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The imprint of Namikaze Minato frowned from within the seal, he was a guardian a silent last line of defence if the seal were to ever weaken to the point that the foxes escape became a real possibility.

But while he was silent he did have the ability too see beyond the seal and watch his son in an odd formless state like an invisible ghost, he watched the good times laughing with his son at every prank he pulled marvelling at the boys creativity and adaptability.

But he was also their for the bad times, attempting to offer whatever comfort his intangible form could to his beloved son, and he was there for al the mistreatment, the apathy and scorn.

But most of all he was there when Mizuki tried to kill his son, already having attempted to break his spirit and partly succeeding, he acted as only a parent would, that is to say without rationality.

He tied himself into his sons coils and created the same link between them that was created with every Kage Bunshin the blond boy had maid during his training.

And dispelled himself.

--- --- ---