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Accidental Attraction

Outside rain drummed an unremitting beat on the high metal roof while inside one diminutive figure attempted to flip her uncooperative mass of wet hair out of her eyes. At least, she thought, they'd gotten out of the torrent, even if it was only for a moment.

"No sign of him, Boss. I think you really toasted him this time." A tall, heavy-set man slipped across the broken concrete floor with surprising stealth. His droopy mud colored eyes focused on her with intensity she was uncomfortably familiar with, and she took and instinctive step back.

"Don't under estimate the Bat." This voice was deep and gravely, and belonged to the man holding, with nearly bruising force, to her wrist.

"What about her?" Droopy-eyes asked, his gaze never wavering.

"What about her?"

"We don't need her anymore. Let me kill her now, before she causes any more trouble."

She couldn't be certain, it was dark, but the look that droopy-eyes was giving her suggested that killing her wasn't the only thing he wanted to do. A small flare of panic began to rise in her chest and she fiercely shoved it away. She'd given her word that she wouldn't cry or plead, she would do as she was told and not try to escape. Because she'd been convincing, and damn lucky, Trina was safe with her husband.

It was enough. She could do this for everything that Trina had given back to her by her simple offer of friendship. A life for a life, and an impossible debt could be repaid. Two lives, Rin reminded herself, not just for her now. Aunt Rin would have had a very nice ring to it.

She felt a prickle at the back of her neck and looked up to find him staring at her with an unreadable expression on his ruined face. Which personality was she staring at, she wondered, and decided it must be the psychotic one. Which, then, had taken her offer? Which had sworn not to hurt her if she came along quietly?

Two-Face's stare snapped back to Mr. Droopy-Eyes and the scarred profile that was visible to her seemed to twist into a harsher sneer than it had been set in before. It would be fascinating, if it weren't so scary.

"I'll decide when we don't need her anymore." He growled and pulled hard on her wrist as he stared moving across the small, derelict warehouse. What was it with criminal masterminds and abandoned warehouses? There were other abandoned things after all. Hospitals, hotels… schools. One would think that a man with two personalities would have twice the creativity.

Rin stumbled on something in the dark and crashed against a wall when Two-Face swung her around. He leaned in close enough she could feel his breath on her face and squeezed her wrist painfully.

"Don't move from this spot unless we tell you."

She nodded mutely, and was surprised when he let her go. She didn't so much as look around until he turned and stalked away. She was surprised to find that she was right beside one of the exits, the door of which had been left very slightly ajar to invite in the cold and damp. She shivered and wrapped her bare arms around herself, whishing she had dressed more warmly tonight.

Go out and have fun, they said. Yeah, this night had been a whole lot of freaking fun. An odd sound startled her out of her musings, and she looked up to see the broad form of her captor dragging something towards her. Was it too much to hope that it was the body of Mr. Droopy-Eyes? Alas, no, it was a crate.

"I see shock has finally set it." He rasped as he settled the crate beside her. She really hoped he wasn't going to put her into it. She was probably small enough to fit inside, but it didn't sound altogether pleasant. If she were going to be killed she'd prefer it somewhere she'd be found in enough time to look pretty at her funeral.

"Huh?" She asked dumbly,

"You're shaking."

"Not shock." She muttered through chattering teeth, sounding ever so much like the eloquent twenty-three-year-old English major that she was. "Just cold."

The light from a few still working streetlamps was filtered through grimy windows set high above, it wasn't much, and so it was very difficult to make out his expression when he looked at her. He said nothing, only stood to his full height and stared. Conferring with his other half? Maybe, but it wasn't anymore a comforting thought than the fact that he hadn't reached for his coin yet.

Rin looked down, studying her pale feet in the bare dirt. She hoped there wasn't anything too unsavory on the floor. A doctor's visit was defiantly forthcoming if she lived through this. Survive the madman, die from tetanus, that'd be a brilliant legacy.

Movement caught her eye and she jumped when Two-Face's arms came up and settled something around her shoulders. The jacket was warm and smelled of something spicy and exotic. She barely reached above the middle of his chest, which was quite nice judging by the way the white button up shirt clung to him.

"That better?" He murmured,

"Yes… thank you." Articulation, thy name is Rin.

He remained silent but surprised her again by running his large hand through her short wine colored hair, pushing the dripping strands away from her face. She was speechless, flabbergasted, astounded, and several other large words she knew.

The former District Attorney turned back to the crate picked up what appeared to be a crowbar, it was hard to tell in the dark, but she was certain that's what it was.

"Why'd you do it anyway?" he rasped in a low, preoccupied tone.

"Excuse me?"

"Trade yourself for the blond."

Rin shrugged, pulling the coat around her more securely. She thought of Katrina and her long blond curls, all blue eyes and confidence, so happy and in love with her computer nerd of a husband.

"She has family, and a husband who would miss her. I don't have anyone, so it seemed to me like a better deal. I owe her." Owed her, Rin mused, because she had turned self-imposed exile into a fresh start. Showed her how to remake herself into who she wanted to be, instead of who she had been made into.

Two-Face pulled the lid off the crate and was rifling through it's contents, whatever they were. He grunted, she wasn't sure if it was in response to her or whatever he was looking at. It wasn't, she thought, an irritated sound. Distracted maybe, and she hoped he stayed that way.

"That the only reason?" He said as he pulled something out of the crate and examined it. What did he want to know, she wondered. She shrugged and, because what did she have to lose really, decided to be straight with him.

"She's pregnant." There was a loud, metallic clang, as he dropped the object and his head snapped over to her, "She hadn't even told William yet. What could I do? She has a good husband, baby on the way, and a brilliant career ahead of her. She has a lot to live for, and a lot of people who'd mourn." Rin lifted her eyes up, focusing on the dirty, rain-spattered skylights. "I don't have anyone but them."

Two-Face snorted and snatched several unidentifiable objects out of the box, then he stepped over and loomed over her. She could almost feel the vibration in his chest as he growled,

"Don't move from there." He was gone without giving her time to respond. She considered for a moment making her escape through the door, but decided against it. Either Two-Face or Mr. Droopy-Eyes would probably catch her before she got the door halfway open.

No, it would be best to stick to her word and not try to escape. She didn't mind dying, really. Either he would kill her, or he would let her go, and she found she really didn't mind leaving her fate up to a coin toss. Jamie was dead, there was no bringing him back and Rin hadn't cared a whit about her own future since.

Lost in her musings, Rin didn't notice the approach until a hand gripped yanked her chin up and she locked gazes with Mr. Droopy-Eyes. A sick wave of fear churned up inside her, and dissipated just as quickly with the knowledge that he'd brought himself close enough for her to bring her knee sharply into his groin if she had a mind to.

"Thinking of running, girlie?" His breath blew over her face, a foul combination of cheap cigarettes and cheaper beer. Instinctively her nose wrinkled and she tried to draw her head back.


"Good, you wouldn't make it three feet past the door." He sneered, gaze dropping to the unfortunately low neckline of her favorite dress. She'd burn the damn thing if she lived long enough. His expression changed, and she wondered if Two-Face would shoot her for incapacitating his flunky. "Remember, girlie, you have to do what we tell you, so I'm telling you to come with me quietly."

"I don't think that you weren't actually included in that we. And besides they are much scarier than you." She said, resisting as he seized her arm and started to pull.

"She's right." Two-Face's gravel-toned voice cut out of the dark. Rin could make out the soft ping, ping, ping of the flipping coin above the rain, but his footsteps were silent. "On both accounts."

The swell of relief was as irrational, she knew, as the gratitude she directed toward the scarred man still holding her hostage. Better this one, she thought, the only thing he would do was kill her. Two-Face switched his gaze to her and held out a heavily scarred hand.

Do or die… do and die.

No. No, her inclination had not changed. She would continue to live as recklessly as she pleased until she found substantial reason not to. She could die at the hands of this man, because he was unlikely to… and Trina safe, that's what was important.

She walked around Mr. Droopy-Eyes without looking at him and let Two-Face's hand swallow hers. She wondered, nonsensically, if it was that he was a very big man or if she were really quite tiny. She felt a strange sensation tingle up her arm, something pleasant and unexplainable.

"Why aren't you scared?" He asked, pulling her closer. He smelled of rain and wind, and a musky man-smell she found to be not unpleasant. She considered him, looking up into the scared, sneering face that had once been angelically handsome.

"I've nothing to lose by dying."

Not sure where I'm going with this just yet. I have a few ideas, but it's yet another of my pet projects. I like these two and am certainly going to do more when them as inspiration hits. Two-Face has always been my favorite batman bag guy because not only is there two of him, but he was such good friends with Bruce before. I think there is definitely something redeemable in his character, even in his darker half.

I should also say that I'm a total sucker for big, dangerous, scarred men o^.^o