A/N: Okay, okay. I know I have several other stories I have to work on but I really want to write this. Updates are going to be done sparingly, every two weeks or so (hopefully). This story is in the process of being planned out. The title basically tells what the story is about. A Changed Destiny is basically another AU to the fourth season, centering around the main Frontier kids but with a twist: What if Koichi had made it to the elevator instead of Koji? What if Koji made it to the Digital World a different way? Would Duskmon be there? Would Lobomon? Could Koichi save the world from Darkness with the others, not realizing that he had taken his brother's destiny instead? I'll take some elements from Tamers and Adventure a bit. I'll explain that more in chapters two and five. Anyway, enjoy.

A Changed Destiny

Prologue: Fall of Light

A crumbling world was hanging to a single hope. With its three rulers either resting, kidnapped, or corrupted, Ophanimon had no choice but to turn to the world next door for help. Their five Spirits had been scattered only months before, after Cherubimon's disappearance. A Shamanmon that foretells the future had warned them to do so. The five Spirits would return to their natural homes on their own, since the will of the Ten Legendary Warriors to return home to keep themselves hidden. They would have released the other five, but Cherubimon had taken them when he disappeared. At that time, neither of the two angels knew that he had betrayed them.

Now, the last of the great Angels that could fight was captured with little power left. Her cage kept her from flying off. Ophanimon had given her freedom so that Seraphimon might have a chance to defeat him but he was now locked away in a crystal and the keys scattered. Their only hope was for someone to find the Spirits and use those as keys to release him from his slumber.

Remembering the other world that hadn't been touched by the Digital World in years, she concentrated her energy to sending out a cry for help.


The boy of eleven had little time to respond to the call.

Koji Minamoto had been getting flowers for his father and stepmother's third anniversary, even though he still didn't like her that much and he still hated his father for forgetting about his mother, Koji decided to give his stepmother a chance. Just as he was about to pay for the bouquet, a message alert made him fish his black flip phone out of his pocket. He read the message, telling him to take the train heading towards Shibuya station but he noticed he only had fifteen minutes to make it there.

"Here you go," said the clerk behind the counter ready to hand him the flowers. "That'll be a thousand yen*."

Koji looked back at her for a split second, deciding whether or not to take the message or just ignore it. Deciding on the former, he began backing out of the building. "Can you please hold those?" he asked. "I'll be back for them later." Before the clerk could respond, he had bolted out of the room, heading towards the designated train station.

Normally, he wouldn't have made such a rash decision but there was something about this message. Something about destiny and finding something that was missing. Something other than his common sense wanted him there. All Koji could think it could be was a feeling that if he didn't take this, he would miss out on something forever.


That late Saturday afternoon was warm and sunny. Barely any clouds could be seen in the sky.

He had been on his way home after visiting his late grandmother's grave when he noticed a blue blur pass on the other side of the street. Koichi Kimura recognized the boy right away. Without thinking, Koichi ran across the busy street and almost got hit. His heart pounded from the near death experience but continued running, saying a quick apology to the driver and continued running after the boy.

Koichi was hot on his trail, only a few yards behind him. He wasn't exactly built for running but adrenaline gave Koichi enough energy to keep running after his target. I have to tell him today, he thought to himself. What other chances can I get to tell my brother that I exist? Only the week before, Koichi learned that he had a twin. Ever since, he had been shadowing the boy. Like a wasp to a fire, he stayed close behind but never had the courage to go into the flames and stayed in the shadows.

Today, though, Koichi felt that today would be different. It had to be. Koichi just hoped he didn't screw it up because of his shyness and want to avoid contact. His grandmother used to joke that he was more like a rabbit than a rooster. He pushed the urge to shed tears for her so he could keep an eye on his twin. Koichi stopped for a second, seeing where he had been lead to. "A train station?" he whispered to himself before snapping back into reality. Koji had just bought a ticket for a train.

Unfortunately, Koichi didn't catch which one had been chosen. He began trying to figure as he placed a hand on the machine. The machine seemed to activate on its own and eject a ticket. Koichi wasn't sure if this was the same destination as his brother but a sudden urge screamed for him to take it and race for the train. The boy grabbed the ticket before running into the station after checking which one it was.

Seconds later, a brown haired boy had made it to the machine and began checking his pockets. After an unsuccessful attempt in finding money but a little slack given to him, the brown haired boy took off in the same direction as the two prior boys had.


Koichi had almost squeezed into the car where his brother was at but the crowd had pushed him to the train car right in front of that one. Koichi stood standing at the back of the isle and watched his brother through the windows. He kept his head down so that his blue baseball cap shadowed his face. Koichi's younger twin, Koji Minamoto, wore his usual tan slacks and light yellow shirt under a blue sports jacket. His long hair was held back in a ponytail and his head was covered by a dark blue and gold headband. He was looking out the window that he stood in front of.

Just before the train took off, a boy with messy brown hair wearing a yellow shirt, red short sleeve jacket, and brown cargo pants came running in before having the doors close on him. The brown haired boy adjusted his hat and goggles before pointing to his phone and saying something. At first, Koichi thought that these two were friends but Koji didn't respond so the boy decided that there was no way for those two to know each other.

Koichi heard the ringing from people's phones all at once. He could hear the message of boarding a train in the basement of Shibuya Station by six. This made the brown haired boy exclaim something while grabbing his head. Koichi couldn't help but giggle slightly. It was rather funny even when Koji gave the boy a death glare.


The train had come to a stop. Koichi was just about to go after his brother as he exited the train but someone had gotten in Koichi's way. When he exited, Koji had been lost in the sea of people in the train station. Koichi ran after him until he disappeared. The boy found himself at the elevators and the stairs but there was no long haired boy in sight.

Maybe he took the elevator already, he thought. He pressed the down button. It dinged open and walked into the elevator. He scanned the buttons and picked to bottom most floor's button. As the elevator's doors closed, Koichi only had a few seconds to squeeze to the side as a boy literally flew through the closing doors, milliseconds from having it close on his foot.

He landed, face planted into the wall. The boy, Koichi noticed, was the same one from the train. The brown haired boy rubbed his face and groaned before noticing Koichi with wide eyes and a surprised look on his face.

The boy made a strange face, as if not understanding why the dark haired one was plastered to the wall as if not wanting to be seen. "Hey, did you get a message too?" he asked.

Koichi hadn't yet gotten over the shock of seeing him fly through the closing elevator doors and remained unresponsive.

"Okay, not much of a talker," he said to himself before looking around the compartment. Suddenly, it began to speed up on its descent. Koichi finally pulled himself from the wall and looked out the window as the elevator went downwards past the indicator of B2.

"Oh, my destiny's really starting to bite," the boy moaned. "First, nearly getting run over by a truck, nearly missing the train, nearly getting crushed; now I'm going to die in an elevator. Just great!"

Koichi began to feel uncomfortable with the boy's streak. Is he really as accident prone as I am? he thought worriedly.

Fortunately for the two of them, the elevator didn't crash but came to a sudden stop at the bottom, nearly sending Koichi to his knees. The doors opened and both boys looked out at the area beyond the doors. Before them, a dome shaped room with crystal walls was filled with various tunnels with the cabooses of different trains that seemed almost ready to leave. Kids checking cell phones or getting aboard a train were everywhere. Crystal clocks hovered between every platform indicating the time of nearly six.

The boy stood up and looked at his cell phone. A voice came from it, much like the one he had heard on the train. "It's up to you now," the female voice said. "Which will you choose?"

Both looked around, unsure of where they should go. One to the far right caught Koichi's attention. He ran to board it. That one maybe?


Takuya Kanbara ran towards the train right in front of him. He had barely made it in time to grab hold of it and pull himself onto the back end before the platform ended and the tracks began. Before entering the tunnel, he saw the boy in the elevator watch as Takuya got on.

The boy held on tightly to his blue baseball cap so it wouldn't fly off his dark blue hair. He had worn a purple long sleeve shirt under a teal vest and tan pants. He seemed to be holding his breath until Takuya glanced up at him. The boy gave a sigh of relief and smiled. Takuya returned it before a tunnel wall cut each other from their views.

For a split second, the brown haired boy could have sworn that he was the same boy from the train. But that guy had longer hair and seemed more . . . cold, he thought to himself before walking into the compartment.


Koji had no idea how he had ended up there. He didn't even remember how he ended up asleep. "Where am I?" he wondered aloud. The area around him seemed condensed somehow but wasn't at the same time. There seemed to be no floor below him but he was still suspended from falling somehow. The area around him was a strange mix of green, black, and purple.

He looked around, unsure of what was going on when suddenly pictures started floating across the vacant area. One was of his father, telling him that his mother had died when he was only three but said that he couldn't visit her grave since she didn't have one. That was the only memory from his childhood that stuck out like a beacon in a blurred storm. The anger and hate was filling him from that memory.

Then another flashed across the empty area. It was his stepmother, Satomi, when she was first introduced as a new member of the family. "Treat her like your mother," his father had insisted.

"She isn't even my mother," Koji growled under his breath. A third memory of him being tormented for being new. Koji clutched his hands together. A fourth: moving. A fifth: not being able to attend his grandmother's funeral since she lived in a different area.

Out of frustration, he screamed, "Who's messing with me?!"

Suddenly, something began pulling him downwards until he was in a new area. He finally landed on the ground. Behind him, he saw a spinning globe that looked like it was missing parts of it. The area around him was entirely black and filled with fog.

Two figures, obscure in the darkness were standing before him. One was in the shape of a grown woman and the other was about the size of a boy his age with short hair. Koji blinked. "Who-?" he asked but they disappeared before him.

"Koji, why do you have to hang onto the past?" an emotionless voice echoed though the area. "Tomoko is dead. Can't you just accept that? Satomi is your mother now."

Koji clenched his teeth and spun around, screaming, "SHUT UP!" Realizing that he was alone, Koji sunk to his knees, clutching his head. "Can't he see how much I'm sick of this?!"

"I can," said a booming voice from behind him. Koji felt a shiver run up his spin. "Your rage, your hate, your sadness, your secret loneliness; I can feel it all. It's thick as the darkness in the clouded sky, so thick in your heart."

Koji looked straight ahead. "Darkness?" he asked, confused by what the voice meant.

"Yes," answered the voice, as if pleased by the boy's confusion. "It's exactly what I've been looking for."

Koji spun around and shouted angrily, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" There was no one behind him. Instead a small statue dual headed beast with an eye on each shoulder and foot and one right in the middle of his torso. Its red eyes were shinning brightly as they seemed to bore into the boy's own eyes. Blood red energy seemed to resonate upwards from it like a hellfire.

"I'm someone who understands you. I'm someone who wants to set you free. I'm someone who wants to help you release the darkness in your heart," the voice answered. "Take the Spirit of Darkness and release all your hate and anger. You'll gain power as you loose yourself in the darkness. All you have to do is accept."

And that was the last thing that Koji remembered before going out.

Chapter 1: End.

*I'm using yen in this instead of dollars since IT TAKES PLACE IN JAPAN! Unlike some other writers, I won't use Japanese words or honorifics. Zoe will speak Italian but well see it in a translation in parentheses, "[like so]". This shall save me from trying to horribly translate what she says and save anyone that knows Italian from shooting me.

Well, even more weird stuff. If no one caught the Chinese zodiac reference, I'll explain it. Those born in the year of the Rooster are normally arrogant, selfish, and courageous but the year of the Rabbit likes to avoid conflict and is pleasant. Koichi here is depicted as having more of the qualities of the Rabbit than the Rooster (his birth year). I'm making assumptions that Koji, Koichi, Takuya, and Zoe are born around 1993 and that the story takes place in 2004.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. I may upload sooner than I think but expect updates every two weeks. See ya then!