Accidental Attraction: Reuniton

The inside of the car was plush cream colored leather and it smelled of expensive cologne and tobacco; a sharp, exotic combination that coursed over her memory like wildfire. She knew instantly who owned the car, and who sat carefully concealed in shadow on the seat beside her. Even without the light that slanted across the front of his two-toned suit.

"Hello, Mr. Dent." Rin murmured softly, flipping the strap of her bag over her shoulder and setting it down on the floorboard. She angled herself in the seat so she could look at him, noting that he seemed so much larger in the small space. He didn't move or speak, making it impossible to guess which side of the man she was dealing with.

His scarred hand moved rhythmically, flipping that infamous coin into the air and catching it in a consistent pint, ping, ping.

His twin goons (because they were too scrawny to be considered thugs, at least to her mind) reentered traffic with barely a hitch and began to head downtown as smoothly as Gotham traffic would allow. Rin folded her hands into her lap, finding some security in the rough denim covering her legs. This time at least she was dressed in something more… well, more. She wished he would speak, or that the flunkies in the front would chatter about something. Rin was used to silence, but she was desperate for something more than the sounds of the car and the coin to distract her from the dominating presence beside her.

"It's raining." She didn't jump when he spoke, and she gave herself a silent kudos on that fact. His voice was deeper than she remembered, more guttural. She had a sense that he was disappointed, though she wasn't sure. Her next statement was out before she could prevent it, or decide whether or not she really wanted to respond.

"We're going to start with the weather, seriously?"

He snorted, caught the coin but didn't send it flipping again. Something about his voice, the sound and cadence of it, had loosened something inside of her. Like some sort of knot that had begun to uncoil. The more he spoke, the more it seemed to disentangle.

"You're dripping on my upholstery."

"Oh, that." She smiled, "Well, it's raining."

His face shifted toward her slightly and she was nearly certain she could make out a slight smirk on the smooth half of his face. She was relieved to see him again. So much so, in fact, that she really didn't care that relief was not the sane or correct emotion to associate with the man who abducted her (twice) and threw her off a roof.

The coin flipped again and was regarded with serious scrutiny before disappearing into the inner breast pocket of the black half of his suit. She felt the skin on her arms prickle when he lounged back; one arm resting on the back of the seat with his hand beside her ear, the other removed a cigarette from somewhere inside his jacket and brought it to his lips. She could see him a bit better now, though he still seemed to be angling himself in the deepest shadows of the small space.

Would it be rude to ask which of them she was talking with? Hell, how did she even distinguish them? She couldn't very well go on calling him- them- Mr. Dent. Calling him Two-Face just felt strange for some reason, rather like calling him Mr. Dent only with different words. It encompassed all of him, both sides, and sounded more sinister.

"You have fifteen minutes to get ready."

"E-Excuse me?" she stiffened, wondering if she had missed something while she'd been lost in thought.

Two-Face chuckled deeply, and nodded toward the windshield where her tenement sat squat and troll-like within its border of cracked cement, broken street lamps, and overfull dumpsters. Rin didn't feel particularly embarrassed about the place. It wasn't the worst place she'd lived in since coming to Gotham and while the inside was as drab and, frankly, depressing as the inside; it was cheap and fairly clean. No vermin and no bugs.

"Fifteen minutes." He said slowly, "To get ready."

"I…" She hesitated, "Can I have twenty?"

Without a word he fished the coin from his pocked and flipped it. Rin wished desperately that the light in the damn car allowed her to see his face. It would be very nice to know whether he was looking pissed or not. He studied the result of the coin toss a moment before nodding to her, "Twenty."

"Thank you." She grabbed the strap of her bag and paused, suddenly unsure about what was happening. He hadn't said dry off, he had said get ready. "What am I getting ready for, exactly?"

Two-Face slid close to her on the seat, invading her space as he reached across her lap to grasp the handle of the door. His breath whispered over her hear and his scent engulfed her when he leaned close and said,

"I think you'll figure that out, Princess." He opened the door, "Now, get out."

You can blame Little Angel Ko for the cliffy. She's the one that said "No, stop it there and make for sufferings."

In any case, huzzah for posting. I have no excuses except a hefty writers block on this story and being distracted by other entertainments. Apologies all around but it happens. In any case, I've a pretty good line on the next chapter and hopefully it won't take quite so long to write out.