Extra Chapter: After the End

Moment 1

The boy found himself in utter darkness. He was unsure where he was but he knew it was strikingly familiar. Eyes scanned the area, half-expecting something to appear.

Nothing did and so, the boy was left in silence and his own thoughts. This didn't comfort him and so, he walked in hopes of finding someone or something. How long he walked, the boy was uncertain but in the distance, he could see something. Hope filled his stomach and the boy raced towards it, finding a strange young woman almost floating in the air, as if suspended in water.

The boy blinked and asked her a question.

She answered. A name. The woman's face then became grim as she further communicated with him. In turn, the boy's face became a cross between concern and anger. He asked her something, determination burning in his eyes.

She responded and offered him a hand and gave him two options. The boy didn't hesitate in deciding and he quickly jutted his hand out, grabbing hers. The woman nodded and there was a flash of light that consumed the two. Then, they were gone.

Moment 2

The amethyst eyes blinked worriedly as they gazed at the crystal wall; this was a mess and, for once, it was one that she didn't make. Normally, she used her powers to toy with things but eventually, she made things right (of course, most of the time, it was her big brother that forced her to do so). Everything had been much darker than she thought could happen, rather, suppose to happen.

The strange little girl rolled over onto her stomach before looking at her pale blue hands. Can we really cause this much destruction? she thought.

She sat up suddenly. No more was she going to be such a child! No more will she have others pick up her mess! Here, I'm going to start taking responsibility for all this chaos! The little girl jumped to her feet, eyes fixed on a diamond mask.

I'll start by finding my big brother, she thought. I think I just might know where he disappeared to. Her eyes fell on a different screen, a black mass attacking a fairly familiar blue-eyed boy. She grinned. It was time she did what she knew best: play a game.

Extra Chapter: End.

What is the point of these? Simple: to set up for the sequel with various points, kind of like the hook movies leave after the credits, hinting at a sequel movie. One makes sense for now but the other won't make sense until later, though this point won't be in Fate's Legacy but in a different story all together that may or may not be updated here since it's a story I was going to do for Team Dragon Star. I completed the first chapter but I haven't seen them post it yet…

Anyway, hope you enjoyed these teasers. =)