Title: Stay Sane Inside Insanity
: Emono
: Wrestling/Marine II
: Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes
Ted wants to come home when a mission comes bad, but his lover's job takes him to an exotic resort where danger is lurking behind the paradise. When a terrorist group takes the resort hostage, can Ted prove that saving his lover is the job only a marine can handle?
: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
: Sex, violence, terrorist attack, bad language, slash.

AN: I love re-writes. Whether or not I'm good at them is a whole other story. I've had this idea in my head forever, and I pray to the Slash Gods that I finish it. I'm changing his name to Ted DiBiase in this, because 'Joe' is lame. Come on, seriously? So, yeah, he's Ted DiBiase without actually being Ted DiBiase. This is completely within in the Marine II universe, and I'm replacing Robin with none other than 'Cody Rhodes'. I'm going to change details at will, but I promise to try and make it an enjoyable ride.

It was a sweltering day in Asia, children played with water guns in the street as a form of entertainment and to cool themselves down. Sweat beaded beneath the collar of his uniform, his forehead, the binoculars warm in his hands. He watched the kids laugh and chase each other around, then lowered the lenses.

"Heart of Darkness" Ted stated, passing the binoculars to his friend.

"It" Spotter replied easily.

"Wow" Ted scoffed "Do you read anything besides Stephen King?"

"Hell, no."

Ted shook his head, "Journey to the Center of the earth, now that's a classic."

"Man, how does your boy put up with you?" Spotter inquired.

"Stop calling him my 'boy', you make me sound like I'm his old man" Ted kept his eyes on the street, his friend was one of the few that even knew about his sexual orientation. That was only because he'd known him before the military, so he was okay with it. No one else needed to know, it wasn't their business.

"I could call him your fuck buddy" the black man countered.

"Not if you wanna keep your balls outside your body" Ted shot him a look, a serious one.

With a shrug, the subject was dropped.

Down on the street, a dark care appeared.

"All right, here we go" Ted nudged his friend "Look."

The vehicle got closer to the point they'd been watching, it seemed to be who they'd been waiting for. Ted tapped his finger on his ear clip, turning on his radio.

"Bravo, this is Sierra" Ted informed over the intercom "We have a black S.U.V."

"Roger that, Sierra."

"Right on time" Ted murmured, yelling and laughter meeting his ears. He looked down to the street, seeing two children still playing there. A worried thought passed through his mind, but he decided to let it pass.

"Okay. We gotta go. We gotta change position."

Ted and Spotter got to their feet, hurrying off that particular roof top and onto another. It was all so close together, it made their job much easier. They hurried down steps, across boards, and up a ladder before they finally reached the perfect roof. They were grey streaks across grey, blending it almost perfectly. Ted was light of foot, shooting across the last expanse of stone to finally rest his gun on ledge. It was curved, a cup shape, hiding them in a perfect alcove.

After another look around, he put his eye to the scope to find his target. They both watched a group of men unloaded tan boxes off a truck, cracking them open to reveal straw…and guns. Something that looked like garlic was packed inside, put there to throw off the scent of the dogs.

"Bravo, this is Sierra. Weapons confirmed."


"Engagement orders" the blonde stated firmly, sweat threatening to sting his eyes.

"Simmer down, big guy" Spotter scolded "We got plenty of time."

The men on the street were arguing, shoving each other. The moment Ted spotted another man come out of the SUV, his heart started pounding wildly. He hated when his adrenaline started going, it seemed nothing good could ever come out of it.

"You seein' this?" Spotter asked in amazement "Unreal."

"What the hell is that guy doin' here?" Ted drawled.

"Bravo, requesting a new target of opportunity" Spotter took a picture with the binoculars "High-value target, Sanan Alhad."

"Identity confirmed, Sierra" Bravo came over the radio "You have execute authorization. Please be aware, this is no Eagle extract."

Ted kept his eye in the scope, "We may not get another shot."

"It's your call" Spotter made a face "But we're out here alone."

A loud clatter startled them both, they dropped their sniper guns in unison and turned on their knees to brandish their pistols. A kid had knocked over two crates, the boy couldn't have been more than six or seven. The boy held his hands up in surrender, backing up.

"Shit" Ted murmured, then put his finger to his lips "Shh."

The kid nodded, mimicking his gesture.

Ted picked back up his sniper gun, clicking off the safety and aiming it. Sweat dripped from his brow, but he didn't dare wipe it away.

"Okay, we've got six visible targets" Spotter stated, surveying very thoroughly "If they get their hands on those boxes, it's gonna get hot up in here."

The moment Sanan reappeared, the words tumbled from the younger man's lips, "Target locked."

And then time seemed to slow down for Ted. He had a ritual for this, a way to always get his shot. He took a few calming breaths, taking his hand off the trigger briefly to rub his thumb over his fingertips. The scope whirred lowly, focusing in on Sanan. For just a moment, he closed his eyes and his love's face came to his mind. His brilliant cerulean eyes, the scent of his skin early in the morning, the sensation of his dark hair between his fingers as he feasted from his mouth…

Ted took a last draw of breath, eyes opening and easily finding his target.

The shot was sharp, ringing in his ears, but the bullet went through both targets. Sanan and the man standing in front of him. The men watched in amazement as their leader fell. That boy - that stupid boy- rushed to the ledge and shouted at the violent scene. Eyes and guns were quickly turned up to them, shots ringing out much clearer than before.

Now, it was aimed at them.

They were shooting half-blind, people on the street were fleeing for their lives. Plaster and wood fell under the harsh force, but the marines ducked for cover until there was a lull. They got up, pointing their guns and firing as best they could at the gun-dealers.

Someone loaded the hot guns, a burst of fire came up not ten feet from them. They covered their faces, but kept firing as soon as they were able. Adrenaline pumped hot in Ted's veins, giving him a sort of tunnel vision. All he could think of was living, about how the ring on his finger represented his promise to go home to his lover.

"Fine, you can do this, Teddy. But you have to come back in one piece. No 'on your shield' shit, you better come back alive."

It was a bit of a blood bath, gunshots muffled in his ears. People fell like flies beneath their bullets, though they remained untouched. So far. Another one of those fire bombs hit the roof, sending a heat wave over their heads. Ted gave a look around, spotting the young boy lying on the stone a bit away.

Ted rushed to the kid's side, dropping to his knees and letting his gun clatter to the stone.

"Come on, kid" Ted touched his neck, his chest, trying to find signs of life "Come on. You can do it."

Another fire bomb went off, he shielded the boy with his body. Blood flowed from his chest, a bullet had caught him in the back-and-forth. Ted clamped both his hands upon the wound, his palms so large against his tiny body. Fresh cherry-blood coated his fingertips, his wrists, staining him.

"You can do it. Breathe."

No response, the boy was limp.

Spotter grabbed his friend by the shoulder, tugging at him, "He's gone, man."

Ted shrugged him off, eyes still on the corpse, "No. Just gimme a minute."

"No! Hey!" Spotter found the blonde's eyes, glaring at him fiercely "We gotta go man. Go!"

Splattered with blood, Ted obeyed and got to his feet. He refused to look back at the fallen child, instead concentrating on following Spotter out of there.

They just got behind a ledge before they were washed with dust, another fire bomb going off and shattering the roof to pieces.