalith Warhead, it was like a wave hit us and smashed us into the planet," I said.

"I know, me and the Weapons Manager here on the Gundark were discussing it, we have no idea what is was, but we're thinking it might be some new experimental technology the Advent created, whatever it is, it must be destroyed, otherwise more worlds will be destroyed by it."

"Yes Sir, I know. Where are we heading?" I ask.

"Earth, the Admirals has called many fleet captains and commanders to attend a meeting, it's imperative," Garm explains.

"Alright, let's go," I smile, and then take a chair and position it in the middle of the bridge area. I watched as we head into Phase Space.