Ianto knocked on Owen's door, taking a deep breath before letting himself in.

"Hey Ianto," Dr Harper looked up from his desk, "How are you? Did you need something?"

The Blues' Full back sighed.

"Yeah," he said unhappily, "I need you to test me."

"Test you for what?"

Ianto's eye-brows shot up.

"Oh, I see," Owen said.

He shifted the papers around on his desk, lifting them up and putting them down again as if searching for something. He lifted his eyes to the Welshman, still standing in the doorway. In the years since Owen had first started treating him for his OCD, Ianto had come on in leaps and bounds but he still found coming into the consulting room difficult. Owen Harper was a good doctor but his tidiness and organisation skills were second only to his bedside manner in things he was lacking in.

"I'm sorry," the doctor said, "but if you want a consultation you'll have to come in and sit down."

The other man nodded his head slowly and moved further in to the room. He took one look at the grubby, cushioned chair and gulped.

"I......" he swallowed.

"Wait there," Owen sighed, "and see if you can find my keyboard while I'm away."

The doctor returned a few minutes later carrying a hard plastic chair. He smiled happily when he saw that Ianto had sorted the papers on his desk into neat piles. He sat down and tapped at his newly uncovered keyboard.

"Ah, I thought so," he said, "you had a test last year, you shouldn't need another one so soon, not unless you or Jack....." he trailed off.

Ianto looked down in his lap, chewing on his bottom lip.

"Fucking Hell," Owen spat, "Jack's a fucking twat. Does Rhys know? He's going to fucking kill the bastard, you do realise that. You're sister will tear him limb for limb and I think she was just coming around to him as well. How could he do this to you, put you at risk......"

"Owen. Just stop a minute," Ianto cried, "it's not like that. Jack hasn't been cheating on me."

"Then why do you need a test," the doctor frowned.

Ianto sighed.

"Jack hasn't been playing around," he said, "I have."