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New Cast Members

DJ – Full name, Prince Darien James Shields – Age, almost 17…Only eleven months younger than his older sister Rini, DJ is Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion's second child. He has his mother's sky blue eyes and his father's ebony hair. More like Darien than Serena in personality. He's in love with his best friend's twin sister, but he's scared of his feelings and picks fights with her. He inherited the power of Earth from Darien's Golden Crystal when he was born. He can conjure roses too, but his are white. When he transforms he looks a lot like Tuxedo Mask, but he's completely in black and doesn't wear a hat. He goes by the name Phantom when in this form.

Alex – Full name, Alexander Andrew Furuhata – Age, 16…First born twin of Andrew and Jess. With light brown hair, he inherited his mother's dark blue eyes and his father's easygoing personality. He shares a bond with his sister that goes deeper than most twins and he's very protective of her. He was blessed with the power of the Sun thanks to Andrew's crystal when he was born. When he transforms he takes on a form similar to Andrew's transformation in Lunar Princess, all black clothes with the long black leather duster and dark sunglasses. He goes by the name Phoenix while in his fighting form.

Katie – Full name, Kathleen Kimberly Furuhata – Age, 16…Twin sister to Alex and daughter of Jess and Andrew. She has her father's hazel green eyes and light blonde hair that has just enough gold in it to keep it from being platinum. She's extremely close to her brother and is secretly in love with the prince of Crystal Tokyo. She has her mother's quick temper and recent events have made her angry and withdrawn. When she was born the Celestial Crystal chose her, but it only gave her the power of the Moon. When she transforms, she becomes Sailor Eclipse.

Jack and Sasha – Both age 17…Abandoned as children, they were taken in and raised by an old man that was possessed by an ancient evil. Over the years they have been brainwashed and conditioned to serve him. They befriend DJ, Alex, and Katie under false pretenses and turn on them when they are ordered to prevent the resurrection of The Galactic Trinity, a magic that was formed by Selene, Apollo, and Gaia that is supposed to be able to defeat the strongest of evil beings.

Summary – When an old enemy senses that the power of The Galactic Trinity will soon be awakened, he decides to try to destroy the ones chosen to wield this power before they discover the whereabouts of the Trinity and how to use it. After all three teenagers have been attacked a few times and one was even kidnapped for a few days, their parents sent them to stay in Elysian. Sailor Pluto is ambushed at the time gate and one of her time keys is stolen from her. The enemy also discovers a secret entrance to Elysian hidden in the time plane, allowing them access to the normally secure world. Sailor Pluto arrives in time to help them escape the ambush and takes them to present day Tokyo to put them under the protection of our favorite heroes, hoping that the enemy wouldn't find out what time they were hiding in. In retaliation, the enemies start using the stolen time key to travel through time and start attacking in different eras, even as far back as the Silver Millennium, in hopes of preventing our three newest heroes from ever being born. It'll be a wild fight to save the past, present, and future as well as a time for bonding, friendship, and young love as these three gifted teens struggle to find themselves and discover why the ancient powers of the gods have chosen them for such an important mission.

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The Galactic Trinity


The Silver Millennium

"Jonathan!" Serenity screamed as saw her betrothed thrown over the side of a cliff. She breathed a sigh of relief a moment later as she saw his hand clinging to the edge.

"Go help him, Serenity. I'll be fine," said the ebony haired earth prince, whose head she had laying in her lap.

Serenity shook her head and kept applying pressure to the profusely bleeding wound in his stomach. "I can't leave you like this, Edward. Althea would never forgive me if I don't get you home in one piece. You're going to be a father soon, and I promised her I wouldn't let you get yourself killed."

He pushed her away with a growl. "Damn it, Serenity. None of us are getting out of here alive if one of us dies. It's going to take all three of us to get rid of him. Now go!"

She staggered to her feet and ran for the edge of the cliff as fast as her feet could take her, ignoring the searing pain in her right leg. She pushed her silver hair out of her face as she peered over the side.

Her violet eyes widened as she spotted her golden haired prince barely clinging to the edge with one hand. "Jonathan!"

He looked up at her in shock. One eyes was puffy and already beginning to bruise and he has a bloody gash on his forehead, but his light blue eyes remained clear. "Ren, what are you doing? Don't worry about me. Get back to Edward."

Serenity ignored him and lay down on her stomach, reaching her arms over the ledge. "Grab my hands."

Jonathan growled. "You stubborn woman, don't you ever listen to anything I tell you? You can't possibly pull me up."

Tears poured from her eyes as she begged. "Please Jon. I'm a lot stronger than I look. Let me help you. Don't ask me to go through the rest of my life without you. I love you too much for that."

The shattered look on her face broke him, and he reached up with his free hand to grab her slender one. He pushed his feet against the side of the cliff and then released his hold on the ledge to grab her other one.

"Don't worry. I won't let you go," she whispered. "I'll never let you go."

After a few minutes of groaning and straining, she was finally able to help him pull himself up over the edge and back to solid ground. After catching their breath for a moment, they ran to their fallen friend.

"Edward!" Jonathan cried. "You still with me, buddy?"

Eyelashes fluttered over the dark blue eyes, but the earth prince was able to gasp out. "Yeah, I'm still here. I can't imagine heaven being this painful."

Serenity choked on a sob. "Don't even joke like that. It's not funny at all."

Edward chuckled, then grimaced as he clutched his injured abdomen. "Sorry. So what do we do now? We're all too low on power now to use the Trinity to defeat him."

Jonathan cursed softly. "It's my fault. We could have taken him while his defenses were down, but I got cocky and felt like playing with him for a while. It gave him a chance to regroup and become stronger."

Edward reached up and clasped his friend's shoulder. "I'm at fault as much as you are. You didn't hear me stepping up and saying that we should hurry up and take the bastard down, did you?"

"Oh hush, both of you," Serenity muttered angrily. "We've all let the power of the gods go to our heads. It made us careless, and now we're paying the price."

An eerie laugh rumbled around them as a shapeless mist appeared before them. "Yes, you had your chance, but now it's mine. You pathetic little royals thought you could stand against me, but now you know that I am the supreme being. The galaxy put all of their hopes on you, and you failed. Now your kingdoms will be mine to claim."

"Never, ever!" Serenity exclaimed, climbing tiredly to her feet. "Not as long as I have breath left in my body, you monster."

The disembodied voice cackled in glee. "I'm about to rectify that problem. You three have been enough of a nuisance to me, so I believe it's time to eliminate you."

There was a flash of white light. When it faded, a small, round, silver colored crystal hovered in front of the moon princess.

Jonathan scrambled to her side. "What are you doing, Ren?"

Her sad, violet eyes gazed at him. "I can't let him attack this galaxy. Think of all the innocent people on all of the planets. I can't let them be sacrificed to this demon. I'm going to try to seal him away with the crystal."

The golden haired prince smoothed a hand down her porcelain cheek. Then, in a flash of red orange light, he called forth his own crystal. "You can't do this alone. It will kill you if you try to do it yourself. I'm going to be right here by your side, helping you every step of the way."

"Don't count me out," a voice grunted as Edward laboriously pulled himself up and leaned heavily against a boulder. He glowed a deep gold as his crystal emerged. "I'm in this too. And don't either of you give me any crap about me not being strong enough. We made a pact, remember? Together until the end." He held a hand out in front of him, palm down.

A smile trembled on Serenity's lips as she laid her hand on top of his. "Right. Until the end."

Jonathan added his hand to the pile. "Until the end."

They shared a conspiratorial grin before turning to face the mist once more. It swirled angrily before them.

"Are you done saying your goodbyes?" the voice boomed.

"Not a chance, Discord!" Serenity cried. "We may not be able to defeat you, but we can seal you away. We will never allow you to conquer our kingdoms and those of our friends. You're going down."

"Then give it your best shot!" Discord growled as he shot a wide beam of dark energy at them.

In a flash of silver, red-orange, and gold, the three young royals sent their own energy against the evil entity, valiantly trying to turn back his attack. The battle see sawed back and forth for several moments, neither side able to gain the upper hand.

In a last, desperate effort, they pooled together as much energy as they could without draining every bit of their life forces. The large blast of energy hit Discord, and with a bellow of rage, he disappeared in flash of light.

The last of the light faded, and three limp bodies fell unconscious to the ground, drained almost to the point of death. They were all pale, and their chests barely moved with their shallow breathing, but they were alive and the evil was gone…for now.

Crystal Tokyo - 30th Century

Prince Darien James Shields

"Darien!!!" an earsplitting voice screeched as the door to the bedroom opened and a woman with raven black hair walked out of the room. Her eyes scanned the sitting room until she spotted the one she was looking for.

Raye stomped over until she was standing directly next to her king where he was sitting on the couch bouncing a pink haired toddler on his knee. "Okay, break time's over buddy. Get your ass back in there."

Darien Shields, or King Endymion if you prefer, stared at the bedroom door with a look of fear on his face. "Do I have to?"

The fire priestess' eyes snapped with violet flames. "Darien! You march yourself in there right this minute. My eardrums can't take any more of her wails. We've all taken a turn sitting by her, and now it's your turn."

He sighed and flexed his hand. He had used the Golden Crystal to heal the three broken fingers he had sustained at the hands of his wife, but it looked as if they were in for more punishment.

"Okay, okay, I'm going," he said, standing and setting his daughter on the floor. Before he could take two steps, the little girl let out high-pitched wail. A glass shattering shriek from behind the closed door mirrored it.

He stood in the middle of the room, torn between the daughter that wanted him to stay with her and the wife that needed his support.

Then a blonde angel swooped in to save the day. Jessica Furuhata, simply Jess to her friends and family, dashed over and scooped the crying girl up in her arms and hugged her close.

"It's okay, Rini," she said, wiping the tears from the round cheeks. "Your daddy just needs to go help your momma for a little bit. How about we go raid the kitchen and see if there are any cookies left."

The little girl's face brightened with a big smile at the sound of the word cookie. Jess grinned over at Endymion. "Problem solved." She twirled and carried the toddler from the room, her husband, Andrew, following her worriedly.

"Be careful on the stairs," his voice floated back to others in the room. "Maybe you should let me carry her. I don't want you to fall."

"For god's sake, Drew, I'm pregnant, not an invalid," Jess's sharp voice retorted. "And I'm only barely pregnant at that. I think I can handle walking down a flight of stairs with a kid in my arms."

"She's going to kill him before those kids draw their first breath," Lita murmured, shaking her head and patting her own swollen stomach. She grinned at Nephrite. "And I thought you hovered a lot."

"Kunzite was worse," Mina said from where she was sitting with her two month old daughter in her arms. "He felt the need to carry me everywhere."

The silver haired man in question snorted. "That's because you have a habit of tripping over your own two feet, my love. I didn't want Emma to be shaken up any worse than she had to be."

The king shook his head at his friends as he pushed open the bedroom door. At first it looked peaceful in the room. Amy and Zoicite had their heads together, talking quietly as they read over something on the screen of the Mercury computer. Then a low, pain filled moan reached his ears. "Darien…" He rushed immediately to the side of the bed.

Serena Shields, better known to the public as Neo Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, lay curled up on her side. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut as she panted for breath. At the feel of gentle fingers smoothing her sweaty bangs away from her face, her eyes fluttered open.

"How are you doing, sweetheart?" Endymion whispered softly.

She smiled a little, though the pain in her eyes never faded. "I'm making it. I feel better now that you're here. Did you get Rini calmed down?"

He chuckled lightly. "Yeah, for now. Jess took her to the kitchen in search of cookies."

She arched a brow at him. "And Drew let her? That's amazing."

"Not exactly," Endymion sighed. "He followed right along behind her acting like she was going to break into a million pieces at any moment."

Serenity gave a little giggle. "I can imagine how well that went over with her. She's going to end up murdering him before it's all over."

"That's the general consensus right now," Endymion agreed. "But the bets are running high that he'll break her down eventually. She may have a temper, but she would never actually hurt him."

"True," she said, and then broke off on a gasp. A moan reverberated in the back of her throat.

Endymion offered his hand to her, and winced as she clamped down on them like a vice. Thank goodness he could heal himself, or he would be in a world of trouble.

After a minute, her grip loosened and she blew out a sigh. She groaned as she opened her eyes again. "I wish this kid would hurry up already. This is getting really old."

"It shouldn't be much longer, Serena," Amy said as she joined them. "You're almost there. I predict about another hour at the most."

True to her word, exactly fifty-four minutes later, Amy was holding up a squalling newborn and announcing, "It's a boy!" before passing him over to Zoicite to be examined.

"As if we didn't know that already," Endymion muttered as he leaned over and kissed his wife's damp brow.

Her face was drawn and exhausted, but there was happiness burning in the depths of her eyes. "He's finally here."

The baby's cry filled the room, making tears spring up in both parent's eyes. They had waited a long time for this moment, first with Rini, and now with their son. Their little family was complete…unless there were any more siblings that the two children that they had known in the past had forgotten to tell them about.

A few minutes later, Amy bustled over with a blanket wrapped bundle. She laid the newborn prince in his mother's waiting arms. "Your son, my queen, Prince Darien James."

"Shh Amy," Serenity mock scolded. "You know he doesn't like being called by his full name. Isn't that right my little DJ?" She kissed the top of his head that was covered in shockingly thick, jet-black hair.

The baby blinked his eyes open, impossibly wide for a newborn, revealing irises of the same sky blue as his mother's. He stared at her with a look that seemed out of place on his baby face, as if he already knew her.

"I've been waiting a long time to see you again, DJ," she whispered. Then she giggled, "Of course you're a lot smaller now than what I remember."

'Just give it time," Endymion said gruffly. "I'm sure he'll be driving us insane along with Rini before we know it."

"Would you like to hold him?" Serenity asked, patting the spot next to her.

Endymion's dark blue eyes were tear bright. "Yeah. Just let me take care of something first." His right hand glowed gold for a moment, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

Serenity winced, and glowed silver for a moment as the power of the Silver Crystal healed her. "Oops, how bad was it this time?"

He grinned at her. "Only three fingers broken. You're getting better. When Rini was born you crushed my entire hand."

"Ha!" she scoffed. "I seem to remember breaking both of your hands when Melody was born."

They were both silent for a moment as they both thought back to memories from over two thousand years ago, to when they had been married in their past lives and had a daughter together, a daughter whose soul currently resided inside one of their best friends.

They shook off the memories of the past and returned to the present. Endymion sat next to his wife and hesitantly held out his hands. He wasn't scared to handle the baby; heaven knows he had plenty of experience now after being both a father and a doctor. It was the unknown he feared.

"Come on, Darien," Serenity said softly as saw his hesitancy. "We already know he inherits his power from you. Go ahead."

She was right. Not many people knew about their future before it actually happened. But due to circumstances beyond their control, they had been able to meet both of their children years before they were born when they had traveled to the past.

He took the baby in his arms and looked down at him. Just like how Rini was definitely her mother's daughter, a moon princess through and through, his son was the next prince of Earth and heir to its power.

In a brilliant flash of light, the Golden Crystal emerged from its master's chest and glowed as bright tendrils of power began weaving together in an intricate dance. The crystal retreated back into Endymion's body, but it left a little something behind.

The new crystal was almost identical to its parent, only a much paler shade of gold. It hovered for a moment before being absorbed into the tiny being.

"So it's started," a voice said from the door. Jess stood there watching the scene with Andrew looking over her shoulder. She pressed a hand to her stomach over the tiny baby bump there.

"I felt it just now," she told them. "The wheels of fate have started to turn for all three of them."

Serenity held out a hand and gestured for her friend to join her. Jess took her hand and sank down on the edge of the bed with a sigh.

"I don't know if I can do this," she whispered. "I thought knowing about the distant past was rough, but knowing the future is a hundred times worse."

Serenity put an arm around her and hugged her. "All we can do is love them and teach them everything we know so they will be prepared. We have to have faith that we can raise them to become the strong individuals we met in the past."

Jess sniffled and rubbed at her eyes that were beginning to tear up. "Stupid hormones," she grumbled. "You're right, Sere. Can you believe that Nebula is already making lesson plans for them? It's true. I caught her at it last night. You and the inner scouts don't know how lucky you were to have Luna and Artemis as your advisors. I begged her to please wait until they could walk before she started in on them. And do you know what she said? She said she would think about it. I mean honestly…"

Andrew walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. "Honey calm down. You're rambling again."

More tears began to sparkle in her sapphire eyes. "But you don't know what a terror that mangy fleabag can be. She'll run them into the ground by the time they're five. I remember lying in bed at night not being able to move after training with her. If she thinks I'm just going to stand by and let her do that to my…oh!"

Serena had been looking around for a way to bring Jess down a few notches. She finally leaned over and plucked the baby out of Endymion's arms and deposited him neatly in Jess's.

Her voice stopped and her eyes grew wide when she suddenly found herself holding a warm little bundle. She looked down to find the newborn looking up at her with his clear blue eyes.

"Hey little guy," she finally whispered. "Oh wow…well…you don't know me yet, but I know you. Gosh, you're so small. But that's okay, you'll grow up to be big and strong."

"Serena," Amy called from the door. "The others are going crazy out here. Is it okay to let them in now?"

The queen sighed. "Might as well get this over with. Yeah Ames, go ahead and tell them they can come in."

There was a flurry of excited voices and rushing footsteps outside the door as Jess handed DJ back to his mother with a wry grin. "Let the pandemonium begin."

Six Months Later

Alexander Andrew Furuhata and Kathleen Kimberly Furuhata

The angry cry of a second baby joined the first as Jess fell back against the pillows, red faced and gasping. She felt a set of lips at her temple before a voice breathed in her ear, "You did it, baby. And I didn't even hear anything blow up."

"Smartass," she grumbled as she opened her eyes to meet the hazel green gaze of her husband. "How are they?"

He grinned at her. "Listen to them. They've got some lungs on them, don't they?"

"They're both just fine," Amy reassured her. "Zoicite's just giving them a quick once over and then we'll bring them to you. You may want to take care of yourself first though."

"Good idea," Jess mumbled tiredly before glowing bright blue for a moment as she was physically healed. Sometimes being a crystal carrier definitely had its advantages. She still felt tired and was mentally exhausted though, and leaned her head against Andrew's leg that was next to her on the bed and closed her eyes.

She was close to dozing off, thanks to the soothing feel of Andrew combing his fingers gently through her tangled curls, when she thought she heard a light knock on the door followed by a quiet voice. She shut it all out until she felt the mattress dip slightly on the opposite side of the bed from Andrew and felt another hand rubbing her back lightly.

Soft voices were floating around her. Then she heard Serena's voice whisper, "Poor thing, she must be completely worn out. I know I would be. Having one is hard enough. I can't imagine two."

"'m not 'sleep," she grumbled groggily. "Jus' zonin' out."

Two male chuckles and a feminine giggle had her squinting an eye open to glare at the people around her. "Glad to see I'm so damn amusing."

She struggled into a sitting position and Andrew hurried to fluff up the pillows behind her so she could sit back against them. She gave him a sweet smile before turning her gaze to the other two.

"So how bad did I do?" she asked Serenity and Endymion. She was the carrier of the Celestial Crystal, a powerful crystal that could hold its own against either the Silver or Golden Crystal any day of the week. The one downfall was that it was tied strongly to her emotions, and that could be dangerous if she lost control.

Endymion grinned at her. "You did great, all things considering. It is raining outside, but there's been very little thunder or lightning. There were a few small tremors, but nothing worth even talking about."

"You blew out four light bulbs and cracked two glasses in the kitchen," Serenity told her. "But luckily they weren't the ones you like. They were from that old set that you don't use anymore."

"That works for me," Jess said with a sigh. "So where are your two little rugrats at?"

Serenity giggled. "Well you know that Amara, Michelle, and Hotaru are visiting, right? After I got Andrew's frantic phone call I told them that Darien and I felt like going out for the night and they volunteered to baby-sit. Hotaru never misses an opportunity to spend time with Rini anyway, so it was easy. We slipped out without anyone knowing where we were going. I knew you wouldn't want them all hanging around."

Jess grinned conspiratorially. "Thanks. I need a good night's sleep before I can face all the drama that I know that's coming. Won't they all be surprised when we spring this on them?"

The two women laughed together over that while the men shook their heads at them. They may be two of the most powerful women in the universe, but sometimes they reverted back to their teenage behavior so easily that it was scary.

Amy and Zoicite walked over, each of them holding a small blanket wrapped bundle in their arms. Andrew and Jess shared a private smile with each other before reaching out and receiving their children for the first time.

Amy laid the little girl in her mother's arms. A soft, almost white blonde fuzz covered her little scalp and her eyes were open. They were a pale bluish green that Jess knew would eventually change over to resemble her father's hazel green.

Andrew looked down at his son. He had burnished gold hair that would one day darken to a light golden brown. His heart skipped a beat as his gaze met a pair of eyes that could rival the depths of the ocean with their intense, deep blue color.

The adults in the room all held their breaths as there was a flash of blue followed only milliseconds later by one of copper as both Jess's and Andrew's crystals appeared to bless their children with crystals of their own.

Waves of solar energy twisted together to form a crystal that glowed a deep bronze that was taken into the small body of the baby boy. Andrew chuckled and said, "Thatta boy, Alex. Now I'm not the only one with power from the sun."

The Celestial Crystal was pulsing blue, but only silver energy was flowing from it. In a burst of sparks, a tiny diamond like crystal appeared and faded into the chest of the little girl. Jess held her close and whispered softly, "Katie."

Unknown to them, three sets of eyes were watching them. A woman with long mahogany hair and leaf green eyes turned to smile at her two companions. "Well it's finally done. Your two chosen ones have been born to join mine. The Galactic Trinity will be awakened once again to fight against evil."

A tall man with red hair and golden eyes harrumphed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Really Gaia, they are only babies yet. They have a lot of growing up to do if they hope to ever control the powers of the Trinity. Remember what happened last time. Those three almost didn't make it."

"Hush Apollo," the silver haired, silver-eyed Selene rebuked him. "Just give them time. I have a really good feeling about them. I think they might be the ones to rid the universe of that evil one's threat forever."

The three divine entities fell silent. Each one hoping that they had chosen the right one for the job. A great evil loomed in the future once again, and hopefully the chosen three would be able to defeat it once and for all.

The dark entity had been trapped in this seal, hidden away under the surface of the Earth for over a thousand years. The world had gone through many changes during that time. Ecological destruction of the planets resources had caused a second Ice Age to descend on the planet, turning it into a frozen wasteland for a millennium. It was if time had stopped as the citizens of the world fell into a long slumber.

The dark one used this time to try to escape, but to no avail. The mighty Discord, at one time the most feared beings in existence had been reduced to a shadow of his former self. All because of those three meddlesome princesses and their friends.

One of them in particular irritated him more than the others, that damn little half blood princess that held possession of the Celestial Crystal. He had severely underestimated her, and that had led to his fall. He had never seriously thought that she would pose an actual threat to him. But as he sat here now, all alone in his dark, isolated prison, he could remember her strength. The way her eyes had condemned him as she had run that sword through the body of his human host and the triumph he had seen on her face at the moment of his defeat was etched so deeply into his memory that even a million years from now he would still remember them.

Someday she would get what was coming to her, her and her friends. They might have been able to seal him away, but nothing could hold him forever.

The 30th century arrived, and he felt the power of the Silver Crystal as it awakened and rejuvenated the world. He also felt as the powers of Serenity's comrades were brought to life once more. They had all survived the long imprisonment on this icy planet, the abominable princess included. God help them all if they were still alive when he finally managed to break free.

His first glimmer of hope came about two years after the world had been awakened. He had felt the birth of a new power, one that commanded the elements of the Earth, and a crack appeared in the seal. And now, six months later, there was another surge as a new power of the moon and one of the sun was brought into existence.

The seal surrounding the evil being shattered, releasing him once more into the world. He felt the power of the Earth, Moon, and Sun and suddenly became very afraid. The gods had chosen new bearers for the Galactic Trinity, the one source of magic that had the power to destroy him.

He longed to rush out right then and kill the ones that would someday hold the power to destroy him while they were still infants, but knew that it would be impossible in his current state. He knew that whoever these children were, they would be highly protected. He would have to bide his time wisely and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. He would not allow the Trinity to be awakened once more.

So for now he would wait. He needed time to gather his strength and perhaps find a few pathetic humans willing to help out. When the time was right, they would all die, he would leave nobody out. The holders of the Trinity, Serenity, Endymion, Melody, that other little princess with the pink hair, and all of the others, they were all now living on borrowed time.

Elysian - Seven Years Later

"Mom! They're at it again," the voice of the seven-year-old boy carried across the formerly tranquil patio of the Elysian palace.

Jess, groaned but refused to open her eyes. Wanting nothing more than to stay where she was at, basking in the warm glow of the afternoon sun.

"Whose turn is it this time?" she murmured to her companion on a matching lounge chair at her side.

Serenity refused to open her eyes either. "I don't know. I lost count."

"Mooomm!" the voice called again. "I mean it! I think they're really going to kill each other this time."

Both women sighed heavily. Here they were, trying to enjoy the first quiet moment they'd had since the Dark Moon clan and Wiseman had been defeated. Both of them had spent several weeks in a deep sleep after being hit by an attack in the first battle, but things had been chaotic since Crystal Tokyo had been reawakened.

"Alex," Jess moaned. "I know they squabble, but I don't think they are going to kill each other. Now…"

Her voice broke off as an ear-piercing screech split the air, encouraging both women to abandon their sunbathing and hurry to check out the source of the disturbance. They rounded the side of the palace and onto the large side yard, only to be confronted by what was sadly a familiar sight.

Two small bodies were rolling around on the emerald grass, a tangle of flailing arms and legs, and flying long strands of pale blonde hair.

"Get off me!" a high girlish voice screamed from somewhere in the struggle.

"Ha!" a slightly deeper voice retorted. "You get off of me, you Barbie reject! You're the one that jumped on me."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Suddenly two large male bodies were there, pulling the wrestling children apart. King Endymion grabbed the ebony haired boy by the collar and lifted him from the ground, while his best friend, Andrew, snagged the blonde girl around the waist. Both kids were still spitting mad as they glared at each other and struggled against their fathers.

"What is going on?" Endymion demanded. "You both have been warned about fighting." He looked down at the boy in his arms. "DJ?"

"It wasn't my fault," the boy grumbled. He pointed a finger at his attacker. "She jumped on me first."

"Katie, is that true?" Andrew asked sternly.

The little girl's tear streaked face turned even redder than it already was. "Yes. But he was calling me names and it made me mad." She turned pleading hazel eyes on Endymion. "He was picking on me really bad, Uncle Darien."

All of the adults had to bite back smiles at the tragic look on her pixie face. They all knew well that she may look angelic, but she could be as devious as the devil if it suited her. And trying to get DJ in trouble seemed to be her favorite pastime.

Jess was howling inside, but refused to let it show as she stepped forward with a stern look on her face. "I don't care what he did. You've been told time and again not to fight, but you do it anyway. I think you need to spend the rest of the day in your room so you can think about what you've done."

Her daughter gaped at her in wide-eyed shock. "But moommm…we're on vacation!"

Jess stayed firm. "Well you should have thought about that before you decided to fight."

Andrew set her on her feet. "Your mom's right," he said, trying to back his wife up. "Now go to your room."

The little face crumbled and her lips trembled. "But Daaddy!" she wailed. "He called me Tinkerbell!"

None of the adults could hide the snorts of laughter that escaped them.

"Tink…Tinkerbell?" Serenity choked out.

Katie nodded her head furiously. "He said that since Daddy always calls me his 'fairy princess' that I needed a fairy name."

"Well, what's so wrong with that?" Jess asked. "You love Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell is one of your favorite characters."

The girl scowled, then glared at her nemesis. "But he didn't say it very nice. He said it really mean."

"It doesn't matter how he said it. You still broke the rules," Jess said in her best mother knows best tone. "Now go to your room, young lady."

Katie turned snapping, angry eyes on her mother. "That's not fair! You're always so mean to me, momma! I hate you!"

She turned and ran for the nearest door to the palace, blonde hair flying behind her, leaving Jess to stare after her with tears in her sapphire eyes.

"And I'm the bad guy once again," she muttered.

Little arms wrapped around her waist, and she looked down at the light, golden brown hair of her son as he hugged her tightly.

Alex looked up at her with eyes that matched her own. "She didn't mean it, momma. She's just upset. I know that Katie really loves you. I can tell."

She smiled down at him and ruffled his hair. "I know. Now why don't you go after her? She'll feel better if you do."

"Serves the brat right," DJ grumbled as Alex hurried after his twin. "Little Miss Know It All always thinks that she can get things her way."

"But that doesn't give you the right to pick on her Darien James," Serenity scolded. "I think you could benefit from some time to reflect on your actions as well."

DJ's light blue eyes flashed in annoyance. "Fine! I'll be in my room." He stomped off with as much dignity as he could muster.

Endymion shook his head in amusement. "It's hard to believe that those two will ever get along." He slid a sideways look at his wife. "Kinda reminds me of me and you back in the early days."

Serenity's eyes danced in merriment. "Yeah, but we never got into fist fights. We fought in different ways."

Andrew snorted. "Yeah, like food fights in my arcade. I lost track of how many messes I had to clean up after you two."

They all chuckled as they thought about their high-spirited children and then sobered a bit as they thought about what the future held for those same children.

Rini's wheels of fate had already started to turn. She had just returned from her first foray into the past, and was still riding the high she felt from helping the past forms of her parents save the world and their future. She had many more adventures in store for her down the road

As for DJ, Alex, and Katie, well, they still had many years before their adventure would start. All their parents could do was do their best to guide them in the right direction and hope that everything would work out for the best

"Which way do we go now?" Alex asked, turning to his best friend with a quizzical look.

DJ cocked his head and looked around. He pointed down the path to the right. "That way. That's the way I went before. It's not far from here."

There was the sound of a snapping twig, and they both whirled to see the sheepish looking girl behind them.

"Oh, great," DJ groaned. "Just what we need. What are you doing here, Tinkerbell? Didn't we tell you not to follow us?"

She shrugged, not even getting riled up over the new nickname he had given her this time. "Yes, but I saw you two head into the woods and I got curious. Our parents told us not to wander off."

DJ groaned. "We're not wandering off. We're just exploring a bit. Anyway, this is Elysian. It's the safest place anyone could be. It's not like anything's going to hurt us."

A smile lit up Katie's face. "True. So you won't mind if I tag along."

The young prince let out an agonized moan. "Alex, would you tell your bratty sister to go away?"

"Aw, let her come. She's not hurting anything," Alex said, playing the peacekeeper as always.

"Whatever," DJ muttered and turned to head down the path.

"Yay!" Katie cheered and quickly followed the two boys. "Where are we going?"

"DJ found a cave near here," Alex told her. "He didn't get a chance to go inside before, so we decided to go check it out."

"Sounds like fun," Katie chirped as she skipped down the path.

After a few minutes of walking, the path widened into a clearing. Across the way there was a large stone wall. In it was a small, dark opening. The two boys peered inside eagerly, but Katie held back a little.

"Uh, guys," she said quietly. "Don't you think it's kinda dark and creepy in there?"

"What's the matter?" DJ sneered. "Is daddy's little 'fairy princess' scared of the dark?"

She glared at him. She did have a fear of the dark, but she'd never let him know that. "No I'm not! Let's go!"

Alex grabbed her hand. A look of familiar understanding passed between them. His blue eyes were pleading, her hazel ones were defiant. He finally sighed and looked away, but he never let go of her hand as they proceeded inside.

It wasn't completely dark inside the cave; there was a faint light that almost seemed to radiate from the walls. They made their way cautiously through the ghostly glow. About twenty feet into the cave, a stairway began to lead sharply down.

DJ looked at the other two with a smirk. "Shall we?"

The three of them began descending the stone stairs that wound their way down in a spiral. It was darker down here, and it was impossible to see the bottom.

"Where do you think this goes?" Alex asked quietly.

"I don't know," DJ replied. "But I hope it leads us to someplace cool. Maybe there's a hidden treasure or something."

"I don't like this," Katie whispered. "This doesn't feel right."

"Well go back to the palace then!" DJ snapped. "Nobody's making you stay here."

"Fine!" Katie retorted. "But I bet your dad will really mad when I tell him what you are doing."

She turned to start back up the stairs, and then paused as a loud rumbling sound roared over them.

The three kids screamed as the rocky floor beneath then suddenly crumbled beneath their feet, sending them plunging into the darkness below. Luckily it wasn't a long drop, and they escaped with only a few bumps and scrapes.

"Ouch," the girl complained as she stood and rubbed her bottom where she had landed. "That hurt. Where are we anyway?"

The black haired boy rolled his eyes. "Where do you think we are, stupid? We only fell about six feet, so we're pretty much in the same place we were thirty seconds ago."

Hazel green eyes flashed furiously in the semi darkness. "Don't call me stupid, DJ! You're the one that's stupid. I was just as asking a question."

Another roll of the cerulean orbs. "And I answered it. You are such a blonde sometimes, Katie."

The third member of their party had been uncharacteristically silent during this exchange. But as he saw the blonde girl's mouth open to deliver another retort, he decided it was time to intervene.

The brunette boy stepped between the two, raising a silencing hand. "Just save it, Katie. It's not worth it. Why do you have to pick on her so much, DJ? She hasn't done anything to you."

The other boy shrugged. "She's just irritating. She thinks she can always get her way, and you make it easier for her by always sticking up for her."

"It's okay, Alex," Katie simpered sweetly. "He can't help it if he's nothing but a stuck up snob. I guess that what happens when you're a prince and a momma's boy."

"Why you little…" DJ growled, taking a threatening step toward the girl.

"Enough!" Alex yelled. "Both of you stop it. I'm tired of listening to you fight. Right now all I want to do is find a way out of here."

DJ glanced up the way they had come. The rock stairway had crumbled away. "Well we're not getting back that way."

"Hey guys," Katie called out. "There's a tunnel over here and I think I see a light coming from somewhere. Maybe this leads out."

The two boys joined her and looked down the darkened tunnel. It was long and creepy looking, but there was a definite glimmer of light at the end.

"What have we got to lose? Let's check it out." DJ said, leading the other two into the tunnel.

They crept toward the light, surprised when they found themselves in a large chamber. Instead of cold stone walls, this room seemed to be carved out of solid white marble. A beautifully carved fountain of the same material sat in the center.

"Wow," they all breathed together. They spread out to explore, walking around the fountain.

"Hey, there's a sun carved here," Alex called out, fingering the picture embedded in the rim of the fountain.

"Cool. I found the symbol for Earth," DJ said, laying a hand on it.

Katie scanned the edge of the fountain near her, eyes widening when she saw a crescent moon. She reached out slowly to trace it with her fingertips.

They all gasped when they felt a burning sensation on their foreheads and symbols mirroring the etchings on the fountain flared to life on their brows. A sensation of strong power flooded through each of them, intensified even more by the adrenaline pumping through them. It proved to be too much for them, and one by one, they fell unconscious to the ground.

Three ghostly silhouettes appeared, two women and a man. A women, with long mahogany color hair looked reproachfully at the red haired, golden-eyed man.

"Really Apollo, was it necessary to knock them out like that?" she chided. "They are only children after all."

The sun god huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Exactly, Gaia. They have no business here yet. It will be years before they are ready to handle the power of the Trinity. What in Zeus's name are they doing snooping around in here?"

"Calm down, both of you," said the silver haired moon goddess, Selene. "They were just being children. Curiosity is in their nature. No harm has been done. We will simply transport them back to the palace and erase any memories they have of this place until the time comes for them to claim their destinies."

Gaia sighed. "Yes. That is probably for the best. I'll take care of it."

She went to each child, lightly touching their foreheads, altering their memories and making the insignias disappear. Then all three of them faded from the cave.

She dusted her transparent hands together. "There! Now when they wake up they will be in their own beds and believe that they just had a little nap."

Apollo paced restlessly around the chamber. "I can't believe I let you two talk me into choosing those three to be the next wielders of the Trinity. Did you hear the way they were arguing? They will never accomplish anything with all of that bickering."

"They are still young," Selene said softly. "As they grow things will change. I consulted with Aphrodite on this and she agreed, the bonds between them are strong. They may be the ones to finally vanquish the evil one once and for all."

"Let's hope," Gaia whispered. "A lot is weighing on their small shoulders.

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