Author's Notes: I'm sorry it took so long for this chapter, I've been working on other things and stories recently, and a little bit of writer's block so this chapter isn't that long to my disappointment, but I hope you like it. :)

Chapter 4: Retaliation

Unknown Gravity Well, Kyots System, March 31, 2970

"Captain, we got fighters and frigates incoming!" Lieutenant Johnson called. Damn, I thought. The battleship turned toward the enemy, several bombers and Illuminators, seeming to be as black as the space around them.

"Fire!" I order. All the guns on the Ithica exploded outward toward the ships, blowing several into nothing but a ball of gas; but some were able to get through to our ship.

"Captain! They're boarding the ship!" Johnson. I turned toward the door just as a Adventian ran through, guns blazing. I was able to duck just in time for the plasma to sear the hairs on my head. Everyone on the bridge turned toward the invaders and attacked, lasers vs. plasma. I took out a sword and stabbed one in the stomach, she fell down onto the floor, bleeding out guts. Another Advent came up and tried to fire her gun at me, but I slashed the gun, chopping it in half; then spun around, slashing her neck. Two more Advents joined the fight, and were killed by Garm. But then, everything just seemed to stop. Then a huge wave hit the ship, knocking everyone into a wall or other object, killing half the crew in the bridge. The Gun! I thought, horrified. I stood up, and assessed the damage to the ship, shields are down, hull at 70%.

"Damn it! Johnson, this ship can't take much more, we need to evacuate the ship," I called.

"But captain, we got no place to go from here, we'll be stuck in this gravity well!" She protested.

"Do it!" I order. I turned and ran for the door, heading for the escape pods. A missile came into contact with the ship a few meters away, the explosion knocked over a few officers ahead of me.

"Captain, a massive ship just came out of Phase Space, it's a TEC vessel!" A man called from the end of the hall.

"Admiral Mikhail? Is that the Igneous?" I asked the image on the view screen.

"Yes, she's finally operational, and the little surprise it's packing is something that will surprise you," Mikhail replied.

"What is it?"

"It's a modified Novalith Cannon," I felt my jaw literally dropped into the void of space.

"How the hell did you mount it to that ship?" I ask, shocked.

"I'll explain later, now, that Cannon, must go," Then he turned toward a man on the Igneous's bridge, "Fire the Novalith."

I watched as the giant cannon on the side of the Igneous light up, and fire a Novalith Missile, one of the most powerful missiles of the entire universe. It hit it's target, the Shockwave Gun, blowing it in half before the missile even exploded, the fireworks to come afterward was unimaginable, the missile detonated, and the entire gun went up in a brilliant flames of many colors, who knew a weapon of mass destruction can also be the universe's best fireworks display. But it wasn't over yet, the Novalith Cannon has a long recharge, of about maybe a minute or two. And then a fleet of about 30 battleships Phased in.

"Sir, I have detected thirty battleships phasing in," One of the crew members called.

"All stations go on Red Alert!" I order.

The Igneous got there first, blowing a massive hole in the fleet's formation with it's laser batteries.

The Ithica shot forward, at the fleet of Advent Ships. The Ithica turned into a killing machine, with their laser batteries and other guns began to fire rapidly at the enemy, destroying several battleships and small fighter wings. But it wasn't enough to defeat the Advent's fleet.

Then the entire ship shook as a laser burst from a Advent ship penetrated the hull of the Ithica.

"Captain, we've been damaged, there is a hull breach on the lower levels, engines are beginning to shut down!"

"Garm, you have the bridge," I said.

"What?" Garm asked, but I was already on my way out. I took the elevator down to the engineering deck.

"Captain?" One of them asked.

"I'm here to fix the engines," I replied. I looked at the engine room, according to the data reports, the ship was losing power because of the hull breach.

"Garm, can you get some repair crews to the hull breach, it might help to stabilize our engines."

"Understood, Captain."

I took a elevator to level 5, where the hull breach was, I put on my oxygen mask just in case the air in the deck was unstable.

After a hour of work, we finally figured out how to fix the breach in hull using some spare metal and melding it on. Afterward the engines came back and we were ready to fight. But it seems in the meantime the Igneous got to them already, scanners were clear.

"Captain King to Admiral Mikhail."


"Are there any more ships?" I asked.

"Not at the moment, but I think you should get out of here, we can take it from here."

"Understood," I ended the conversation. Where are we supposed to head? Back to TEC space? I watched as we turned around and headed for the nearest planet. And I felt like I should be happy, but I don't know what happened, I felt like I wanted a fight.